I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 323

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 323

Chapter 323

Rather than saying that this is a negotiation, it is better to say that Ethan came to Haoyuan Group this time to finalize a specific cooperation project.

The two sides talked for about half an hour, and most of the content was finished. Ethan and Maggie walked out of Dave’s office.

After talking for so long, Ethan felt that he was a little embarrassed because the conversation between Maggie and Dave either involved professional issues and he did not understand, or he could understand, but he could not give any substantive advice.

So for such a long time, Ethan sat quietly next to Maggie, trying to hear the reason from the conversation between the two parties.

But in the end things went against the expectations.

However, during the whole process, what made Ethan most curious was that the two parties kept mentioning a school, that is, the Absolute Business School, as if this school was amazing.

Of course Ethan also knows some well-known local universities, but he still knows a little about this school, as if he has never heard of it.

As soon as the two of them left, Ethan couldn’t help being curious. He leaned close to Maggie’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Sister Maggie, what kind of school is the Absolute Business School you are talking about? I see you. It seems to take it seriously?”

Maggie smiled upon hearing the words and said, “Why, haven’t you heard of this school?”

Maggie still seemed surprised, but after thinking about Ethan’s living environment in the past, she understood.

How could Ethan in the past come into contact with this school?

Maggie hurriedly explained: “Master Ethan, let me tell you this. This Absolute Business School can be regarded as a top university in the whole continent, but its reputation is not high, because it is a private school, and The school’s students are also limited. But its great thing is that almost all the top rich children who can enter this school are.”

Hearing this, Ethan suddenly thought of the term “Noble School” that Dave said to Maggie before. Maybe this is the name of this school?

Maggie paused, and then continued: “Although it is a private school, the teaching level of Absolute Business School is absolutely first-class. This is why those big and powerful families will work hard to pack their children in. The reason for this school. The most important thing for children to become a dragon and a phoenix here is to be able to make some friends. Don’t underestimate the point of making friends. You must know that the family assets that can enter here are at least counted. One billion family, and almost every family will send their future heirs here to learn, so you can make more than just friends here, and maybe even future partners!”

Ethan finally understood Maggie’s explanation.

To put it bluntly, this is not a university at all, it simply provides these top wealthy children with an opportunity to get in touch and make more friends.

Ethan nodded, indicating that he understood.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard Maggie ask herself: “Master Ethan, if you are transferred to Absolute Business School, would you have any opinions?”

Hearing this, Ethan stopped immediately, and looked at Maggie with some surprise.

It took a long time before Ethan came back to his senses: “I…transferred school? Why?”

Maggie smiled: “I just told you the reason, and I want to clarify that the matter of your transfer is actually what MR. Eric meant. He wants you to leave Buckeye University and go to Absolute Business School. “

“The benefits of this are naturally self-evident, and I believe you can also understand.” Maggie said earnestly, “And let me tell you a little secret. Do you know why Absolute Business School is from the prosperous first-tier cities in the south? , Will you move to our Buckeye?”

Ethan scratched his head, and then shook his head. He thought to himself: How would I know about this kind of thing? After all, people are top schools. If they choose to move, they must have their own ideas.

“Why?” Ethan asked puzzledly.

Maggie smiled knowingly and said, “The reason why they moved is because MR. Eric gave them a certain benefit, and this benefit is absolutely huge, otherwise they would definitely not agree to move!”

Maggie smiled and continued to ask: “Then you know, MR. Eric has spent so much energy, do you still have to let them participate?”

Hearing this, Ethan shook his head again: “I…I don’t know.”

Maggie smiled softly again: “It’s simple, because of you!”

“Me?” Ethan looked surprised. Whether the school moved or not, what does it have to do with him?

Maggie nodded: “Because of you, because MR. Eric’s purpose is to allow you to enter this university!”

Maggie’s words made Ethan confused again.

Because the other party’s words seem to make no sense.

Ethan thought to himself: Even if his father wants him to go to this university, he can still go to the city where the university is located? Why should it be moved to?


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