I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 293

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 293

Chapter 293

Ethan glanced at Linda, smiled slightly, and said, “Let’s do it, don’t deal with them.”

When Ethan said this, Linda and Joshua who were present were shocked.

“Ethan, you…what did you say?” Linda felt as if she had misheard, with a look of astonishment.

“Don’t deal with it? Why?” Linda felt unbelievable. He just asked Ethan to reduce their punishment? Why didn’t he punish?

Is it all because of yourself?

Thinking of this, Linda couldn’t help but feel moved.

It’s just that besides being moved, she feels a little embarrassed, because Ethan can make such a big sacrifice for herself…

Not only Linda, Joshua on the side heard Ethan’s words, almost like a cat with its tail stomped on, and suddenly shouted.

“What? Don’t deal with it?”

Joshua spoke so loudly that he could even hear him clearly in the room.

And at this time, Karen, who was originally worried about how Ethan would treat her, was almost crying when she heard Joshua ‘s “don’t deal with it.”

She pushed her husband with excitement, and said in ecstasy, “Have you heard your husband and husband? Young Master said not to deal with us!”

Karen naively thought that Joshua ‘s words “don’t deal with it” were pleading for them, and even moved a little bit of Joshua in her heart.

Roy was so nervous just now. Just as he was stunned, he was pushed violently by his wife, and then heard her say that Joshua was begging for himself, and he was so excited that he was crying.

“Is this…really? Wife, what you said is true? Young Master pleaded for me? How is this possible?”

“Oh, why is it impossible?” Karen said excitedly, “When I saw this young man, I saw that the family was so kind. I didn’t expect it to be so good, so I was pleading for us…”

Paula Grecic, who was on the side, was worried about her fate for a while. Just now Joshua ‘s roar, she did hear it, but she did not understand what he was shouting.

At this moment, when I heard my daughter’s interpretation like this, he was as excited as he was grasping the straw for life-saving, and the old tearful clung to Roy’s hand.

Roy was caught in pain, he grinned and threw away his mother-in-law’s hands, and snarled displeasedly: “What are you doing? You are crazy!”

Paula Grecic wiped her tears and said excitedly: “If I can go out today with all my beard and tail, I will go crazy!”

Roy shook his head speechlessly. He sometimes disliked his mother-in-law.

Finally, he muttered: “Go crazy while you are crazy. I’m annoying you. If you fail to succeed, you are more than defeated. I should blame you for what happened today!”

When Paula Grecic heard the words, her face suddenly became gloomy: “What? Blame me? What do you mean? You do things that offend people. Oh, it’s better now. You want to put the blame on me? You think so beautiful, Roy Roy, why didn’t I find that you were such a person in the past?”

Roy was exposed by his mother-in-law, instead of a trace of panic, he looked nonchalant.

He pointed to Paula Grecic and said, “What’s wrong with this kind of person I am? People do for money and die for food, do you care about me? What happened to me saying that you are not successful enough? I am wronged you? Really? interesting……”

Listening to the quarrel between these two people, Karen was almost fed up. She slapped Roy abruptly and shouted: “You are enough, so please close your mouth. Are you sick? ?”

Karen turned to look at her mother indignantly, and accused: “Don’t be sophistry, do you think you are something good? Huh, you guys, it’s the crow that fell on the pig and shut my mouth. Well, don’t worry, I’m going to be all right now, if you can cause me any trouble, in that case, the old lady will be a ghost and won’t let you go!”

After speaking, Karen hurriedly looked out the door nervously.

And Roy and Paula Grecic also glanced at each other, stopped talking, and looked at Ethan outside the door one after another, seemingly trying hard to hear what the three people were talking about.

It’s just the distance. Even if they work hard, they can only hear the three people outside the door talking in low voices, and they still can’t understand what they are talking about.

“Young Master Ethan? Are you serious? Don’t be kidding me!” Joshua asked in surprise, “This…”

Joshua glanced at the messy room, and he was almost crying. This was a matter of tens of millions of people who had been smashed by these people. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t be investigated?

Anyway, you Ethan can be so magnanimous, I Joshua dare not be so magnanimous.

But Ethan seemed to be determined, nodded, and said, “Seriously, is there any problem?”

Joshua frowned deeply when he heard the words, with a helpless look: “But… they treated you that way before, and you think our hotel’s loss is really…”

Joshua sighed, really a little distressed.


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