I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 324

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 324

Chapter 324

Ethan looked at Maggie suspiciously, frowning, thinking about it for a long time and didn’t think of a reason.

Upon seeing this, Maggie suddenly guessed Ethan’s mind, she couldn’t help but smiled, and replied, “I know what you’re thinking. The reason why MR. Eric worked so hard is to move Absolute Business School to Buckeye. Naturally, he has his thoughts. You can’t guess it now, and I can’t guess it, but I think we will know MR. Eric’s purpose in the future, so Master Ethan doesn’t have to worry too much about other things.”

Maggie thought for a while, then continued to ask: “Then Master Ethan, what do you think about the transfer?”

Ethan suddenly stopped, frowning a little deeper, and looking at Maggie hesitantly: “Sister Maggie, I…I actually think it’s pretty good at Buckeye University. There is no need to transfer to that Absolute business. College, right? And my friends are here, I…”

Hearing Ethan’s remarks, Maggie certainly knew what he meant.

Ethan might really not let go of his friends, but the most important thing is probably Linda.

Indeed, Ethan soon continued to ask: “Then Sister Maggie…Can she transfer to school together with Linda?”

Maggie knew that was the case. She hugged her arms and thought about it. Finally, she said, “This…I don’t know too much, but someone at Absolute Business School has their own rules and regulations. Those who can transfer in must have them at home. There are even hard targets for business, Linda, she…”

Maggie looked helpless, and shook her head silently. It was obvious that Ethan’s fire of hope had already been shot out.

Ethan sighed and asked confidently, “Then can I not go? Sister Maggie.”

Maggie felt a little upset when she heard this.

“Don’t go? Why don’t you go? Do you know how much effort MR. Eric took to get you into this school? If you can’t, don’t go?”

Ethan didn’t expect Maggie to be so disgusted, but he didn’t mean to retreat, and said seriously: “Sister Maggie, well, I will tell the truth. If Linda can’t go, I won’t go. !”

Maggie was almost pissed off by these words, and immediately turned her head again, her face pale.

“Can you not be so arbitrary? Do you know how much it took MR. Eric to get the other party? If you don’t say a word, it will be over? You are betraying MR. Eric and you are not responsible for yourself! Ethan , You are going to be an indomitable man in the future, please don’t have such affection for children, okay? These things, in addition to misleading you and delaying you, can’t bring you anything!”

Maggie was obviously angry, and every time she spoke to Ethan in the past, her attitude was very respectful. It must be Master Ethan, but this time, she actually said Ethan’s name directly, which was obviously extremely unhappy!

Ethan could see it naturally, and also understood what Maggie said, but Ethan still couldn’t let Linda go.

If the two are in a group of schools, Ethan can take care of each other at any time, but if they are separated, something will happen, Ethan is afraid that he will not have time to rush over.

And to be honest, there is still some resistance to the unfamiliar environment of Absolute Business School.

Moreover, the rich second generation walked everywhere, Ethan really didn’t have much interest, and even a little disgusted.

On the contrary, Ethan likes the current feeling. When his group of poor brothers and sisters are together, they not only feel relaxed, but also feel free.

Ethan looked at Maggie and said firmly: “Sister Maggie, I already understand what I mean. If Linda can’t go, then I won’t go!”

After speaking, Ethan walked away quickly.

Maggie hammered the wall fiercely, gritted her teeth with hatred, if it weren’t because of her identity, she really wanted to drag Ethan over and beat her violently.

“Why are you so persistent? Why don’t you think about your future?” Maggie talked, and hurriedly followed.

Ethan and Maggie went downstairs, and after a while, Dave also hurried down.

He hurriedly looked around, and finally his eyes fell on Kieran Donovan, who had a blue nose and a swollen face.

At this moment, Dave couldn’t manage that much, so he rushed over and looked at his son with great concern: “Son, are you…are you alright? Is there any…”

Kieran Donovan pushed Dave away, took a mouthful, and spit out a mouthful of blood and a tooth.

I was pretending to be here, I’m fine, I haven’t been beaten to death, are you a little disappointed now?”

Dave was a little surprised when he saw that his son had only suffered some skin trauma, and he hadn’t hurt his muscles or bones. He was a little surprised at once, but then he was excited.

He didn’t care about Kieran Donovan’s attitude towards himself, hehe smirked and said, “No… it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

Of course Dave would not hate his son, but at this moment, he felt guilty for him.

But Kieran Donovan didn’t care about this. In his opinion, his bruised nose and swollen face were already the most serious punishment. Now that his unsuccessful father is still here, he feels a little disgusting!


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