I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 301

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 301

Chapter 301

Roy was not stupid, he knew very well that just the attitude he had toward Ethan just now, he could easily kill himself.

Therefore, at this time, it is not only not stupid, but a wise move to pretend to be calm and proactively plead guilty.

It’s just that as soon as he spoke, his Karen was tossed at the corner of his clothes. The latter spoke to him in a low voice, with a bit of reproach in his tone, saying: “Why are you doing this? Why should you admit your mistakes? Any punishment is fine. You are looking for death by yourself!”

It’s now, isn’t my wife still thinking about repentance? Roy was so angry that he was about to blow up.

He jerked away his wife, and scolded, “Go away, you woman, is there really a problem with your brain? When would you dare to say this? You are really not afraid Death, or sincerely want to kill us? If you want to die, then go to the road and crash the car yourself. Don’t bother us in particular!”

After speaking, Roy pushed his wife away and looked down at Ethan, with a convincing appearance.

And when he just shot and pushed Karen, his strength was not small, and he directly pushed the opponent to a standstill and almost fell.

“Young Master Ethan, please don’t take offense. I know what we have done in the past two days is too ridiculous. I also know that it is too late to say anything, but I really know that I was wrong. Please tell me how you want to be punished. Yeah, and…”

Roy looked at Karen hesitantly, gritted his teeth, and said solemnly: “And I’m here to declare that this woman has nothing to do with me. I want to divorce her. We will go back to our hometown!”

Although this decision was a bit abrupt, it was also the result of Roy’s deliberation.

Because after these two days of mania, as well as the rest of his life today, Roy has completely recognized his wife.

When eating at the Empire Hotel, she could even give up her only mother for a seat. This kind of person is extremely selfish.

This kind of woman who can do this to her dearest relatives can do anything to him when she can.

One is to clarify the relationship with Karen, and the other is to guard against one day when he is sold by this woman, Roy made up his mind and made this decision.

And he still seemed to be firm, with no room for negotiation.

And when he said this, Karen and Paula Grecic were both shocked and dumbfounded.

Karen looked at Roy blankly. It took a long time to react, and tears burst out instantly.

In a questioning tone, she said to Roy: , what are you…what are you talking about? Are you divorcing me? Would you dare to say it again?”

Paula Grecic on the side also looked flustered and said, “Roy, this…this can’t be done. You don’t know how much your wife loves you, you…how can you just say divorce? This is too hurtful, right?”

Roy looked at the mother and daughter, he couldn’t help but sneered, and replied: “Okay, I’ll say it again. I want to divorce you, and I must divorce. There is no room for negotiation, people like you. , How can I continue to live with you? I’m really afraid that one day I will die by you, I don’t know.”

Roy looked at Paula Grecic again, and even a little bit of contempt in his eyes, and said: “Hurting? Paula Grecic, I advise you to wake up as well, your daughter is a lunatic, you It’s better to stay away from her as soon as possible. Remember the thing that she almost sold you for a seat in Empire Hotel before? What kind of person can’t do anything? I will continue with her Live? Forget it, I want to live two more years!”

After Roy said these words, he suddenly felt a lot more relaxed, and he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.

It was just his words that exploded in Paula Grecic’s heart like a blockbuster.

Of course she will not forget what happened at the hotel before, and her memory is still fresh.

To be honest, she knew how capricious and tricky her own daughter was in the past.

It was just that incident that really surprised her.

Because she didn’t expect that her precious daughter would sell herself for a seat.

It wasn’t that Paula Grecic hadn’t thought about what Roy said, but she thought about it, but quickly restrained herself from thinking in that direction.

First, because it was terrible, she seemed to have foreseen the time when she was betrayed by her daughter.

Secondly, she was lucky, thinking that she was her daughter after all, so she wouldn’t do that kind of thing anyway?

But the world is fickle and unpredictable. What happened that day was just a beginning. Who knows what will happen to the mother and daughter in the future?

Thinking of this, Paula Grecic couldn’t help but shudder, looking at her daughter’s gaze, a subtle change occurred in an instant.

In the end, Paula Grecic subconsciously moved aside from Karen two steps…


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