I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 314

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 314

Chapter 314

“You…who are you special? You are looking for death!” Brother Leopard was furious and didn’t even think about Maggie’s identity.

He didn’t know Maggie. He saw that she had come down with Dave, and she looked pretty, so he took it for granted that she was Dave’s new secretary.

For Dave, changing the secretary is simply commonplace. It was like this in the past. Leopard brother has long been surprised.

But you are a little secretary, dare to slap yourself, are you living enough!

Although Brother Leopard is Dave’s subordinate, he is definitely not someone who can bully him.

But Brother Leopard felt a little surprised that Maggie slapped herself just now, because that slap hurts too much.

Leopard has been in the arena for many years, and he has eaten countless slaps, from the woman who sleeps by Beibei, to the big role that he can’t afford to offend, or any powerful person.

But like Maggie, she looked weak, but with such a huge shot force, it was indeed the first time he saw him.

Without boasting, Maggie’s slap was just the case. If Brother Leopard is not allowed to see Maggie, he almost thinks that the other party is a strong man of more than two hundred catties and two meters high.

Brother Leopard himself is tall, but Maggie’s slap almost slapped him. You can imagine how powerful it is.

Moreover, there was a huge crowd here, and I was slapped, and Brother Leopard couldn’t help but face.

But Maggie still didn’t change her face, raised her head and looked at her contemptuously, and said in a low tone, “Do you want to die?”


Leopard was taken aback when he heard the words, and immediately became even more angry.

He raised his hand to hit Maggie, and he cursed loudly, “I think you want to die!”

However, before Leopard’s slap fell, Dave caught him, and the latter kicked it out and directly hit Leopard’s abdomen.

“What do you want to do? Want to die, presumptuous!” Dave roared at Brother Leopard.

Brother Leopard was kicked so aggrieved, he immediately questioned: “Brother, what are you doing? This little girl beat me first, what’s the matter, you forget the old when you have a new one? Isn’t this little girl? Isn’t the bed really awesome?”

Just at the words of Brother Leopard, Dave got his thoughts ready.

What is the newcomer and forget the old? What is particularly good on the bed? Maggie heard this, what would she think? What are you? He knew very well, relying on him, if it weren’t for the small advantage in Buckeye’s real estate industry, he wouldn’t even be able to shine Maggie’s shoes, let alone think of anything else.

“If you talk nonsense again, I’ll kill you!” Dave shouted with eyes full of fire, “Why do you shut up your mouth, do you know who this is? You just want to be so presumptuous!”

Brother Leopard is not stupid. Hearing Dave say this, he suddenly realized a little.

Damn, is it possible that you are thinking wrong? This woman is not His new secretary at all?

Brother Leopard thought so, his expression gradually changed, and he couldn’t help but become a little worried.

Seeing that Brother Leopard was a little honest, Dave dared to look at Maggie, but after seeing the cold expression on Maggie’s face, he knew that he probably committed another crime.

An angry Dave quickly walked up to Brother Leopard, slapped him out, and shouted, “You are such a bastard, do you know who this is? Give it to me quickly…”

Before Dave finished speaking, he was interrupted by a voice on the side.

“I know who she is!”

Hearing this voice, Dave couldn’t help being stunned, and then he saw Kieran Donovan walking quickly.

Kieran Donovan didn’t expect that he not only met Ethan here, but also saw Maggie.

Kieran Donovan’s narrow road mean that?

Maggie saw Kieran Donovan approaching, her face remained unchanged, she glanced at Kieran Donovan indifferently, and said coldly, “You just came here.”

When Dave heard Maggie’s tone, his heart suddenly became embarrassed, knowing that something was going to happen.

He was about to make Kieran Donovan shut up and asked him to apologize to Maggie.

But he was forcibly interrupted by his son before he spoke.

Kieran Donovan snorted coldly and looked at Maggie with contempt.

“What a coincidence, I was curious just now, how could that little bastard appear in our company, and your feelings are there too!” Kieran Donovan said, “Huh, that’s just right, what happened that day, what happened to me? I haven’t forgotten, I still want to get revenge on you bastards. I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to send it to the door today!”

Hearing that his son dared to say this to Maggie, Dave’s heart almost jumped out.

He hurriedly winked at Kieran Donovan, and said loudly, “u lil boy, what are you talking about, shut up, do you know this is…”

But Dave’s words were interrupted by Kieran Donovan again.

The latter pointed to Maggie and said arrogantly: “Dad, you don’t need to say, I know who they are. Do you remember the last time I told you that I was bullied? I’ll tell you today, it’s this woman. There is a good thing the bastard has done over there!”


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