I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 292

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 292

Chapter 292

After all, they smashed Pablo’s hotel, and when Linda heard Joshua ‘s conversation with others, he probably knew that this time his cousin and the family had caused a catastrophe.

Perhaps the loss caused to others this time is calculated in tens of millions.

This is a sky-high price. Of course Linda knows the strength of his cousin’s family, such a big hole, even if they sell them all, they can’t afford it.

It is right for them to bear such a big disaster.

And if they don’t bear the consequences today, they will all be passed on to Ethan in the end.

He already owed Ethan so much, Linda really didn’t want to owe Ethan any more.

Thinking of this, Linda seemed to agree with Ethan’s point of view.


Linda looked at Ethan worriedly, and asked in a low voice, “It’s just Ethan… they are my relatives after all. I… I know I’m a bit too much to intercede for them, but can you deal with them? A little lighter? At least, please… please don’t do anything to them, can you?”

Linda looked at Ethan with tears in his eyes, and said with a pleading expression.

When Ethan saw this situation, he could only sigh.

He thought for a while and waved to Joshua .

Joshua hurried over and asked with a smile on his face: “What’s Ethan’s order?”

“Uh…” Ethan bit his lip and asked, “You…what are you going to do with them?”

Joshua frowned, thinking that he had touched Ethan’s mind, he immediately smiled, and replied, “Huh, what else can you do? They dare to treat you and Miss Linda that way, even if they are. What about relatives? And I don’t think they treat you two as relatives at all. Don’t worry about such relatives!”

Joshua thought for a while, his eyes suddenly became fierce, and his tone was gloomy: “Master Ethan, our Empire Hotel has an old rule, that is, those who dare to be presumptuous and smashed in our hotel will remove one. Legs, in order to behave like you, I think…”

Joshua coughed twice, looked at Linda, and continued: “But after all, they are intimate with Miss Linda. Although their attitude is disrespectful, but…Let’s do it, one person cut a finger, what do you think of this “

Both the father and son of the Owen family were notoriously tough in Buckeye. People who usually dared to offend them, many of them might have been cleaned up.

So in Joshua ‘s opinion, the treatment plan he said was already the lightest one, and he had already let them go.

It’s just that when Joshua said this, let alone Linda, Ethan curled his lips and asked a little surprised: “Why, do you usually deal with people like this?”

Seeing Ethan’s expression, Joshua couldn’t help but sneered, and grinned: “Hey, what is this, Ethan, you don’t know anything. My dad set a rule at the time and provoke our Owen family. People generally have three ways to deal with it, the lightest is this kind of severed fingers, the middle is severed hands and short legs, and the most severe punishment is…”

Joshua boasted about these things, he was still a little proud.

It’s just that Ethan interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“Come on, don’t talk about it…” Ethan said impatiently, “Forget it, you turn around and tell your dad, don’t cause trouble, what era is it? You think you are a mountain king? You just say that I said it, and change the solution in the future.”

After all, Ethan is pure and kind in his heart, and he really can’t look at these things that hurt people.

Ethan’s words made Joshua stunned. He grew his mouth in astonishment. He scratched his head and asked, “Eth… Ethan, this is not enough? We are already…”

Before Joshua finished speaking, he was interrupted by Ethan again: “Okay, just say it. What do you want to do with these three people today?”

After speaking, Ethan looked at Linda and reached out to wipe Linda’s wet tears.

What he didn’t see was Linda’s cry. Every time Linda cried, Ethan felt that his heart was about to break.

Therefore, Ethan has already made a decision in his heart to respect Linda’s opinions.

What’s more, what Linda said was to reduce the punishment for the cousin’s family, not to let them go.

At this time, the ball hit Joshua ‘s feet. He couldn’t help frowning. After a long moment, he hesitated and asked tentatively, “Then…Should I break a few fingers?”

“Tsk!” Ethan snorted, looking a little unhappy, and finally shook his head, with a reproachful tone, “You don’t mean anything except interrupt the discount, right?”

Joshua smiled awkwardly, he really wanted to say that was it. But looking back, I felt that I might be scolded by Ethan, so I just thought about it.

“That…” Joshua sighed and said with a look of entanglement, “Hey, Ethan, you should say it yourself, please don’t let me guess by myself? You don’t agree with me what I said. Dare to say it? Say it, if you say how to deal with it, then let’s deal with it!”

This time Joshua said this sentence through gritted teeth.


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