I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 313

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 313

Chapter 313

“What are you…” Kieran Donovan’s face turned green, and he didn’t understand, he saw that death was approaching, why Ethan still looks like a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water.

“Brother Leopard!” Kieran Donovan glanced at Brother Leopard and said, “Then I don’t have to worry about it? I believe you can handle it, right? And I can still speak for you in front of my dad when I look back. sentence……”

Brother Leopard grinned. Of course he knew that Dave was a son like Kieran Donovan. If this kid is willing to say a few words to himself, then it will be very useful.

“Kieran Donovan, don’t worry!” Leopard brother said with a smile, “Leopard brother must help you settle this matter today!”

After speaking, Brother Leopard turned his head and looked at his subordinates, and said, “What are you still doing? Give me a hand and dare to make trouble in our Haoyuan Building. You must teach him a lesson that he will never forget!”

The few subordinates behind Brother Leopard heard the words and responded in unison, and then choked on the guy in their hands to poke the marble floor. The sound was deafening and magnificent.

Then a group of people rushed towards Ethan aggressively.

Upon seeing this, Kieran Donovan finally showed a smile on his face. He firmly believed that Ethan must be dead this time.

But today he settled Ethan, and when he turned back, he would find someone to investigate Maggie and Linda.

Maggie will also find a way to get it done, and he has never tried Maggie’s mature and charming woman, just taking advantage of this opportunity…

As for Linda, that woman should have become her own plaything, and she even knocked herself a bottle of wine last time. Sooner or later, this account must be clear.

At this moment, the elevator door not far away also opened.

Dave smiled and said with a pleased expression: “Miss Maggie, please first.”

Maggie didn’t say a word or was polite, and walked out of the elevator directly.

Just stepping out of the elevator, Maggie looked up and saw a group of people not far away, who was about to wave his hand.

“This is…” Maggie’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Of course Maggie knew what this meant at a glance, and obviously she was extremely disgusted with this kind of thing.

Dave on the side heard the words and quickly raised his head and looked over, suddenly sweating down.

Because he saw Brother Leopard at first sight, his heart was tight, and his heart said why he came.

Dave was in a panic, because he didn’t know what would happen after Maggie saw this scene.

Because at the first contact, Maggie and Dave discussed the first condition for cooperation. No matter what Dave did in the past, as long as you want to cooperate with the Norman Family, you must abandon your own improper methods and have subordinates. , Either sever or deal with it on their own, otherwise cooperation will not be discussed.

It is precisely because of this that Dave simply wanted to clean himself up directly, and was gradually left out of the group of Leopard Brother and wanted to find a chance to deal with it.

Dave originally thought that all of this was within his own plan and control, and that everything was a matter of course.

But now seeing the Leopard brother and the crowd, Dave said in his throat.

His face was extremely ugly, he hurriedly stepped forward and yelled at the crowd: “What are you doing? Stop it!”

Dave’s voice was loud and resounding in the empty hall for a while.

The people who were about to rush to Ethan immediately stopped their movements after hearing the sound.

Brother Leopard and the others turned their heads and saw that the person was Dave. First, they were astonished. Then Brother Leopard laughed out loud and quickly walked to Dave’s.

“Brother, this little bastard wants to make trouble in our company. It’s not a strong man who called me and asked me to come over. We are planning to deal with it. Wait a while and I will do it!

When Dave heard the words, he glanced at Maggie’s face nervously, and said in a low voice: “Oh, if that’s the case, then just rush out. Why are you making a group of people noisy, then… you go back first, I didn’t say no Tell you not to come over?”

After speaking, Dave turned his head and smiled at Maggie with a lowered eyebrow: “Miss Maggie, you see, this is a misunderstanding. Someone came to my company to make trouble. I asked them to drive people out. It’s okay… It’s okay hehe…”

Dave wiped the sweat from his forehead, thinking that if he said that, Maggie probably wouldn’t say anything. After all, someone came to make trouble in your own company, and deal with it. There should be no problem, right?

Thinking of this, Dave hurriedly waved his hand and motioned to Brother Leopard: “Okay, hurry up and drive people out. I will meet an important guest in a moment. If you dare to do something good, I…”

Hearing the words, Leopard nodded quickly: “Okay, don’t worry, Brother, let’s go now, don’t worry…”

After speaking, Brother Leopard turned to leave.

But as soon as he turned around, a slap suddenly greeted Brother Leopard’s face.

Leopard’s face was sore from being hit, as if he had been scalded by a soldering iron.

He was about to get angry at once, turned his head and looked around, and saw Maggie looking at him coldly.


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