I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 306

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 306

Chapter 306

Linda’s expression was ugly, Ethan frowned and hurriedly took her into his arms.

At the moment when he hid in Ethan’s arms, Linda, who was still feeling grudge because of his mother’s words, was relieved immediately.

She looked up at Ethan. She really couldn’t think of the day when such a man who was single-minded about herself would betray her.

Maybe some rich men are really big radishes, but at this moment Linda clearly knew that Ethan was definitely not, otherwise he would not have been so persistent to himself after he chose to break up.

Besides, he is the son of Eric Norman, what kind of woman can he find?

Since Ethan was so serious and dedicated to himself, it would be unfair to Ethan if he doubted him again.

Besides, at this moment, Linda also figured it out.

Even if Ethan really chose to leave herself one day, she would have recognized it, anyway, no matter what the future will be, she loves Ethan now, a deep love.

Linda made up his mind, and then said to the mother on the other end of the phone: “Okay mom, don’t say it, this is my business, I decide for myself, don’t worry about it, if you still think of me as your daughter If you do, please respect my choice. No matter what happens in the future, I can accept it with confidence.”

Linda finally seemed a little hesitant, but still said that sentence: “I am not you, and Ethan is not that man!”

Linda’s words completely violated her mother’s inner taboo, and she instantly became hysterical.

“Linda, what are you talking about? Do you know what is good or bad? Who am I for? I think you are really a ghost. What do you think of him?” Linda’s mother roared angrily, “I even doubt now. The divorce between your sister and brother-in-law is something you planned! Linda, Linda, you really have changed, you are crazy too!”

Linda’s father, usually the code name in the mouths of their mother and daughter, is “that man,” which is also a name Linda hardly dared to mention in front of his mother.

Now Linda actually mentioned it, and compared her to herself. How could Linda’s mother not be angry? But after the anger, she started to talk, and she became reckless.

Linda felt that her mother was a little unreasonable, and she yelled angrily: “Yes, you are right. We planned it. They left, right? It deserves it, this is their own fate, no one. Can’t blame it!”

“Okay, I have something to do, hang up!” Linda finished speaking and ended the call abruptly, as if anger was going to overflow from his eyes.

Seeing Linda’s appearance, Ethan was startled, frowning and asked: “What’s wrong with Linda? Who is calling you?”

“My mother, I don’t know which kind of evil wind I smoked. I am mad at me!” Linda said in a pissed way, “I don’t know what the family said to her. Calling me is just a scream. I really convinced her… “

Ethan didn’t know what the mother and daughter said just now. Hearing what Linda said, he just sighed and said, “Oh, all right, don’t be angry. Auntie may not know the truth, so I can explain it to her afterwards. All right.”

Linda sighed solemnly. She didn’t tell Ethan what her mother had said to herself just now, and things were far less simple than Ethan thought.

Linda even knew very well that although her mother was respectful and respectful to Ethan on the surface, she actually had a deep prejudice against any rich man in her heart, no matter who you are or what kind of person you are. .

Linda knew more clearly that today’s incident seemed to have passed, but maybe it would cause any bigger waves.

And this wave may come from his mother.

Linda stared at Ethan, and she felt more and more that the future path for herself and Ethan seemed to be getting harder and harder.

But no matter what, Linda has already made up his mind today to go with Ethan, so he won’t worry so much.

She also believes that as long as she and Ethan love each other sincerely, it doesn’t matter no matter how big the risks are in the future, they will eventually get through.

On the other side, Linda’s mother was about to collapse when she heard her daughter violently end her call.

“Linda, Linda, what do you want me to say about you? Why have you become so unreasonable?” Linda’s mother murmured to herself in tears.

She felt that her daughter seemed to have changed, became unreasonable, became out of control, became alienated and did not believe in herself.

And she knew that all this happened because of Ethan’s appearance.

In the past, Linda’s mother still had some good feelings for Ethan, after all, Ethan had helped them both mother and daughter sincerely.

And she also felt that Ethan seemed sincere to Linda.

It’s just that she has always had a grudge against Ethan in her heart. After all, today’s Ethan and Linda are simply the fathers of her and Linda back then.

But today’s things wiped out Ethan’s favor in Linda’s mother almost instantly.


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