I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 300

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 300

Chapter 300

Soon, Joshua found information about one thing first, but after seeing the information on the website of the auction house, Roy was dumbfounded.

Because whether it is the appearance of the things, the price, or the name of the bidder, they are exactly the same as the information on the certificate that Joshua gave him.

And the name is also one person: Pablo !

Although it is not as well known as Pablo, it does not prevent Roy from understanding that this person is Pablo.

Roy frantically looked for a few more things and compared them with the information on their respective official websites, but every time he found one, his face became more ugly.

At the end, Roy’s face was as pale as a piece of rusted bronze, and his eyes stared like a copper bell.

He made a rough calculation. If all this is okay, he and Karen, this afternoon, they lost more than 10 million yuan.

More than ten million, what did you do!

Roy wanted to cry without tears, he looked at his wife in despair, and murmured: “It’s over… it’s over, do you know how much trouble you have caused…”

Karen looked at Roy’s expression and knew that things were not good. She was nervous for a long time before she asked, “Is it…Is it true? How much?

Before Roy waited to speak, Joshua answered first.

“Not much, you only spent 13.7 million in total today.” Joshua sneered at his Karen, and said, “Why, satisfied? Surprised? Surprised?

Upon hearing this number, Karen almost fainted and fell directly into Roy’s arms.

“No, this is definitely not true! Husband, are you sure and what you found is true?” Karen still asked unwillingly.

Roy shook his head in frustration: “That’s the official website, how could it be fake? This is a big disaster!”

Karen’s face was pale when she heard the words, and her whole body seemed to be exhausted.

“No, I don’t believe this is true. I think those things are shabby things, how can they be so valuable?”

When Roy heard this, he pushed his wife away a little angrily. He couldn’t get rid of the anger in his heart, and said very irritably, “Are you stupid? The tatters you said are all really antique. , Are you satisfied now? More than 13 million, didn’t you let me smash it? Are you happy now?”

“I…” Karen shook her head and said desperately, “No, I still don’t believe it. If it is more than 10 million, he…he is stupid, so we will lose 700,000? Fake, don’t worry, husband, it must be fake!”

When Roy heard this, he couldn’t help but be a little puzzled, and his puzzled eyes fell on Joshua .

Joshua knew that they would definitely ask this in the end, so he smiled, looked at Ethan respectfully, and said, “Are you having problems with your brain? I haven’t reacted yet? 13.7 million. , Don’t you think I’m so kind? Will wipe out thirteen million all at once?”

Joshua snorted and said solemnly: “I’m telling you the truth, the thirteen million is the 13 million that Young Master Ethan paid for you. It’s just you who are mentally retarded and blind dogs. If you don’t appreciate it, how dare you treat Master Ethan like that? Let me tell you again, if it weren’t for Ethan and Miss Linda to plead with you today, for what you did today, I would love to kill you ten times!”

Joshua ‘s two sonorous and powerful words, the Karen’s family who listened to them were stunned.

They looked at Ethan with stunned faces and couldn’t believe what Joshua said.

“He… he paid thirteen million? This… how is this… possible?”

Karen muttered to herself that she still didn’t believe it and didn’t want to believe it was true.

But not admitting that it was just a lie to oneself after all, the matter is now, even the fool knows what is going on.

Karen didn’t know what to say, she felt embarrassed, and she had no face to face Ethan and Linda. She lowered her head silently and restrained herself from looking there.

Roy felt even more regretful, and now he finally understood what he had done before.

He was so aimed at others, and in the end he caused a big disaster or Ethan wiped their ass. This kind of kindness, even if Roy is hard-hearted, should have melted.

What’s more, Roy also pays great attention to his own face, and now that this kind of thing happened, his face was simply lost.

I don’t have any face to face Ethan.

After hesitating for a long time, Roy plucked up his courage, raised his head, and said softly to Ethan: “Ethan…Ethan, I’m so sorry today, I…we knew it was wrong, everything was our fault. , We regret, we… we are willing to accept any punishment from you!”


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