I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 287

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 287

Chapter 287

“Okay, I see, don’t go to your aunt now, let’s go together when Mom goes by,” Linda’s mother said.

Linda did not respond.

Because she didn’t want her mother to be involved in this matter anymore.

After all, she can see it too. Because of his mother, Ethan is always letting go of his cousin’s family.

But this kind of heart and kindness only paid for the family’s wealth.

So it must be closed today.

Soon, Ethan and Linda came to the independent two-story apartment where the cousin’s family lived.

As soon as they entered the door, both Ethan and Linda were stunned, because at this time the first floor of this guest room had been smashed beyond recognition.

All kinds of porcelain furniture are now broken and ruined, completely turned into a pile of waste.

And Ethan knew very well that some of these things might be worthless.

“They…how could they be like this!” Linda was a little indignant, and said excitedly, “Don’t they know how much disaster they have caused?”

Linda was obviously angry, but she still didn’t understand why these people want to destroy the hotel, could it be because of anger with them?

At this moment, a series of footsteps suddenly came from the second floor.

Immediately afterwards, the chattering voices of Karen and Paula Grecic reached downstairs first.

“Hmph, I’ll see what else they can say…”

The three of them swaggered downstairs while talking.

The mother and daughter over there were still cursing, but Roy had already seen Ethan and Linda downstairs, and he quickly elbows his wife and mother-in-law.

“Ahem…” Roy coughed dryly and looked at his wife.

Karen reacted quickly, and she saw Ethan and Linda in an instant. The arrogant gaze suddenly became extremely fierce.

She said in a calm tone, “Oh, I didn’t expect it to come, how is it, are you satisfied?”

Karen pointed to the messy room, looking a little proud.

Seeing this situation and this scene, Linda was very angry.

“What are you doing? Do you know how big a basket you stabbed? Why did you smash other people’s hotels?”

Before his arrival, Linda still had a glimmer of hope. You expected that the front desk of the hotel exaggerated what his cousin’s family did.

But now it seems that they didn’t say anything wrong. Not only did they smash the hotel, they also did it so thoroughly.

However, Karen disagreed, and even stepped on one of the lilies on the ground because of breaking the vase.

“What are we doing? Are you embarrassed to ask me? You bastards, why don’t you ask what you have done?” Karen cursed, “Linda, are you feeling uncomfortable now? Is your heart bleeding? I tell you, deserve it! Damn, who told you to join this bastard to lie to us?”

“Yes, this is the punishment for you!” Paula Grecic also helped.

“Lied to you? Who lied to you!” Linda said with some surprise, “I just told you to wait for a while, but you didn’t agree to go away. You also said that Ethan lied to you, but your front foot As soon as I left, the person who sent the tickets came!”

Linda tried his best to explain: “I’ll tell you the truth, Ethan isn’t going to lie to you for the two tickets. Is it good for him to lie to you?”

Linda couldn’t understand how their brain circuits were so long that they were so unsure of right and wrong.

And just as Linda said, can Ethan lie to them?

With Ethan’s net worth, it is a great honor to bend down to pay attention to them, but these people do have IQ problems.

But these people, even if Linda told them with heart and soul, these people might not believe them.

Karen curled her lips and sneered: “What’s the advantage? Don’t think we can’t see it. This kid is poor and wants to pretend to be forced. He is that kind of stuff. What good can he have, of course, is to satisfy his vanity. Heart!”

“I really hate people like you!” Karen continued, “You people simply make me sick. For the sake of a little vanity, you just count us like this. Do you treat us as relatives? I am so embarrassed to ask why I smashed this place. I will tell you, my old lady, I am angry, I am not happy. I feel unbalanced, so I smashed this broken place. What happened?”

Then she smiled again and said insidiously: “The place where the bird does not shit is all you booked? Now that we have broken this place, don’t forget to pay them back! The room you booked, You deserve the loss!”

Upon hearing this, Linda suddenly became angry.

Is this still something people do?

They were blindly jealous and blamed, and finally slandered Ethan.

You were angry about this, and turned around and smashed the hotel, and you said that you were avenging Ethan?

What happened to Ethan? I invite you to eat a meal worth more than 100,000 yuan and stay in a hotel that costs tens of thousands yuan a night. What’s wrong?


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