I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 284

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 284

Chapter 284

“Hey, where are you guys!” Karen said irritably, “Huh, everything has been dismantled by others. Are you guys still dangling over there? what’s the matter, I want to find a chance to sneak Go in? It’s naive, don’t be caught by others and beat half to death!”

At this time Linda and Ethan were already in the car, and the taxi drove towards Misty Mountain Villa at a positive speed.

Linda was also very angry when she heard that it was her cousin, because Ethan had just told her about the matter, and Linda suddenly felt angry in her heart!

How can they do this? The reason why they let them live in Misty Mountain Villa was entirely because Pablo looked at Ethan’s face.

Now they not only listened to other people’s nonsense and questioned that Ethan lied to them, but they also had to go back and smashed Misty Mountain Villa. What was it for? Do you have a conscience?

And the more they were like this, the more Linda felt sorry for Ethan.

Ethan has been questioned because of himself, and now he has to end in embarrassment because of the wanton behavior of his cousin and family.

“What the hell did you do?” Linda asked, regardless of his cousin’s nonsense, and went straight to the subject, “Why are you smashing a hotel? What do you want to do?”

Karen smiled upon hearing the words, “Hey, the information is pretty clear, so I know? Humph, what I don’t do, I’m just upset, why are you going to cheat me with that little bastard? The old lady is angry, of course Let’s vent!”

Karen looked around and said contemptuously: “Damn, you not only eat and drink with my old mother, but also pour the red wine that was given to me…You are so damaging to me, can’t I cheat you once? Besides, it’s just the broken hotel and I just smashed that broken thing, what’s the matter, how much is it worth?”

but it’s no wonder that you are poor, I guess you won’t be able to afford this amount of money by then!” Karen laughed.

“You…” Linda said angrily, “You are so ignorant, do you know that you have caused a disaster?”

Linda had also heard that any small object in this Misty Mountain Villa may be an antique.

Besides, on the phone just now, they said they made a mess at the hotel, and the loss is certainly not small.

This time it’s uncertain how many good things these two stunned youths will waste.

And they got into trouble, and it was Ethan that ended up in the end?

Although Ethan has a lot of face in Pablo’s, but if the loss is too great, people will not let Ethan lose money. After all, no one’s money is brought by the wind. Besides, this matter is not glorious.

And even if people don’t want two compensations, then this matter will be regarded as a stain on Ethan in the future, and it will definitely become a laughing stock of others.

Someone would point to Ethan’s backbone and laugh at him.

They kindly provide you with a place to stay, and they don’t take any money.

In the end, you are not grateful, your relatives even smashed other people’s hotels.

It’s really ugly to spread this thing out!

When Linda thought of this, he panicked, and he didn’t know what to do.

Anyway, in her opinion, she absolutely cannot apologize to Ethan anymore.

What about the relatives? Will Ethan pay the bill if the relatives get into trouble?

Since they have the ability to cause trouble, let them bear the consequences in the end.

Moreover, Linda also knew that his so-called relatives had never regarded himself as relatives at all.

“You guys can do it for yourself.” Linda sighed and was about to end the call.

But she immediately heard the cousin on the other end of the phone shouting: “What’s the matter, we can do it for ourselves? Linda, this is the hotel you booked. Don’t blame us for being impolite. Tell you the truth. Any loss we caused today, In the end, all of you are forced to pay the bill and point to us? Are you dreaming!”

Karen continued angrily and said: “Also, you have to die for me, my old lady still has business affairs to tell you, I’m late, don’t blame me for being polite!”

After speaking, Karen grabbed a tea cup and threw it to the ground with a “pop”. She also leaned close to the phone in order to let Linda hear clearly.

“Hmph, did you hear me? You understand what I mean, right?” Linda finished speaking and ended the call directly, the smug expression on his face was beyond words.

“Damn, you can’t come, so don’t blame me for being rude!” Karen muttered.

She turned to look at her husband, and then said, “Husband, don’t be idle, look for something and smash it, damn, today I will make this bastard pay the price!”

After she finished speaking, her eyes narrowed to her side, and her gaze fell on a painting mounted on the wall.

Karen snorted coldly, got up and walked over, picked up a piece of broken glass on the ground, and scratched it directly on the painting.

After a while, the calligraphy and painting had become a pile of fragments.

Karen turned and looked at Roy again, and saw that this guy was thinking about a blue and white porcelain flowerpot.


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