I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 321

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 321

Chapter 321

“Dad!” Kieran Donovan shouted suddenly, his eyes were full of astonishment, “You…you don’t care about me?”

When Dave heard this, his face flushed suddenly, he lowered his head in shame, afraid to look at Kieran Donovan, and said in a low voice, “Son, Dad… Dad can’t help it, you… If you want to plead, you still have Master Ethan, please…”

As soon as Dave said this, Kieran Donovan felt like he was falling into the abyss.

Inexplicably, he felt a burst of chill coming from all directions, and the whole person couldn’t help but shiver.

Kieran Donovan’s eyes passed from everyone present, desperate.

He even suddenly grinned bitterly at the end, looked at everyone, and said, “Okay, okay, you guys are really falling apart… even my own dad is like this. It’s ridiculous, OK. Ah, come on and think of how to punish me, then come on, I can’t wait any longer, since everyone is like this, then what am I afraid of…”

Kieran Donovan acted a little crazy, obviously stimulated by the current situation.

I thought I had my own father here, so how could I plead with myself to save myself from suffering, but the result? He didn’t even put a fart, and just watched these people do something to himself?

The world is very cold. At this moment, Kieran Donovan has a very thorough understanding of the meaning of this word.

But this is just his point of view.

Because now it is far more uncomfortable than Kieran Donovan, it is Dave.

After all, which father is able to watch his son and be injured by others?

But even if I feel uncomfortable, what else can Dave say? If he can intercede, how can he not intercede?

Besides, Ethan has already made it clear that he is already saving Dave’s face, and Kieran Donovan will be left behind.

Moreover, Dave knows that this kind of result can be achieved. This cannot be blamed on others. This is the result of Kieran Donovan’s own making.

Normally, he can do nothing in Buckeye. With Dave’s prestige and influence in Buckeye, he can settle those problems.

But even if he lends Dave a hundred courage, he can’t imagine that one day his son will be able to bully Ethan.

Moreover, according to what Maggie said to herself before, this unsuspecting son almost did something ridiculous to Ethan’s girlfriend at the time, and even started to beat Ethan.

Who on earth lent him the bear heart and leopard courage!

Even now, when Dave thought of these absurd things, he shivered.

If Kieran Donovan really did something to Linda or Ethan at that time, it would be the same as Ethan said before. Their Donovan Family and even the Haoyuan Group had been erased from Buckeye at this time.

Since you chose to do these absurd things in the first place, you must now bear the consequences of all this.

When Dave thought of this, the guilt on his face couldn’t help being reduced a bit, and instead, he was disappointed with his son.

He has accumulated such a wealth of possessions for him. If this evildoer can win some anger and be more concerned about his own business, how good would it be?

At this point, Dave knew that no matter how much he thought, it wouldn’t help. He would accept any result today.

Finally, he glanced at his son, and Dave hurriedly followed Ethan’s pace.

And Ethan, who had already walked to the elevator, was finally relieved at this moment.

He had promised Linda a long time ago that those who bully her would pay the price, and he did it today.

But Ethan hadn’t walked into the elevator, but he was stopped by Maggie, and then the latter whispered in Ethan’s ear.

But when he heard Maggie’s words, Ethan was taken aback, and his face was a little ugly. He looked at Kieran Donovan, who was sitting on the ground, and was a little unhappy: “Why Sister Maggie? You told me to let him go? He almost treated Linda at the beginning. Doing that kind of thing, I spared his life, I think it’s okay!”

The conversation between the two is very quiet, but the unhappy expression on Ethan’s face is very clear.

Maggie hurriedly whispered in Ethan’s ear, “Ethan, I think since you have chosen to let others go, then for this Kieran Donovan, it’s better to let it go. After all, he belongs to Dave. son!”

Maggie paused, and then said: “If you fix Dave’s son too badly, I am worried that when Dave cooperates with us, there will be problems. On the contrary, if you let Kieran Donovan go, Dave will naturally return. I’m very grateful to you. Do you think it’s important to be refreshed for a while, or the future of the company? You know, among the many real estate companies in Buckeye, Dave’s Haoyuan Group is the leading company. Cooperating with this company, we are not only If you can rest assured, it will go smoothly, so I advise Master Ethan to think twice!”

Hearing what Maggie said, Ethan frowned. Although he also felt that there was some truth, he still couldn’t make it through.


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