I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 291

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 291

Chapter 291

Hearing this, Ethan glanced at Linda, hesitated for a moment, and asked in a low voice in Linda’s ear: “Look at…”

Linda was also slightly taken aback when he heard the words, and his face was full of hesitation.

Although it was only when he didn’t enter the door, Linda thought about handling his cousin’s family well.

But at this time, Linda couldn’t make up his mind for a while.

Because she knew that, perhaps because of a word of her own, her cousin, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, and aunt might suffer pain that would be hard to heal for a lifetime.

Who is Joshua ? Linda had heard of it in the past.

And they smashed other people’s hotel. Seeing Joshua ‘s full of anger, Linda could imagine how angry he was.

If he let go, Joshua might kill him.

After all, the reason why he is still so restrained is completely because of Ethan.

Linda glanced at Ethan, was about to say something, but suddenly heard his cousin speak.

“Linda… good cousin, sister knows that she was wrong, you… go and beg Ethan for me, sister… sister really knows that she was wrong.”

If you don’t look at the face of the monk to see the face of the Buddha, you think everyone is still a family member. Just beg for mercy. We all blame our dogs for not knowing Taishan, you As long as we begged for mercy, we promised that we would never dare to do it again…”

“Yes, Linda, you just don’t look at the face of the two of them, but also look at the face of your aunt…” Paula Grecic said as she said, she cried, “Your second uncle was alive back then. At that time, it hurts you the most. At that time, my aunt also loved you, so you can take care of your aunt and let us go.”

At this moment, these people were finally convinced.

Because they know that if they are still not convinced at this time, they may be unbearable pain to meet them.

Knowing Ethan’s true identity made their family feel desperate.

Originally, Linda was a little hesitant, but now that he heard the pleading of these three people, Linda hesitated even more, and even felt compassionate.

Yes, even if they are not good here, it is not good, but after all, they are their own relatives, and at least blood similar to them is flowing in their veins.

And what Paula Grecic just said to Linda, even if they don’t look at their face, she must look at the face of her uncle.

At the beginning, because they and their mother were abandoned by their biological fathers, the whole mother family regarded them as broom stars and avoided them.

Only his second uncle not only helps himself and his mother everywhere, but also protects them all the time.

Because of all kinds of criticisms and rumors, Linda’s mother even thought of celebrating her birthday, but it was because of her second uncle that her mother survived.

Linda hadn’t forgotten all this, even after the death of the second uncle, these memories became clearer.

Whenever recalling these past events, Linda felt very uncomfortable, because in this world, the only person who treated him well had left.

the crystal tears in his eyes rolled.

Scenes of the past seemed to spread out in front of her again.

Linda pulled Ethan’s hand and said softly: “Ethan, you… follow me…”

Ethan could not help but feel a little uncomfortable seeing Linda’s charming appearance, and hurriedly followed.

When the two walked outside, Ethan asked, “What’s wrong with Linda? What’s wrong with you?”

The tears in Linda’s eyes ticked down, and he said with a broken heart: “Ethan, I… can I ask you to let them go?”

Ethan couldn’t help being stunned when he heard Linda’s words, because Ethan clearly remembered how these people treated himself and Linda before.

And on the way here, Linda also said that this time he must teach them a lesson.

It’s just that it’s been less than an hour, why did Linda regret it?

Ethan was a little unwilling, but he didn’t want to go against Linda’s wishes.

He sighed in various ways, and asked earnestly: “Linda, are you serious, right? If you are serious, I will definitely respect your opinion if you want to let them go. It’s just…”

Ethan hesitated for a while and continued: “It’s just that you have to think clearly, because what you said before, I think it’s very right, you said that you must teach them a lesson this time, so that they won’t go out to cause trouble in the future. This is for their good, so as not to be punished more severely by others!”

Ethan walked around the door for a while, seeming to be thinking about something, and then continued: “And they made such a serious mistake today, do you want to tolerate them?”

Ethan’s last sentence was a bit harsh.

Linda hesitated even more when he heard Ethan’s words.

She used to be a little girl who didn’t have many ideas, but now she has become even more uninvited in the face of such big things.

Linda looked at Ethan haggardly, and suddenly felt that Ethan’s words made sense.

Yes, if they just treated Ethan and himself, they might beg for a favor, and Ethan would not pursue it.

But today is obviously too much.


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