I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 61

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  61 

Chapter 61

“Ha, | you know you are poor, | I don’t know what you steal, Tina came over and grabbed Ethan’s clothes. She scoffed, looking quite proud of herself. Ethan, surprised, turned his head and saw Tina’s fierce gaze.

… Why are you here? Ethan said, “What did you say just now? | I didn’t hear it clearly ” It was true that Ethan didn’t hear it clearly. Right now, he was still thinking about how he could send the gift to Linda. “Pretending to pretend, right?” Tina smiled proudly, “| I caught you stealing, now you want to deny it ? [‘Ethan, you’re so gross.’, ‘Ethan, you’re so gross.’] | I didn’t expect you to steal things after reaching Ocean City. Ha, now | I wonder how many cases you did at Buckeye! Ethan was completely confused by Tina’s words. He looked at Tina confusedly and quickly explained, “What … How… Why. ” Seeing that Ethan had no intention of confessing, Tina narrowed her eyes and reached into her pocket. She moved very fast and Ethan unconsciously stopped her. As a result, Tina grabbed a bottle of perfume and the other bottle fell directly to the ground. With a click, the perfume bottle broke directly and the perfume splashed all over the floor. Tina didn’t care much. She didn’t take perfume seriously. She thought it was just a cheap one worth dozens, hundreds at most, so she continued to tease Ethan. He held up the remaining bottle of perfume as if he were holding a trophy. [‘She yelled carelessly, “Come and see, everyone.’, ‘She yelled carelessly,” Come and see, everyone.’] | she caught a thief. Look, a grown man who was not ashamed of his action, stealing perfume. Two bottles! ” Tinas rooms suddenly silenced the store. Other customers gathered around and looked at Ethan. Apparently they did not know what had happened. “What happened? What? Caught a thief? ” People looked at Ethan with a frown, and some even started arguing quietly … “Oh, this kid really is a sassy. How could he steal things? What a humiliation … “Really? Why does a man steal perfume? “Ha, no need to ask. He must be poor and he couldn’t afford it, so he came to steal. Look at him, it doesn’t seem like he can afford the clothes either. | I don’t know if she also stole the clothes … ” The discussion in the crowds made Tina even happier. In her opinion, Ethan’s perfume theft was almost certain. quickly greeted the store staff and said with a smile, “Why are you still there? Can’t you see someone is robbing you? Hurry to catch him and send him straight to the police station! ” Tina was so cruel she couldn’t wait to see Ethan hit rock bottom.

Several staff members rushed. Looking at the perfume in Tina’s hand and the broken bottle on the floor of , they were shocked. The perfume, which was worth tens of thousands, was stolen and broken at that time. [‘That was not good.’, ‘That was not good.’] The few staff members looked at the manager who was not far away, with a pleading look. However, at this moment, the young manager was surprised by Tinas’ action. He was reconciling with Ethan, the rare type of big customer. Before he could think of a way to cheat with the boy, a vixen came up and framed him for shoplifting. [‘ The manager rushed.’, ‘ The manager rushed.’] “What the heck is going on?” Asked the manager. “Humph, what else is going on? Are you in charge here? Is this how you run your business? Someone is trying to rob you! “Tina scoffed. “I’m telling you, it’s all thanks to me today. Otherwise, this guy would steal these two perfume bottles now! ” The manager looked at Tina and then looked at the broken perfume on the floor. Of course, knew what was going on. But just as he was about to say something, he heard Tina keep talking. “Humph, I’m telling you, | You know this person too well, we are from the same university. He wasn’t a decent man before, and he’s still poor now. | I know this kind of scum will sooner or later do something disgusting because he can’t afford to live ” The more Tina said, the more excited she was. Finally, he put on a righteous look, as if he had actually contributed to this store. As she spoke, Tina grabbed Ethan by the neck like she was dragging a stray dog. I wanted to drag Ethan to a more crowded area so more people could see Ethan’s discomfort. But just when Tina was most proud of herself, someone suddenly pushed her. Tina was stunned and then saw that the manager was glaring at her. “Let it go. Stop or prepare to be stopped! “, The manager climbed to Tina. Tina was confused and said in a daze, “Hey, what are you doing? [‘You are the manager of this store, right?’, ‘You are the manager of this store, right?’] You can not see? | I caught a thief for you. [‘He’s a thief and almost made it.’, ‘He’s a thief and almost made it.’] Didn’t you see me holding the perfume you stole? ” Hearing this, the manager wanted to laugh, but he held back. With a proud expression, he said, “What are you talking about? [‘Catch the thief for me?’, ‘Catch the thief for me?’] | I advise you to speak nonsense, or you will be responsible for it! ” As he spoke, the manager stood directly between Ethan and Tina with an angry look. Tina was stunned by his expression. She quickly argued, “Hey, I’m trying to catch a thief for you. What is the attitude now? [‘Are they all idiots?’, ‘Are they all idiots?’] Why don’t you care about the thief and why are you yelling at me? ” Hearing Tinas curse, even if the manager had a good mindset, he was a bit uncomfortable. He snorted and said, “Humph, I warn you not to make any more unreasonable comments. This gentleman is our V-VIP. If you slander him again, be careful not to be rude to you! Hearing this, Tina was shocked, and then her anger was on the verge of exploding. He pointed Ethan and salad, “Excuse me? He? A VIP no, V- VIP? Don’t you have a brain? This guy is so poor that he can’t afford to eat. Do you think you are joking? ” Tina looked at the manager again and proudly said:” Also, I warn you that I am a member of your club, you’d better treat me better, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude! ” After Saying that, Tina pulled out her membership card and slapped her in front of the manager with a smug look,

In her opinion, her identity was already very clear when she had a membership card. He thought: “As long as I reveal my identity, the manager doesn’t dare bother me!” However, Tina was wrong. The membership card I was so proud of was worth shit to the manager. He just smiled, looked at Tinas’s membership card and continued to slander her, “Do you think this card gives you power over a global V-VIP? Well think again. ” Normally, if Tina were to show the membership card, the manager would definitely consider it highly. But today was different. Although Tina had a membership card in hand, the card was nothing 40 to 4 compared to the gold card in Ethan’s hand. In terms of importance status, Ethans’ gold card is worth almost 100 times more than Tinas! The manager was not stupid. To him, it was more than clear which customer was more Important. At that moment, Ethan, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke. He smiled, pointed to the bottle of perfume in Tinas’ hand and asked the manager: “Excuse me, am I a thief?” The manager smiled quickly and shook his head repeatedly. “Sir, you are really funny. How can you be a thief? This woman may be a little crazy. Don’t take it by force. | Will pack it for you right now! ” After saying that, the manager packed two bottles of perfume and handed them to Ethan respectfully. In the end, Ethan looked at Tina with a sneer on his face. After paying the bill, he directly pulled from the Chanel store. But looking at Ethan’s back, Tina was 50 angry that her teeth were almost crushed. Now, naturally, I knew that Ethan’s perfume had definitely not been stolen! However, in his opinion, even if Ethan’s two perfume bottles weren’t stolen, they weren’t far from high-end products either. The manager treated Ethan well when he bought only cheap perfume! Tina felt like he was crazy! Tina looked back at Ethan. At this moment, his dislike for Ethan had reached its peak! She looked down at the manager again and cursed him a thousand times in his heart ! “Hmph, honey, something’s wrong with people’s IQs in this sorry place. Let’s go. We are not buying here! ” After saying that, Tina took Chad’s arm and was ready to go. At the time, Chad’s heart was naturally a little sad. Originally, he wanted to see Ethan arrested for . As a result, he was not taken seriously and the manager treated Tina unpleasantly. Chad naturally had no intention of buying anymore. However, as they were about to leave, they suddenly heard the manager behind them yelling, “Wait a minute!” “What are you doing? What is the problem? Tina asked dismissively. The manager smiled and said, “Of course I have something to do. Do you want to leave like this? Don’t you forget something? ” Hearing this, Tina and Chad looked at each other in surprise and asked,” What? What is that? [‘We don’t buy anything here.’, ‘We don’t buy anything here.’] Can’t we just leave without shopping? Are you forcing us to buy things? ” The manager smiled quickly, pointed to the broken perfume bottle on the floor and said,” Of course you didn’t buy anything, but you break it, you pay! Hearing these words, Tina and Chad suddenly understood. But at this point, they had become increasingly disgusted with Chanel and even the manager! “Why should we make up for it?” Chad did not immediately agree. She snorted and said, “It’s not us who broke it. It’s all because that stupid Ethan didn’t catch him firmly, he fell to the ground and broke. If you want compensation, you can go get it! ” ” We have a security camera here, that gentleman was shopping at the time. If you don’t interrupt without a 40 to 4 reason, the bottle would be intact, so it’s your fault! “The manager smiled and said,” So, you have to pay. ” The manager finally said,” Of course, you can also decline compensation, but in that case, | will find the police! But at that time, his crime would be to smear our V-VIP and disrupt our business. | I really don’t know what will happen! ” As soon as Tina heard the police, she panicked. Also, the manager seemed so confident and reasonable , . He glared at the manager and then looked at Chad with enthusiasm. “Honey… only págale. [‘We should not fight such a low life.’, ‘We should not fight such a low life.’] It’s so annoying! ” With a look of contempt, Tina continued,” Hmph, it’s just a bottle of cheap perfume. They really take as their precious. Let’s save ourselves the trouble, just pay. Chad was also a bit angry. He snorted, “Well, don’t be wordy. Just tell me how much perfume cost that poor guy. I’ll pay you double. Just cut the shit. I’m really upset with people like you, myopic scum. [‘You dare to treat that scum on us.’, ‘You dare to treat that scum on us.’] You seem to have some IQ issues! ” Hearing Chad’s humiliating words, the manager didn’t seem to be angry. Instead, he just smiled : “You don’t need to pay double, just cover the market price. That bottle of perfume is worth $ 40 to $ 58,000. “

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