I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 297

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 297

Chapter 297

In fact, Karen’s family didn’t want to thank Ethan, but they were a little ashamed to speak.

After all, he treated Ethan that way before, and now he licks his face as if there is nothing wrong with him. If this is done, their faces will be gone.

And even if I now know that Ethan is really a top rich second-generation, but in the hearts of their family, they still look down on Ethan.

They don’t know why this is, even if they know Ethan’s identity, they feel that he is lower than themselves.

And now they don’t hold themselves accountable. Roy hurriedly pulled at his wife’s clothes and whispered: “Hey, what are you doing in a daze? If they don’t hold me accountable, don’t you leave as soon as possible? , We will go back to our hometown…”

Hearing Roy’s words, Karen reacted, and hurriedly pulled Paula Grecic, who was still stunned, with a wink: “Also stunned, for a while, you will have to be killed! “

Paula Grecic only recovered after hearing the words and hurriedly nodded to leave.

Roy hurriedly raised his head and said to Joshua : “Then Mr. Joshua, let’s go first. Let’s not disturb you. We will trouble you. We’re leaving…”

After speaking, the three hurried to the door.


When Joshua saw this, he couldn’t help but screamed, “Stop for me, who let you go?”

Hearing Joshua ‘s words, the Karen’s family of three were shocked, and an ominous premonition instantly enveloped their hearts.

Karen and Paula Grecic even trembled with fright.

Only Roy, who seems to be still pretending to be calm, turned his head slowly, and squeezed out a smile with a pale face, and asked: “Young Master Joshua, you…didn’t you say not to pursue us? This…you …You can’t speak without counting.”

Roy said this with the courage. He knew that he might irritate Joshua , but he couldn’t help but want to say it.

After all, your dignified young master of the Owen family, can’t talk like that not count?

You are so rebellious, who will do business with you in the future?

Roy’s words are equivalent to threatening Joshua , saying that if you turn back, you must think about the consequences.

It’s just that Joshua didn’t pay attention to their role at all. He looked at Roy with a sneer, and jokingly said: “You may have heard it wrong? I said that I didn’t intend to punish you, but you smashed our house. Hotel, how do you calculate this bill, so you want to leave? Then who do you want to pay you for these losses?”

Joshua looked at Ethan and wanted to say that Ethan has already paid for most of the losses.

But before he spoke, Roy interrupted him.

Joshua said that he should compensate for the loss, which made Roy a long sigh of relief.

After all, in his opinion, as long as he can save his life today, it is more important than anything else.

Moreover, the demands of others did not seem to be too excessive. He smashed his hotel and compensated for what he deserved.

Roy looked at Linda, and the two looked at the mess in the room, and they didn’t seem to be too nervous.

Karen even whispered in Roy’s ear, and whispered: “tis okay. Didn’t he just let us pay a few bad money? We can’t afford it. I think this hotel is so rubbish. It’s a bit cruel, and I won’t lose a lot of money.”

Roy’s thoughts were similar to those of Karen. To be honest, they didn’t even take this Misty Mountain Villa into their hearts.

After all, although the hotel looks good, the furnishings inside are all shabby things.

And Karen still remembered that the mattress they had lived on before was all unnamed.

Roy nodded when he heard the words, then smiled, looked at Joshua , and said, “Young Master Joshua, you are right. Since we broke something, we should pay compensation. You can calculate the loss. We are sure Compensation…”

Roy said so, but when he thought of how he might have to pay 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, he couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.

After all, ten or twenty thousand is money, why don’t you do something wrong and give him nothing?

Joshua also smiled, waved to Manager Will, and said, “I’m very happy that you can say this kind of thing. If this is the case, you will lose 700,000 yuan.”

Joshua ‘s words were calm and calm, and it seemed to be as easy and simple as saying that he should compensate 700k yuan.

It’s just that as soon as he said this, whether it was Karen, Roy, or Paula Grecic, they all had an expression of shock.

“More…how much?” Roy asked in a whisper, and hurriedly looked at his wife, his eyes seemed to say that they were too naive, and he was played by the guy Joshua .

“Young Master Joshua, you really know how to joke, don’t joke with us little ants, we just smashed a bunch of tatters, how could there be seven hundred thousand…”

Karen looked at Joshua awkwardly, and then at Roy.

She firmly believes in her heart that the things she smashed are definitely not worth 700,000 yuan, just a pile of tatters.

And it made her even more puzzled that Joshua just said that he had let them go? How could you say seven hundred thousand to make things difficult for them?


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