I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 302

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 302

Chapter 302

“Mom, you…what are you doing?” Karen was confused, and a little angry, she pointed to Paula Grecic and asked, “What do you mean? The wall is pushed down by everyone? I am your daughter! “

Paula Grecic’s face was a bit ugly, she lowered her head and said nothing, and then moved aside two steps.

It felt like Karen was a plague god, and Paula Grecic had a feeling of avoiding her.

Seeing this scene, Karen finally understood and became even more desperate.

She pointed at Roy and Paula Grecic, trembling all over, sat on the ground with a puff, crying bitterly: “Okay you guys, you can really do it, don’t you see that people are going to attack me? You are all away from me now. Far away? You guys can really do it, well, wait and wait for me. One day, I will definitely make you regret…”

When Karen finished speaking, she hid her face and burst into tears.

Seeing this situation and situation like this, Paula Grecic also felt uncomfortable.

She hesitated and wanted to go up to comfort her daughter, but in the end she resisted it.

On the other side, Roy didn’t even look at Karen. Now that he had made a decision, he obviously didn’t even have the thought of turning back.

He immediately looked at Ethan with a smile on his face and bowed his knees and said, “Young Master Ethan, the previous thing was actually my wife who ordered me to do it. I filled you with so much trouble. I… I shouldn’t, I’m a bastard… Or give me a chance and let me atone for your sins. I’m willing to be by your side. It’s okay to be a dog before and after the saddle, as long as you are happy. …”

Roy was talking a lot.

But what he said made Ethan feel extremely disgusting.

Ethan smiled bitterly and shook his head, glanced at Roy contemptuously, and sighed, “Do you want to follow me? you still say this is a sin?

Although Ethan is not deeply involved in the world, he is not a fool. Of course he understands what Roy means.

Roy’s words are really nice, he apologizes, and he wants to redeem his sins.

But Ethan certainly understood that this guy just wanted to get close to himself and stick to himself by this ground.

Perhaps in Roy’s opinion, Ethan can spend more than 10 million to fill the hole for them, without blinking his eyes. If he can follow Ethan, he will definitely have a lot of benefits. of.

After all, Ethan was very rich when he came, and he was not bad. Otherwise, it won’t be more than ten million, so it’s easy to throw out.

Secondly, he also felt that Ethan was too naive. This kind of stupid and wealthy master called himself a dog, but in the end it wasn’t necessarily who would regard whom as a stupid pig.

In Roy’s view, if he could follow Ethan by this, it would be a blessing in disguise, and maybe he would be so prosperous because of this incident.

It’s just that he seems to be too naive, and he really thought that Ethan would not see his careful thoughts.

Ethan looked at her, couldn’t help but sneered, and asked directly, “Do you want to mess with me?”

Upon hearing this, Roy nodded his head in excitement, as if Ethan meant to agree.

It’s just that when he was on his head, he saw Ethan suddenly put away his smile, and said coldly to him: ” sorry, you are not worthy!”

After speaking, Ethan took Linda’s hand and walked outside, leaving Roy standing on the spot with a bewildered and awkward look.

When Joshua saw this, he laughed out loud, pointing at the embarrassed Roy, and jokingly said: “Haha, it’s really interesting, who do you think you are? Just because you want to follow Ethan? What kind of thing are you worthy of?”

After speaking, Joshua also sternly said to Karen, Roy and Paula Grecic, “I don’t care if you are going to divorce or not, but Ethan has already paid out 13 million yuan, which is already considered to you. Your benevolence and righteousness are exhausted, if you still dare to repay me with the remaining 700,000, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Joshua coldly threatened, “You can think clearly, our Owen family has so many ways to clean up others!”

After speaking, Joshua also walked out the door, and then Manager Will left with all the people. In the empty and embarrassed room, only Karen’s family were left.

Karen, who was already desperate, suddenly burst into a burst of unbridled laughter. She pointed at Roy and Paula Grecic, and sneered arrogantly.

“Hahahaha…Is that really laughing at me, how about it? You fell into trouble, did someone hang you again? You guys, you deserve it, you are really relieved!” Karen said contemptuously, “Huh, you guys” These people are really so self-righteous, but the result? Smart instead of being smart, this is retribution, this is the end! don’t you want a divorce? Okay, then divorce now, the house and the car are not Is it in my name? Then let’s get divorced as soon as possible. I will see how you live!”

Roy gritted his teeth severely when he heard the words, and pointed at Karen, “What are you so proud of? What about the house and car in your name? Are you going to sell it to pay off the debt?”


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