I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 63

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  63 

Chapter 63

“What do you remember?” Chad asked confused. Tina suddenly seemed to be in a much better mood. She smiled, “Honey, know where the idiot money comes from!” “Where?” “Hey, do you remember in the group chat, someone asked the fool to run errands?” Tina said, ” | Guess, the perfume is for that person, otherwise, how could a fool have money to buy such an expensive perfume for himself? Also, what does he need perfume for? “ Chad suddenly realized what Tinas said. He couldn’t help but joking, curling his lips. “Haha, that’s all. | think this idiot really got rich. | do not expect it to use someone else’s money to disclose. Haha, its fucking interesting. This fool is really something. His even pretended to like buying it himself! ” ” Yes, this idiot is disgusting! “Tina said angrily: “Today, all because of him, we lost money. Honey, we have to pay him! “ Chad kept nodding at the girls’ words. He hates Ethan even more. According to the Chads character, even if Tina doesn’t speak it will never let go of Ethan. After all, Ethan’s made him suffer a great loss this time. The luxury perfume cost a lot, but Ethan didn’t spend his money on it. Tina and Chad felt much better when they reached this conclusion. after all, Ethan was No.1 on their to-do list. If this kind of person suddenly became equally rich, or was better than them, it was much more painful than spending 50,000 dollars for ! The

Chad felt much better at this time. He quickly hugged Tina again and laughed. “Well, let’s forget about the problem today. Ethan is an idiot. We will have a lot of time to play with him in the future. Cia mus. Now | Take you to Big Brook Feast! Tina hit a b with fake blush, punched Chad lightly on the chest, and said dissatisfied: “Huh, were you complaining about just now?” Vwm, | wont go .. ” Chad giggled and teased, ‘Really? You’re not going? Then I’ll go on my own. Do you know that restaurant is high-end? Haha, it seems you don’t really have that luck! ” After the talk, Chad turned around and was about to leave, and Tina suddenly became anxious. He quickly followed and said arrogantly, “Hum, how dare you go alone? You have to apologize to me , then | thinking about it. Besides, the restaurant’s name sounds lame. | guess it does not seem very high. Why are we going there? | I heard there was a lot of delicious food all over the Bay area ” After Tinas words, Chad pursed his lip and smiled. “What do you know? The Grand Brook is a famous high-end restaurant around Ocean City. Even across the country, it is still a well-known venue. The demand is good, and all kinds of facilities are the best, All ingredients are the best, the cost of food is at least tens of thousands. If you are a that you call this lame, please tell me what is not lame. “ i Tinas’ eyes suddenly widened as Chads said it. Although she didn’t know what was good about this restaurant, she trusted Chat. This guy was a rich family he had been enjoying gourmet since he was a kid, When he claimed this was a good place, then it was a good place. Tina noticed quickly and said in a bad voice, “Well, well, | know | is wrong. Dear, let it go. When we have dinner, | have to take a few more pictures and send them to a class chat to make them envy these b * tches. Hum, see how dare they present to me when they go to Nine Dragon. Speaking of which, two of them went straight out of the store, took a taxi, and went straight to Grand Brook. Sitting in a vacant lot in the Bay Area, Grand Brook looks like another two-story home, with plenty of space on the outside. But the rent here alone can pay you $1 million per year. This is an old building from 100 years ago with all kinds of furniture and facilities inside, some of which are more valuable than antiques. For this reason, dining in Grand Brook has become a top class privilege. The seats are always not available, and they are for budget only. Yet rich people rushed to this place, only to enjoy the nobility and luxury. Tina and Chad got out of the car. Looking at the two-story building in front of them, Tina couldn’t help the get excited. Because she’s heard many stories about this restaurant from Chad along the way. The most interesting story is the possibility of meeting with celebrities here. Tina even fantasized how amazing it would be, if she could meet one or two of them later. However, the moment when their opponents arrived at the door, Tinas’ hopes were met reality. As polite as she could be, the girl waited at the door stopping them with a smile on her face , “I’m sorry. All seats reserved. I’ll be with you soon. Tina was depressed and impatient, she sighed and asked, “What’s wrong with your restaurant?” We’ve come all the way here, now you’re telling me we don’t even deserve to be served ? Humph, why do not you increase the capacity? Where did you spend the money you raised from the customers? ” Tinas’ brainless speech almost made the waitress laugh out loud. ‘This place is expensive just because it’s so rare, If we increase capacity, that means anyone, including low lives so you could enjoy our service. Then where’s the luxury of the Grand Brook? ” Agent did not respond to Tinas inquiries. He just smiled and said, “I’m really sorry. Please wait. ’ Tina flew over and looked at Chad.
Chad also sighed and stretched out his hand to look inside. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He pointed to a table near the window, “What are you talking about? Isn’t that always a chair on top of it? Your better be honest? Whether you are satisfied or not, I will complain to you! Hearing the news from Chad’s ward, Tina stretched her neck and hurriedly looked at the table. Suddenly, she saw the board and immediately grabbed it. “Yes, what’s wrong with you?” You know how you do things on purpose, do you know? No table for us? That is our table. Do you think we are blind? Tina continued to stretch ‘s neck and shouted: “Hurry up, we must sit there! | “I think the seat looks good! When they were chatting, Tina was pulling Chad and was about to rush in, But when the waitress saw this, she quickly stopped and said nervously, “No, no, no, I It’s . I’m so sorry. That chair is different from the guest. You two can’t sit there! At this time, Tina even went crazy. He had a bad time at the Chanels store in the past, now which is at this restaurant, he was not allowed to enter, when there was an invisible door. she won’t accept it. “What the hell is a noble guest? Was here. Were your quests notable. Let us at fast. When your guest comes, we will recommend him or her elsewhere! Tina said proudly. But she was so absurd that it completely annoyed the waitress. Instead of stopping Tina and Chad, she muttered indignantly, “Well, you can take that top table, The wooden table and chairs are antique objects made from fahogani. The screen on the side has a history of more than one hundred years. Even if you don’t eat anything, you have to pay 30 grand in advance! If you can pay the deposit, then you will be served! ” The waitress’s eyes measured Tina and Chad with a smile. She is pretty sure Tina is never a rich girl in her quality. She could not afford to spend 30 thousand dollars on the table. After that, the waitress screamed again: “I’m sorry if you still want to break into without paying a deposit. I’ll call the police!” Tina and Chad were already hesitant. Deposit number. Now that caregiver has spoken to police, the two have always been terrified. Both Tina and Chad are in such a bad mood now that they have to go through the same ordeal as . Chad looked at Tina, “Hmph, lets go. In my opinion | I don’t want to eat anymore in this shit hole !” Tina hesitated a bit, but turned her head to see the familiar figure approaching.

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