I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 305

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 305

Chapter 305

Originally, Linda felt a little uncomfortable and unbalanced because of her mother’s attitude towards herself.

I don’t want my mother to call directly now, and she just didn’t ask right and wrong, as if she was inquisitive.

Linda, who had suppressed his anger, was instantly ignited.

“Mom, what do you mean? Did you listen to what others said?”

Linda’s mother became furious when she heard her daughter’s attitude, and yelled at the phone.

“You care about what other people say, so you can tell me now, is it because you and Ethan caused your cousin and brother-in-law to divorce? You even blackmailed people 700,000 yuan? Do you want more? Linda has a bad face!”

Linda was trembling with anger at these words. She glanced at Ethan, but still resisted the urge to say what her mother said, turned her head, and said to the phone: “Mom, what do you mean? What is me and Ethan? What Ethan did? Do you understand the cause and effect of the incident? Do you know what their family did? Do you know how much Ethan paid for this incident? Do you know that Ethan has let them go? You don’t know anything, and you said this to me when you came up, and I asked you, which one is your daughter!”

Linda finally released all the grievances suppressed in his heart.

What she didn’t expect was that the mother on the other end of the phone couldn’t listen to what she said, and was even more angry.

Soon, Linda’s mother returned angrily.

She looked even more excited and yelled at Linda angrily: “Linda, what kind of bullshit are you talking about? You stabbed such a big basket and still think you are reasonable? Do you know if your sister and your brother-in-law divorce, This house is completely disbanded. I will go underground in the future, and I will have no face to see your second uncle…”

Speaking of this emotional part, Linda’s mother was so excited that she cried.

In her opinion, even if the other party does something, you should not break up their families. This is the principle and the bottom line.

“Do you know that everyone in my hometown looked down on our wives, but your second uncle accepted us. Without your second uncle, you and I would not have today. What you did today was just committing evil. You still have Ethan, and you won’t end well!”

Of course Linda understood what her mother said, and she almost heard the cocoon coming in her ears.

It’s not that she doesn’t think about her second uncle’s goodness, but one yard is one size, and the second uncle is good enough for their wives. But what about Paula Grecic and cousin? Since they moved into the second uncle’s house, they have never given them a good face for a day, and not even a day has not been wondering how to drive their wives out.

And even if you don’t talk about the past, it is today’s thing, Ethan is a total victim.

Linda didn’t understand why his mother didn’t even figure out the whole story, so she came up and put her hat on her head.

Linda glanced at Ethan and said to his mother, “Mom, I will tell you one side last, Ethan has paid enough for their family today. I hope you can ask the matter clearly before you come to talk to me.!”

Linda gritted her teeth and added: “I hope you don’t make indiscriminate accusations. Ethan doesn’t owe you anything. You have no reason to accuse him!”

As soon as Linda said these words, the mother on the other end of the phone was almost like a ignited powder keg, and it exploded.

“You…what are you talking about? Linda, are you talking to me?” Linda’s mother sternly replied, “I am your real mother. No matter how good Ethan is to you, can I still treat you better than my real mother? Linda, do you think people are rich and you have been fascinated by ghosts? No matter how rich Ethan is, they belong to them. Your mother is poor, but you will always be your mother!”

Linda’s mother took a few breaths, and continued in resentment: “You are helping others to speak. If someone turns around and kicks you one day, I see who you expect to go! Don’t talk back and say no, back then I I believe it won’t, but… but are our girls abandoned? You should keep your eyes on it!”

Linda couldn’t help being startled when he heard this.

Yes, my mother was in love with my father back then, and I believe that my father will not change her heart.

But in the end? The man patted his butt and left. It has been nearly 20 years, and he hasn’t even appeared again.

Linda looked at Ethan with complicated eyes. For a while, she seemed to be back in her youth, when the mother and daughter were the two most difficult times.

Linda still remembers how her mother told her to tell her that when she grows up, she must find an ordinary man and never fall in love with a rich man.

At this moment, Linda’s mother’s voice came from her phone again: “Linda, Mom is really doing it for your own good. Mom is a lesson!”

Linda was speechless. After a long time, Ethan looked at her in a daze, then slowly grabbed her hand and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong with You?”


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