I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 315

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 315

Chapter 315

Kieran Donovan pointed to Ethan, who was surrounded by a group of people not far away, and the hatred on his face was beyond words.

He immediately said to Dave: “Dad, tell me, how do you deal with these two people today? I was bullied by them that day. It happened to be here today, and both of them are still there. What are you doing? Give me this bad breath!”

Kieran Donovan is quite proud, because he feels that this is his own company, and his father usually dotes on himself.

Now if he heard that he was being bullied, he might decide how to deal with Maggie and Ethan.

Kieran Donovan smiled at Maggie with an arrogant expression.

stinky lady, are you crazy with me this time? I think you still dare to jump, this is my site!

Kieran Donovan even felt that the fate of Ethan and Maggie was almost predictable. In any case, the two men would not end well today.

But what surprised Kieran Donovan was that after he said so many things, Maggie still showed such a calm and calm expression, showing a faint smile.

Maggie sneered, shook her head helplessly, and said to Kieran Donovan: “Oh? Really, then I want to see, can your dad give you this bad breath today!”

Hearing this, Kieran Donovan hurriedly looked at his Dad and said with an angry face: “Dad, did you hear what this stinky lady said? She dare not put you in her eyes, so what are you doing in a daze? Clean them up?”

Seeing that his father was too late to do anything, Kieran Donovan hurriedly urged: “Oh, I know you don’t want to be familiar with this kind of little character. Then I let Brother Leopard do it myself, and when I look back, I will say that I did it. !”

Kieran Donovan glanced impatiently, Leopard Brother, pointed at Maggie and said, “Brother Leopard, what are you doing in a daze? Quickly put this stinky woman away for me, and the bastard over there!”

Brother Leopard had already noticed that Maggie is not a person waiting to be idle. From Dave’s attitude towards her all the time, or Maggie’s own calm calmness, can prove that they didn’t put you Kieran Donovan in their eyes at all.

Leopard looked at Kieran Donovan and couldn’t help but shook his head slightly.

Kieran Donovan was even more angry. He really couldn’t figure out why no one listened to him today? What the hell is going on here?

“Brother Leopard, what do you mean? You…you won’t listen to me? Go up quickly and clean up these two for me…”

This time, Kieran Donovan didn’t finish what he said, and then he heard a sharp sound coming out of thin air.

Then Kieran Donovan felt hot on his face, and in the end he was overturned by that force and rolled on the ground twice.

“You little bastard, why don’t you want to live you?”

Dave finally couldn’t bear it.

Usually he really dotes on his only son, it is better. If Kieran Donovan is bullied, Dave will naturally take action to teach him to vent his anger to his son.

But today, Dave discovered that it seemed that because of this, he had already spoiled this beast, and obviously he had already reached the point of madness.

Dave was very angry and desperate. The anger is that my son may be ruining his good deeds today.

And despair, because he didn’t know what Maggie would do with herself later.

Today, Maggie is furious. What Dave can do is to try to keep her son and Donovan Family.

When Dave thought of this, he immediately punched and kicked Kieran Donovan, who had fallen to the ground, with no mercy.

Kieran Donovan screamed when he was beaten on the ground, rolling back and forth begging for mercy: “Dad…Don’t…don’t beat me, you’re going to beat me to death, please don’t beat me, oh…ah…it hurts dad… …”

It hurt Dave’s heart when he hit Kieran Donovan, but he couldn’t help it. If he didn’t punish Kieran Donovan well today, if he fell into Maggie’s hands, he would only end up miserably a hundred times a thousand times.

That kind of result was something Dave could not imagine.

And the most terrible thing was that in the end, no matter how Maggie dealt with Kieran Donovan, Dave could only endure it. If he dared to resist a little bit, the Donovan Family would suffer together in the end.

Dave secretly glanced at Maggie from the corner of his eyes.

He found that Maggie still had that cold expression, as if she didn’t care about everything in front of her and Kieran Donovan’s life and death.

And Maggie’s attitude made Dave a little desperate, because as long as Maggie didn’t call to stop, Dave would not dare to stop easily.

But if he continues to fight like this, Dave is really worried that his son will die in his hands.

At this moment, Maggie looked not far away, her eyes changed a little, and she hurriedly walked over.

Upon seeing this, Dave hurriedly slowed down the speed and strength of his fists and kicks, giving Kieran Donovan some breathing time.

Dave also looked curiously with Maggie, and then he saw Maggie walk next to a boy not far away with a look of concern.

“Young Master Ethan, are you okay?” Maggie asked, “Did he do anything about you?”


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