I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 288

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 288

Chapter 288

Linda couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing. She felt ashamed for having such relatives.

What Linda didn’t expect was that this was just the beginning.

Then, Roy on the side spoke.

“Actually, we also think that you are just a bunch of children and don’t want to be familiar with you. If you lied to us before, you lied to us honestly, and your cousin and I will also consider our relatives. Come on, don’t worry about it!”

“But what about you? Not only did you not appreciate it, you also deliberately poured red wine worth 300,000 yuan from others. You said, if this kind of thing is placed on you, are you angry?” Roy snorted coldly. “Today’s matter, the right should be a small lesson for you shit people who don’t understand, that is, because we still think that everyone is relatives and don’t want to make you too embarrassed, otherwise you just look at it. My contacts in Buckeye are more than enough to pack the two of you!”

Roy’s words were nothing more than to say nicely, speaking nonsense with his eyes open.

But in his opinion, his own is indeed the case.

I have classmates and friends in Buckeye, like poor students like Ethan. If he wants to clean up, isn’t it a matter of making a phone call?

And to say so, it would also seem to be how noble Roy is. In this way, it is tantamount to paving the way for his next words.

Roy continued, “But, what you did is indeed a bit too much. You shouldn’t have it, you shouldn’t have one hundred million, and you shouldn’t have poured our wine. Do you know how much of the red wine? Money? Three hundred thousand, even if I sell you, it’s not worth that much money! But the matter is over, it’s useless to say too much. Forgiveness is forgiving you, and we are out of anger, but we still need wine Compensation, 300,000 yuan, take the money!”

Roy stretched out a hand with a smug expression.

Hearing what Roy said, Ethan knew what it meant to be shameless.

Ethan is a person who cherishes his face. Anyway, such a shameless act like Roy, he can’t do it in his life.

You ate mine and drank mine, saying that the wine you gave me was yours. When you look back at the concert and listen to other people’s rumors, you will humiliate me, and you will smash the hotel and make me compensate.

Now you even want me to pay you a bottle of 300,000 red wine?

“Shit…” Ethan smiled angrily.

He couldn’t imagine that there were such people in this world.

“Well, well, is it all my fault, right?” Ethan smiled, “The hotel also asked me to compensate, and the bottle of red wine, right?”

Ethan shook his head slightly and continued: “To tell you the truth, I don’t have money. Don’t say to compensate you for the loss of the hotel. Even if I bought this hotel, it was more than enough, not to mention the bullshit of 300,000 yuan. Red wine.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Karen and Roy couldn’t help but both looked at each other, followed by a burst of mockery.

Karen even said openly: “Hahaha…I really laughed at me. I still have no money? Oh, yes, I forgot, you set yourself as the rich second generation, right? That’s natural, you It must be very rich. I bought this hotel. I’m pooh, do you want to be shameless? You don’t have to talk through your brain, are you? Although this hotel is in a place where birds don’t shit, the environment is good. It costs a few millions to buy it. Do you still want to buy it? Isn’t it funny? You’re sick of me!”

millions? Ethan wanted to laugh when he heard this number, millions, even the two plaques they smashed before could not be bought, let alone the entire hotel.

Pablo told Ethan that he spent hundreds of millions on the construction of this hotel, as well as decoration and various antique decorations in the hotel. The total price after the completion of the hotel was at least a billion.

It’s just Karen and Roy’s family, who really don’t have good eyes.

Roy also ridiculed, , I’m speechless. Now that the matter is up, I still utter rants. I don’t think I have taught you enough lessons today!”

Roy sneered and continued: “Okay, don’t you have money? Then quickly take out the money to compensate us? I think what if you can’t pay today?”

Roy looked afraid that the world would not be chaotic, because he knew that Ethan couldn’t get the money at all.

But he couldn’t get the money, so he had to obediently compensate himself for the house in Linda’s mother’s home.

Ethan looked at Roy with a smile on his face.

“Give you money? Why should I give you money?” Ethan said indifferently, “Because of the bottle of wine? Are you so sure that the bottle of wine was given to you by Joshua ?”

“Nonsense, it’s not for us, is it for you? What do you think? I think you are crazy about money? Do you really think you are a rich second generation?”

Karen gave Ethan a blank look.

Ethan smiled calmly: “Who I am doesn’t need to explain to you, because you will know in a while.”

At this moment, Manager Will’s voice suddenly came from outside the room: it’s inside…”


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