I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 294

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 294

Chapter 294

After all, the hotel can be described as a heavy loss, and Joshua still doesn’t know how to explain it to his own Loss.

Ethan actually said not to pursue them. Doesn’t this mean he is pushing himself into the fire pit?

Joshua thought to himself, if he agreed with Ethan’s opinion today, I would have dared to take his own skin after looking back.

In addition to these, Joshua himself felt a little overwhelmed.

Even if you Ethan is the son of Eric Norman, you can’t do bad things by your girlfriend’s relatives. Let’s turn around and let the Owen family take care of themselves, right?

Our Owen family is not as rich as your Norman Family, with tens of billions of assets at every turn. Today, more than 10 million were smashed. It is uncertain when their father and son will be able to earn it back.

Moreover, the hotel rooms are as noisy as the pig’s house, and they must not be able to continue business anymore. The loss is huge.

Although Joshua is usually a prodigal, he spends his money without blinking his eyes.

But now he is going to pay for others, he is still reluctant.

Ethan heard what Joshua said, but didn’t say a word. This was anxious Ethan.

Joshua hurriedly changed his tone again, begging: “Young Master Ethan, or else, I won’t hold them accountable, but for today’s loss, you have to make them pay for what happened? What happened to them today, but all It’s my dad’s treasure. I don’t know how to tell my dad this time around. He doesn’t usually have any special hobbies. He likes these old antiques in bottles and cans. Now they are being smashed. This……”

“Hey!” Joshua lowered his head, sighed repeatedly, and said, “Master Ethan, you see, my dad has been with you for so long, and I have done hard work…”

As he was talking, Joshua was almost crying.

Ethan also felt a little uncomfortable when he heard what Joshua said in his heart.

What’s more, what people said is reasonable. The things that were smashed today are not a small amount after all, how could it be so easy to forget?

Ethan turned his head and looked at the room again. Karen’s family couldn’t help sighing.

He then said to Joshua : “Let’s do it, you count today’s loss, and then give me the number, I…”

Before Ethan had finished speaking, Joshua hurriedly said, “No need to count, hey, we have already counted Ethan. Today they smashed something about 13.7 million.”

Hearing this, Ethan frowned, thinking that this guy’s face will be cloudy and clear for a while, and feelings are all pretending?

But Ethan didn’t care about that much anymore, he said directly: “Well, then, 13.7 million, I will pay out 13 million, and the remaining 700,000, you let them come out.”

After Ethan finished speaking, he looked at Linda and said earnestly, “In this way, you can also explain to your father, and some of them can also learn some lessons.”

Ethan thought for a while, then continued: “Oh yes, I can explain the situation to your father with you at that time, and since I said that I will pay the money today, I will definitely keep the promise, you Don’t worry.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Joshua suddenly smiled. In fact, he was waiting for Ethan’s words.

In fact, Joshua had noticed it a long time ago, and expecting Karen’s family to compensate him more than 13 million yuan is nothing short of idiotic dreams.

It is estimated that if you sell them all, you may not be able to lose the money.

So Joshua was crying and wiping tears, but also begging, nothing more than acting to show Ethan, and the purpose was to get Ethan to pay the money.

Recently, Joshua heard from his father. Eric Norman gave Ethan 2 billion before, and recently transferred 8 billion to start a business.

This Ethan was not at all a lack of money, with a mere over ten million, which was just a drop in the bucket for him.

“Master Ethan, is what you said is true?” Joshua said excitedly, “I…you…Oh, that’s really great, I don’t know what to say, it is indeed the best of both worlds. The way, after all, I look at a few of them, it’s not like someone who can give out more than 10 million…”

Joshua muttered excitedly over there.

But Linda grabbed Ethan and asked with a look of surprise: “Ethan, are you… what you just said is true? No, don’t do this, please? So your sacrifice is too great, I I don’t want you to sacrifice so much for me…”

Ethan smiled, stroked Linda’s hair, and comforted: “Silly girl, what are you afraid of sacrificing for you? And it’s just over ten million…”

“It’s just over ten million?” Linda said in amazement, “Ethan, don’t you say it is so simple? Over ten million, how many things can you do? You… are you just paying them off the debt? “

Although Linda wanted Ethan to tolerate her relatives, she did not expect that Ethan would end up with this kind of tolerance.

What Linda originally wanted was to ask Ethan to intercede for them, so as to save them from suffering. If they could lose a little less money, then it would be better.


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