I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 320

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 320

Chapter 320

At this time, Kieran Donovan was almost dead.

After such a short time, he almost endured waves of ups and downs.

First, he asked Ethan to settle the accounts, but he was almost cleaned up by others.

Then when he was desperate, I heard Ethan say not to care about himself.

At that moment, Kieran Donovan felt like he was reborn again, and he was very excited, but he heard Ethan say that among the people he forgives, there is no himself…

Kieran Donovan was a little desperate. He had just been looking at his father, hoping that he could succeed in interceding for himself.

But until his father’s head was about to smash on the ground, Ethan was not at all moved.

It seems that this guy really intends to put himself to death!

At this time, Kieran Donovan’s mentality has gone from despair at the beginning, to hopefulness, and then to even more despair.

By now, Kieran Donovan, who had felt that he was completely hopeless, looked at Ethan, already full of hatred.

That kind of overwhelming hatred almost made him explode. At this moment, he even wanted to rush to Ethan and tore him alive, before he could relieve his hatred.

“Damn, what’s so great about you? You only rely on your own ability to dominate here!” Kieran Donovan looked at Ethan, muttering to himself with aversion in his heart, “But you are the best today Kill Kieran Donovan, or you will wait for me. One day, I will repay you ten times a hundred times the things I have today. You can wait for me!”

After speaking, Kieran Donovan gritted his teeth, suddenly struggled to get up, and knelt down, then pretended to be extremely pitiful, and said to Ethan: … Forgive me, Ethan, please forgive me. Ah, I am a dog, and I am a d*ad dog. Why should you care about a dog like me?”

Kieran Donovan looked like he was begging for mercy, as if he had completely obeyed Ethan.

But Ethan looked at him, but there was no change at all.

Even Ethan laughed and asked jokingly: “A dog? sorry, I don’t need it! And I said, if you offend me, I can let you go, but as long as you dare to treat Linda For what I do, I must repay it twice!”

Ethan suddenly looked at Brother Leopard and whispered: “I’ll leave this person to you to deal with. It’s best if you can give me a satisfactory answer!”

Then Ethan glanced at Dave again, and said lightly: “However, I want to give President a face today, so I don’t want his life, I only want you to teach him a lesson that can be remembered for a lifetime!”

Leopard brother heard the words, and the cold sweat suddenly shed.

He couldn’t help but looked at Dave who was aside nervously. He said that this was so special that he was the boss with whom he had been with for many years. Now he let himself deal with the boss’s son…

Although Brother Leopard knew that since Ethan had said this, he couldn’t go against his will in any way, but he was still a little bit guilty in his heart.

If he didn’t deal with Kieran Donovan well, Ethan would definitely be unhappy, but if he was too ruthless at the time, Dave couldn’t take his own skin after looking for opportunities?

Brother Leopard wiped his cold sweat, nodded silently, not daring to speak.

Ethan glanced at Dave and said in a low voice, “MR. Dave, can we continue to discuss business now?”

Ethan finally said solemnly: “Your son, I believe you have heard what I said just now. I have already let him go. If you are still not satisfied, then I can only say sorry. Because it was him, he provoked my bottom line first!”

After speaking, Ethan stood there waiting for Dave’s response.

At this time, Dave had mixed feelings in his heart.

He didn’t know what to say, although he also understood that Ethan had already given him face, after all, he had just said that Kieran Donovan was not going to die.

But if you listen to this sentence the other way around, isn’t it just that as long as you don’t kill it, just deal with it casually?

If in the end Kieran Donovan was paralyzed all over, or he was beaten stupid, then what use was it for himself to be such a waste?

Ethan is counting on a fool to inherit the family business?

Dave wanted to intercede with Ethan again, but after he raised his head and saw Ethan’s firm look, he knew that there must be no discussion about this matter.

However, at this time Kieran Donovan was also watching this side, his eyes full of expectation.

Of course he hoped that his father would plead with himself again. After all, he was able to survive now, and he might be able to avoid the suffering of flesh and skin with a little hard work.

But the final result was counterproductive.

Kieran Donovan saw Dave gritted his teeth, looked back at himself, couldn’t help sighing, shook his head repeatedly, and said to Ethan, “Okay, then…thank you

“Dad, you…” Kieran Donovan was dumbfounded when he heard Dave’s words.

Is this something his father said? Is he special? Is he his father? Do you just watch yourself be killed?

At this time, Dave also turned his head, looked at Kieran Donovan, and said with a very complicated expression: “Son, you can do it yourself. You have all of this today. No wonder others…”


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