I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 317

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 317

Chapter 317

“Young Master Ethan, Miss Maggie, I was wrong…”

When Dave raised his head again, his entire forehead was bloody, and his eyes were even more teary. No one could believe that this man turned out to be Dave, who was once a master in Buckeye.

“Both… I blame my wicked son, don’t worry, I will definitely teach him a good lesson when I look back, and promise that he will never be disrespectful to you again.” Dave pleaded to Ethan, “But please give us father and son another chance. Yes, you must not cancel the cooperation. If you cancel the cooperation, our Haoyuan Group will undoubtedly die. I… our family will also be ruined, just as you do well, pity us…”

Dave looked extremely pitiful and helpless. Ethan couldn’t help but glance at Maggie when he heard the words, to see what she meant.

Maggie still looked cold, and said indifferently: “Pity you? Dave, do you know how big a mistake your son made? Do you know that your man was almost in your company just now, did you do something to Ethan? What a sin, who do you want to forgive you!”

Maggie’s voice was loud and not angry, and she continued, “Today Ethan didn’t have any accidents. If there is any accident today, it would not be a pity for you and me to die. Even now, you still want to protect your son? “

Hearing Maggie’s words, Dave’s heart sank and he was desperate.

Because Maggie’s meaning has been told to you, for Kieran Donovan, this time it is absolutely impossible to tolerate it.

With tears in his eyes, Dave looked up at Maggie, begging with all his eyes: “Miss Maggie, is there really no room for further discussion?”

Maggie snorted coldly, “MR. Dave, whether to cooperate or not, I think we should wait for you to deal with today’s affairs before making a decision!”

Maggie kicked the ball to Dave in one sentence. How to do this is up to him.

But Dave also knew what he could do? Maggie’s meaning was very clear. This time Kieran Donovan provoke Ethan, even if he didn’t catch a small life, he would definitely have to live.

However, you still need to do all this by yourself…

At this moment, Maggie glanced at Brother Leopard and the group of Leopard brothers around Ethan, and said coldly, “MR. Dave, I remember I told you that if you want to cooperate with me, you don’t want to Raising these people again, but it seems that you are taking my words as deaf ears, and the most annoying thing is that these people just wanted to do something against Ethan. What should you do?”

Maggie asked sternly, and as soon as she uttered her words, no matter Brother Leopard and his subordinates, they felt an unprecedented sense of pressure on their heads.

Brother Leopard knew that this was going to settle the accounts by himself, but he was helpless. For Maggie, even if they wanted to kill him, he didn’t even have the strength to fight back.

“Puff…” Brother Leopard didn’t say anything, he knelt on the spot, bowed his knees, bald, and said loudly: Leopard is sinful, please punish Miss Maggie. Leopard is willing to bear all the punishments, without complaint… …”

When Brother Leopard knelt, the dozen or so brothers under him did not even hesitate. The movements were neat and uniform, and his voice was loud and he knelt down.

Then a dozen people said in unison: “Miss Maggie, please punish!”

In an instant, apart from the Haoyuan Group employees who were hiding in the corners around the hall watching the excitement, only Ethan and Maggie stood in the center of the hall.

And beside these two, there were all burly men kneeling on the ground.

This is surrender. Although Ethan feels a little uncomfortable, he is still a little bit excited about this feeling.

Maybe that’s what those people want for their lives. That’s how it feels.

A group of people who seem to be incomparably stronger than you, surrendered to your feet.

“This…” Ethan glanced at Maggie. He had never experienced this kind of scene, and obviously he didn’t even know how to do it.

When Maggie saw such a scene, although had no waves on her face, she felt a bit proud in her heart.

In fact, she could have dragged Ethan away directly, and let Dave decide on her own.

But in that way, such a great opportunity is simply wasted.

That’s why Maggie said those words and set the atmosphere up to this point.

Her purpose is only one, and that is to give Ethan a chance to judge today’s matter.

Ethan was indecisive, and Maggie had already noticed this.

So she deliberately exercised Ethan in her heart, and developed in a decisive and resolute direction.

This must be done so that Ethan may be able to take charge of this huge industry in the future.

Secondly, this is also for Ethan’s consideration. He is not deeply involved in the world, he is innocent and even full of goodwill when he is in trouble. He does not know that in this world, only people who are fierce enough and decisive enough can survive.

Maggie looked at Ethan and asked in a low voice, “Ethan, what do you think is going to be done with this matter today?”

Hearing this, Ethan frowned slightly: “I…”

“What do you want?” Maggie said again, “Don’t worry, even if you let them all die today, it’s a trivial matter!”


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