I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 289

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 289

Chapter 289

Before Manager Will finished speaking, everyone looked toward the door in unison.

Seeing Joshua rushing in from the outside in a hurry, he was immediately stunned when he saw the mess in the room.

Because this independent apartment-style villa where Karen and Roy lived is the most expensive place in the entire Misty Mountain Villa.

And the furniture displayed in it is almost all Pablo’s favorite things, and there are many valuable treasures among them.

But at this time, everything was ruined, and it seemed that nothing was left.

Joshua was dumbfounded. It was hard for him to imagine what his father would look like if he saw this scene in front of him.

It might collapse. After all, Joshua knew how his father liked these babies.

And when I saw Joshua suddenly, everyone in the room was a little surprised.

First of all, Ethan and Linda, they were a little surprised, what did this guy do?

After all, Ethan didn’t tell Joshua to come, how did that come?

Of course Ethan didn’t notify Joshua , but Manager Will just called Joshua .

After all, this is the most beloved place of my boss, and it was just like that. If this matter is a little bit wrong, Manager Will himself will have to follow along.

So Manager Will thought to himself that all the relatives of Ethan and Linda were present, so he could call Joshua directly.

This incident allows the family to see for themselves, so as not to turn back to have problems, and to blame themselves.

Manager Will is savvy and deliberate, and of course he is cautious in his work, for fear of a slight omission.

And seeing Joshua appear, Karen, Roy and others were also very surprised.

But in addition to being surprised, they were still a little excited at this time.

In their opinion, the wine Joshua gave them is now poured by Ethan, which is equivalent to Ethan breaking Joshua ‘s face.

Now that Joshua is here, you don’t need to do it yourself, as long as you add more energy to this matter, Joshua will definitely be the first to clean up Ethan.

And as long as Joshua cleans up Ethan and goes back to mention something about the house, he is not afraid that he will not agree.

Thinking of this, Karen couldn’t help feeling secretly happy, and hurriedly ran towards Joshua .

But what they didn’t even know was that the hotel they smashed was actually the property of the Pablo family.

“Young Master, you can count it, you have to call the shots for us!” Karen walked directly to Joshua and said with a crying expression.

Joshua didn’t react for a while. He had only heard Manager Will say that someone had smashed their hotel, but he hadn’t had time to ask who it was and what happened.

Seeing Karen complain to herself, Joshua became even more dazed, asking what was going on in her heart?

And there was Ethan on the side, Joshua didn’t dare to get angry even when he looked at the mess in front of him.

He glanced at Ethan on the side and was about to ask what happened to Ethan when he heard Karen continue to speak.

“Young Master Joshua, do you know that this bastard, he is too bad, he knew that you gave us the red wine yesterday, but he deliberately poured the red wine, I asked him you are not afraid of Joshua Young Master blames you? Guess what he said? He said you are a shit…”

Karen twisted right and wrong and talked to herself.

It’s just that what she said directly made Joshua even more bewildered.

He looked at Karen in surprise, his heart straightened.

said that they are not Ethan’s relatives? Why are you saying this now?

And most importantly, how dare this woman scold Ethan? He also scolded him as a bastard. Didn’t these words be scolded along with Ethan’s father Eric Norman?

Joshua looked at Ethan nervously, afraid to speak.

But Ethan smiled noncommitantly, looked at Joshua , and said, “You just came here, you just explain, who was the red wine for yesterday!”

When Joshua heard this, he was still confused, but when he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Karen.

“What is your special expense? What do you mean? Of course it was given to us by Young Master Joshua. You really thought it was given to you? You should pay me quickly, what is the cost!”

Of course, Karen thought that the red wine was given to herself, otherwise she would have any reason to ask Linda and her daughter for the property in their hometown.

Joshua looked at Ethan and then at the family of Karen, and seemed to understand something.

“It seems that these two families have collapsed?” Joshua thought to himself.

But how their relationship is, it really has little effect on Joshua .

Joshua ‘s attitude towards Karen and Roy’s family depends entirely on Ethan’s face.

In the past, they were Ethan’s guests. Whether it was Joshua or Pablo, they would naturally give them three points.

But now that both sides have collapsed, can you still be used to Karen and Roy?

Moreover, Joshua had a very bad impression of these people before.


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