I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 299

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 299

Chapter 299

Karen turned her head away, and she looked like she was not afraid of being afraid, and said to Joshua : “Why are you dead anyway, I’m afraid you won’t be able to clean up? Seven hundred thousand, what do you think? And you, May I ask if your Owen family can’t survive? I’m so broken, so you dare to ask me for seven hundred thousand?”

Karen continued to question her angrily, “Do you think Linda gave you the idea that as soon as you get the 700,000 yuan, the three of you will split the money equally?”

What the hell is this?

Karen’s remarks stunned everyone present.

Linda simply did not expect that his cousin is such a person. If you don’t want to pay back the money, then simply explain it. Why do you want to make this?

Ethan was even more speechless. Xin said that he had shown great kindness and paid more than 13 million for them. Now there are only 700,000 left for them to pay for themselves. Are they reluctant? Then if they let them carry over ten million, the ghost knows what will happen to them.

Joshua was also furious, what he bought at a big price, would this be in the mouth of this woman, turned out to be tattered?

“You shut up!” Joshua said angrily, “Tattered? Why are you so embarrassed to say it? I’ll tell you the truth. Just one thing you smashed casually, you will pay for the sale of your family. Sorry! Master Ethan only asked you to compensate you 700,000 yuan, so it’s so awkward here. Is it because I asked you to compensate all the things that were smashed at the original price, and you are willing?”

Hearing what Joshua said, Karen showed disdain and even snorted coldly and said, “Huh, do you really treat us as ignorant? Just those things, seven thousand are not worth seven thousand, seven hundred thousand? Think about it, okay, then tell me, what was the original price of the thing I smashed? Why did you make me lose 700,000? I can’t tell a lie, it’s really ho ho…”

Joshua ‘s face was green when he was angry. If Ethan weren’t here today, if these people would dare to speak to themselves like this, he would have asked someone to clean them up.

Also explain to you, what are you guys?

Joshua glanced at Ethan, and then said loudly, “Okay, then I will let you see today, how much is the value of the things that are not worth seven thousand?”

Joshua waved his hand, called Manager Will, and ordered: “Manager Will, go and tune out all the relevant information about all the things they smashed today. I will let them see if we are coveting them. Seven hundred thousand shit, or they have a pair of dog eyes!”

Manager Will nodded hurriedly, and hurriedly called away a female employee.

About ten minutes later, Manager Will and the female employee walked back with a thick stack of files.

His father placed everything in front of Joshua and said in a low voice, “Master, this is the information about all the things they broke today, including the certification certificate and the market price.”

Joshua nodded and said, “Okay, let’s take a good look at these dog-eyed things, these things are worth seven thousand!”

Manager Will nodded and directly ordered his men to deliver the things to Karen.

Karen and Roy frowned in surprise, then took things curiously and looked at them.

Only when I saw the first page, the expression on Karen’s face was frozen.

Looking at the text on the file, she faltered and read it out: “Song Dynasty fine wood carving plaque, Sotheby’s auction house’s 18th spring lot, sold for 3.51 million…Ming Dynasty Silk Jinjiangshan Spring Roll, Guardian Auctions Lots sold for 15 years, sold for 2.2 million…”

Linda was dumbfounded just seeing these two pages.

Just two things, more than five million?

“Huh?” Roy on the side heard his Karen’s words staggering, and he looked over in surprise.

As a result, after seeing so many files and appraisal certificates, he felt a sudden buzz in his mind, and for an instant, it was blank.

“This…is this true?” Roy said in disbelief, “These two items cost more than five million, so we smashed so many…”

In Roy’s mind, he was unwilling to accept this fact, because it was obvious that if this were all true, then where did he need to compensate 700,000? May not know how many times this number is.

“Oh, don’t you believe it?” Joshua smiled, and continued, “Then the official website of the auction house is under the authentication certificate. As for the authenticity, you can check it, and you will know the authenticity by then.”

After hearing Joshua ‘s words, Roy hurriedly looked at the bottom of the authentication certificate, and he saw a website address and a QR code.

But he still doesn’t believe this thing. After all, this is something Joshua gave himself. What if he cheated it?

So Joshua just checked the websites of the above auction houses with his mobile phone, and then inquired one by one.


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