I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 62


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  62

Chapter 62

“How Much? Fifty-eight thousand? Are you yelling at me, “Are you yelling at me?” Tinas’ brain was completely blank in the manager’s words and her face was full of horror. Also, even Chad, who had a large family with a large business, was amazed when he heard the price. They both looked at each other and couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Tina is even more reluctant to believe those wards “huh, | think you just want to blackmail us , don’t you? Wait a minute … Are you setting me up? Conspired with that man Ethan to establish me?

Thinking of this, Tina really feels that there is such a possibility. After all, if this is not the case, why would Ethan come here? Chad shrugged his lips and said, “Yes, | think you are playing with us. | Warning, don’t mess with me . | There are people in the Ocean City. Believe it or not, ask the authorities to investigate. “I will tell you the truth. | get to know this guy. It’s cashless. Do you think it can afford fifty-eight thousand perfumes? Are you kicking me? Chad completes his words, he and Tina look at each other and smile. They didn’t take what the controller was seriously about. In their eyes, this manager seems to be deliberately looking for trouble today. He wanted to make things difficult for them and blackmail them. If the manager insists on demanding compensation, Chad will kill him, , after all, 58,000 is not a small sum. No one can force Chad to pay. But at this point, the manager looked pretty serious. He could have said that these two guys don’t want to pay at all! That’s why he didn’t have to be polite. The manager brought the product list over and slapped it in front of Tina. He truly said, “Believe me or not, you can see for yourself.” And you can also check out the official Chanels website for the price. If there is a price difference then | will compensate myself ’ After the break, the manager continued. “See for yourself. The price is there. You have to pay for your bankruptcy. Don’t let me hang in here, or things will get really bad ” Her words were full of threats, Tina looked at Chad hesitantly. Soon, they both took a cellphone and clicked on the perfume catalog. No doubt the two went inside dead when they saw the price. ‘No … Is it really fifty-eight thousand? “Tina s stayed. ‘No … impossible. How can a poor man buy this kind of thing? Tens of thousands, Im f * cking … ” As they watched their shocking demeanor, the manager thought it was funny. Both men had a negative impact from the beginning. As soon as they entered the door, they started scolding Ethan and mocking how poor he was, just like cum me! They are a pair of rich men! but now? In a blink of an eye, the so-called “poor kid” bought two bottles of 58k perfume all together, with a Chanels global v-VIP card! However, they both were hesitant to pay for what they broke. The manager has no intention of caring about Tina and Chad’s ideas. She was wearing a dark face and mocked Tina, “Ha, have you ever seen that you are funny and funny? The guy in just doesn’t want to argue with you. But you two keep barking, do you like it? ” The manager pointed to the broken perfume bottle on the ground and said coldly:” | Dante wants to chat with you . Pay fast.” This time Tina and Chad are completely speechless. In the end the price was clearly showing the on the official website. The manager was not lying at all. Tina looked up at her boyfriend and asked in a soft voice “Then … Honey, what should we do? At this time, Chad is on the verge of death! He just came to the mall with his girlfriend and wanted to have some fun here. But now out of his hopes, before he could buy anything, he had fifty-eight thousand left! Chad is happy for Tina’s anger, anger for this woman has come from somewhere else. What else can it do? There weren’t many more choices than paying now because he claimed to pay in the first place! Otherwise it can be a real pain in a** if they really call the police. More importantly, if his parents heard this news by accident in Buckeye, Chad would find himself in a deeper predicament for ! Chad couldn’t help but sighed. He turned and smiled at the manager. “Hey buddy… look … Now, my girlfriend by no means do that. He accidentally read it. Do you have a discount on that? Can you give me a for half the price? ” Tina heard this and suddenly cried out and said,” Yes, sir, it is not worth a little perfume like that, it costs fifty thousand. It is very expensive. Not the full price. We really … ” Tina was so upset she was about to cry. At first, he was very excited when he came here today. She earned more than 20,000 on errand shopping. Because of this money, she was able to buy a lot of cosmetics. But out of her expectation, her happy hour did not last. Now she owes 58,000, , losing 20k and having to pay the rest. But the manager ignored their expressions and seriously refused. Are you just saying that perfume is not a problem? You even promised to pay twice the price, you don’t remember? Now, Im just asking what it should pay, and you say you can not it? ” The leader makes a point. Chad blushed awkwardly, and he lowered his head to try to hide himself. “That… It’s just that I speak like a fool. Please forget my crazy talk. I regret it now, okay? ” Chad said, “Please let us go this time.” Cut some of it, you know, all managers can provide a discount of 41 to right? We do not want to do it next time! Speaking of The leader smiled, smoked and looked at him. Then, he threw it directly into the trash can on the side, “This low-end item? How dare you offer it to others? Don’t bother, leave it to ” Actually, the cigarettes handed over by Chad are not cheap. It was a high-quality cigarette worth tens or even hundreds of per pack. The manager said and doing so, was to get some dignity back that he had lost . He grinned, then continued: “But… in fact, can give you a discount. Well, how about I cut 8 grand of the price. You pay 50k even at the counter. Then solve it. Now if you avoid i, | need to be with other customers ” After that, the boss went out with the sandals trader. On the other hand, Chad is so angry that he almost avenges his blood! “50 guys? Are you f * cking with me, old fart? ” Chad yelled fiercely at the manager, barely holding back his anger, and swallowing back the cursed wards . After all, this was Ocean City, and it wasn’t around. If this was a Buckeye, Chad would definitely not take it easy. However, in this place, he could only take this shame. He gritted his teeth and said coldly, “Well, you are good. | You will remember this.” Five minutes later, gloomy Chad ran out of the Chanel store. Tina hurriedly followed him to and shouted, “Hello, wait … walt for me? ” Chad stopped abruptly and pointed to Tina, shouting,” What to be brave, Tina? You are really something . You spent half my money! Don’t you know that | have only a hundred G in my hand ? This is my only pocket money. My parents won’t give me another dime! Tina was scared, and her eyes suddenly turned red. She murmured while crying, “How … How did you do it? Do you know that perfume is too expensive? If | know, | you would not dare touch it even if you were forcing me. Wow… ” ” Wow… all you know is shout to me, If you have the courage, why do you struggle with a good voice Ethan? Hearing Tinas’ words, Chad also sighed. He shook his head quietly and said in a low voice, “You’re right. | I really don’t know if this poor f * ck suddenly became rich. | I mean, where did this money come from? He actually bought two high-end perfumes at once. Does he win lottery? ” ‘Humph, how could it be possible!” Tina wiped her tears and said, “How could that fcker be so lucky ? Definitely not his money! ” Chad also nodded | n cowardly and murmured:” Then what really happens? ” As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Tinas’ eyes widen and he said happily, , | remember!”


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