I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 322

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 322

Chapter 322

“But Sister Maggie…” Ethan was about to say something tangled, but was interrupted by Maggie.

“Young Master Ethan, do you know, what is the most important quality of a person who makes great things?”

Ethan who asked Maggie this was taken aback, he shook his head dumbly, “No… I don’t know…”

Maggie smiled slightly and said in a low voice: “Those who are big things are not obsessed with trivialities, they don’t like to show themselves, and they won’t be easily influenced by their own emotions. So, do you want to have a good time now? Or do you think about it in the long run?”

What Maggie said, Ethan had a clear understanding.

Yes, it is not trivial and not easily influenced by my emotions.

Sure enough, I was still a lot worse, I was really impulsive just now.

Ethan glanced at Kieran Donovan not far away, hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “I understand Sister Maggie and listen to you.”

Ethan finally showed a slight smile, seeming to ease his attitude towards Maggie.

Maggie also smiled and nodded: “Okay, Master Ethan, then I will go over…”

While talking, Maggie left Ethan and walked towards Brother Leopard not far away. Then Maggie whispered a few words in Brother Leopard’s ear before returning to Ethan’s side.

“Okay, Master Ethan.” Maggie nodded slightly and motioned to Ethan.

Ethan also nodded.

“Miss Maggie, what’s all right? Anything? Then I’ll do it.” At this time, Dave also walked to the two of them, and when he heard Maggie’s words, he was slightly taken aback. He was a little curious. Maggie just went to Leopard Brother to do it. what.

Maggie smiled slightly: “It’s okay, MR. Dave, let’s go up and discuss business.”

Dave finally stared at Kieran Donovan, then shook his head and walked into the elevator. At the moment when the elevator door was closed, Dave happened to see Brother Leopard walking towards Kieran Donovan…

Seeing this scene, Dave’s heart seemed to be jerked by something…

Maggie also glanced at Ethan, and both of them felt a little funny seeing Dave’s aggrieved face.

Ethan sighed, shook his head, and seemed to have figured it out completely, and let the matter go.

After all, what Maggie said was right. Since she wanted to make a difference in the future, she couldn’t let her temporary emotions affect her behavior.

Ethan was slightly in a daze, thinking that he should indeed grow up, after all, he was already the man behind the tens of billions of assets at this time.

Maggie looked at Ethan in a daze, suddenly a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

She actually didn’t expect that Ethan would be persuaded by herself so easily, after all, the other party had moved his reverse scale–Linda.

But since Ethan agreed, wouldn’t it be better? Maggie was very happy for Ethan from the bottom of her heart, because it proved that Ethan had indeed grown up.

In fact, from the very beginning, Maggie did not think about disposing of Kieran Donovan too much, otherwise she had already let Dave do it herself when she was only in Dave’s office.

After all, they are colleagues who are about to cooperate. After all, the Donovan Family has a place in the Buckeye real estate industry. In the future, whether it is himself or Ethan, there are still many opportunities for the Donovan Family. There is no need to slap them to death.

And the reason why Maggie wanted Ethan to deal with Kieran Donovan seriously just now was to show Dave.

What Maggie wanted to see was that Ethan was furious and wanted to deal with Kieran Donovan, and finally let Kieran Donovan go.

After such a relaxation, Dave will obviously feel that he owes Ethan a great favor. In this way, Ethan has completely subdued Dave’s heart. If he does something in the future, he will certainly let Ethan let it go and dare not. There is a slight violation.

Naturally, Ethan would not understand, but for Ethan, Maggie can be described as deliberate.

Soon, the elevator door opened, and Dave hurriedly welcomed Ethan and Maggie into the office.

After a few simple greetings, both parties started to get to the point.

Maggie threw a stack of files to Dave and said, “MR. Dave, this Buckeye project cooperation, whether it is the right Haoyuan Group or for us, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let me tell you the truth. In Buckeye, Mr. ethan must be a big deal this time, and the follow-up will be a series of investment projects. This time, the Buckeye project is bound to be the top priority and the beginning of all projects. Therefore, the success of this project, It directly determines the importance of our follow-up actions, I think you also understand it?”

Maggie paused and continued: “Also, in the Buckeye project this time, Absolute Business School will also be relocated from the provincial capital. I also hope that Donovan Family always can give more convenience!”

“Ah? Absolute Business School?” Dave seemed a little surprised when he heard this name, and muttered, “Miss. Magiee, you are talking about the Absolute School of Business, which is known as the number one aristocratic school in the South?”

Maggie nodded: “Yes, and this time in the Buckeye project, we are equivalent to building a new type of urban area, and this Absolute Business School is the finishing touch of the entire urban area, so please pay attention to MR. Dave this time! “


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