I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 285

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 285

Chapter 285

Soon, a taxi stopped at the gate of Misty Mountain Villa Hotel.

Ethan gave the car money, and Linda quickly got out of the car and ran straight to the hotel.

But before the two entered the hotel, they saw the entrance of the hotel, the two plaques that had been torn to pieces.

“This…” Linda looked at the mess on the ground in surprise, “It’s too much!”

Linda glanced at Ethan, and said apologetically, “Ethan, I’m sorry, I blame me…”

Ethan smiled slightly and patted Linda on the head. Comforted: “It’s okay, don’t worry, it’s okay, and it has nothing to do with you, I will take care of it later.”

Linda still felt uncomfortable in her heart and said to Ethan: “Ethan, I hope you don’t look at their relationship with me, and open up to them. Just do what you should do. I don’t have any treatment for them anymore. A little bit of patience.”

Linda sighed: “Just as they are, they don’t care about everything. The more you let them go today, the more indulgent they will be in the future. Sooner or later they will pay the price for it! It’s better to let them today. Take a lesson.”

Ethan also understood what Linda meant, but nodded silently, without saying a word.

In fact, Ethan had already had enough of Karen and Roy.

If this is someone else, it is estimated that Ethan would not bear it.

But this is after all Linda’s relatives, and the thing that made Ethan the most jealous was the last time Linda’s mother kneeled.

That seemed to have touched Ethan so much that even if he could no longer bear his Karen’s family, he still didn’t really want to punish them.

But this time, Linda had already said these things, and Ethan hesitated.

Yes, instead of letting them be punished by others in the future, let yourself teach them a lesson first.

This may be a good thing for them.

At this moment, a figure hurried out of the hotel all the way.

The person here was Manager Will. Seeing Ethan, he rushed over as if he had seen a savior.

Manager Will knew that he had to do enough to act, and when he saw Ethan, he was crying.

“Young Master Ethan, you can count, if you can’t come anymore, we really don’t know how to do it!” Manager Will said while pointing at two plaques on the ground, “Look at this, this one is There is another piece from the Song Dynasty that was written by the emperor of the previous dynasty. These two plaques were taken by me with Pablo at the beginning. Add one, but it will cost one million, you say…”

Manager Will choked up before he finished speaking, seemingly heartache, and extremely sorry.

Ethan also sighed and comforted: “Don’t worry, I will compensate for the loss caused today, and I will communicate with Mr. pablo

“Where are they?” Ethan’s expression gradually darkened, and he asked displeasedly, “They are so presumptuous, didn’t you control them?”

Manager Will paled and shook his head again and again, “Hey, this is your guest, Ms. Linda’s relative, how dare we? To be honest, we might just be scolded when we smashed something, but if we neglect it. These two, we are afraid…”

“What are you afraid of!” Ethan said displeased, “Could it be because they are my guests. If they go to kill, you will let it go?”

Ethan looked around and asked, “Where are they now?”

Manager Will hurriedly pointed to the direction of the backyard guest room: “Go back to their room, Master Ethan, you…”

Ethan glanced at Linda and seemed to be seeking advice.

But he saw Linda’s eyes firmer than himself, and Ethan immediately understood what he meant.

“Let’s go and call someone, and call your security guard over.” Ethan said to Manager Will, “It’s fine to go directly in a while, let’s go and take a look.”

As soon as Manager Will heard Ethan say this, his heart suddenly became clear.

He knew even more that his strategy had already succeeded at this time.

“Master Ethan…Is this not so good, after all, they are your guests?” Manager Will added, pretending to be a good person.

But in fact, he wanted to clean up Karen and Roy more than anyone else.

“Let you go, don’t say any more, how to deal with it, I know!” Ethan glanced at Manager Will, took Linda and walked towards the guest room.

At this time, the room where Karen and Roy lived was in a mess, and even the clanging sound also alarmed Paula Grecic.

Although yesterday I complained that this hotel was not good, that was not good, but Paula Grecic had a soft spot for the bed, and she slept directly until her daughter and son-in-law came back from the stadium.

When she just walked over, she saw a mess, she was too surprised, thinking that her daughter and son-in-law wanted to tear it down alive.

But after hearing the explanation of the two, Paula Grecic suddenly seemed to have lost a billion. Sitting on the bed, she yelled presumptuously and started to make a noise. It was almost ten times more exaggerated than her daughter. .


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