I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 64

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  64

 Chapter 64

The one who just got out of the taxi was none but Ethan. He is still standing, raising his head, and looking at the wire mesh. Initially, Tina was a little unhappy when she heard that Chad was leaving. Eventually on the way here, Chad was full of high praise for this place, so Tina wanted to check out the . And now Chad tells them to leave. Naturally Tina was very upset. Now seeing Ethan again, Tina became angry. When the idea of a broken perfume bottle came up, the anger got stronger. Ethan walked to the door just then. When he looked up and saw Tina and Chad, he was also surprised . Surprisingly, Tina walks faster and scolds Ethan. “What the hell do you want to do? A mad fool, he said stop my enemy! You denied it before, and now you’re still stalking me? ” Ethan was stunned. He looked at Tina in amazement and anger, “When | did you follow? Tina, don’t say nonsense. Why should | follow you Who do you think you are? ” Tina felt a little irritated by Ethans word. She scalded him angrily, raised her hand, and replaced him again about , “Do you dare to fuck your mouth? Now Ive caught you on the spot! Humph, who knows what you are too? You are a pervert. If you do anything weird, it won’t surprise me! Ethan was also irritated by Tinas’s words. He grabbed Tinas’s wrist before he was hit. In the difficult tone of he replied, “Tina, | suggest you act normal and stop being a crazy person. | warn you, | has no time for stalking you. It ‘s just a coincidence | see you here. | m here for lunch! ” Ethan shook Tinas’s hand, which made her scream in pain, but she seemed a little surprised ! Because this was Ethan’s first time facing him. As long as they were together before, Ethan remained obedient, no matter what his reasons were. But now, he dare to put his hand on her? But Ethans’s words make Chad, who stands side by side, burst into laughter.

“What? Ever | feel it wrong? Chad said, “You, here for dinner? Who are you kidding? Take a look at yourself, do you think you are qualified to show off here? Open your eyes and get a good view . This is Grand Brook! Not some random dining space_ From Chads ‘scene paint, Ethans’ presence here could be anything but to eat. After all, Ethan was well aware of his ordeal. For this Grand Brook Restaurant, it would cost over ten thousand for just one meal. How can Ethan afford and even know this place? Tina regained her senses and smiled and said, “Ha, that’s right. Ethan, stop pretending. We all know that you buy that expensive perfume with someone else’s money. Do you think we don’t know you show off? We see rights from you. There is no point in pretending before us. Allows us to get to the point. What are you doing here? Ethan looked at the two idiots and could not help but sigh. He said helplessly. “I don’t believe that. Please get out Chad smiled politely and really made way for Ethan. He said, “Well, you are here for dinner . Go first. Do you see it? There is a great table there. You can sit there, for ha … ” Of course Chad knew. The waitress just said that the table is reserved for the distinguished guests. Chad couldn’t get that board by begging, so he thought Ethan would face a huge embarrassment of , Besides, even if Ethan didn’t have enough money, he would still be faking it. After all, he has participated in games at Buckeye many times. Chad thought happily, “Showtime. Now he will humiliate her. ” Leave the dedicated table alone, even if it’s just simple, Ethan can’t stand it. However, Ethan doesn’t seem to care what Chad says. He looked at Chad and Tina indifferently, without any expression on his face, and went straight to the waitress. But, what he did was Chad laughed again. “Hello, | get a reservation here, ‘Ethan said quietly to the waiter. The waitress did not judge Ethan by his expression. He also respected Ethan and spoke respectfully, “Of course father, in what name?”

“My name is Humphrey” The waiter searched the directory quickly, then embarrassed, “Im sorry, Mr. Humphrey, but | did not see the reservation in the name That! Ethan is a little surprised and disappointed at the word waltresss. Chad burst into laughter, pointing to Ethan and saying, “Hahaha… what a joke. Ethan, don’t you feel ashamed? You can do nothing but share. What is that? Tina chuckled, covering her mouth with her hand, and boasting, “Ho ho, it ‘s not good. That’s a shame! Did you reserve a table? Why don’t you tell me that yours is the one that booked the table at in the window? ” Because of the insults of the two idiots, Ethan took out his cell phone to call Maggie. Now he seemed to remember. Ethan told the waitress, “Well, I may have given the wrong information. Are there any notes on Maggie Hill that have written on the table? Ethan gave him the Maggies phone for details. The food reviewer. Meanwhile, Chad and Tina never took Ethans seriously. They felt that Ethan was just trying to stay put. Because Ethan was clearly humiliated big time! However, just as the two of them were laughing happily, the waitress suddenly showed a bright smile and said, “Ah, | found her. Maggie, Miss Hill, let’s go. Please go with me! Ethan sucks a bit. Then he smiled and followed. At this moment, Chad and Tina, upon hearing the news, were astounded and bright, like a lightning bolt . Their expressions looked funny. “This … What the hell is going on? “Chad muttered surprisingly. What happened next was a surprise even to , for him temporarily losing his ability to speak. Fany because the waiter was holding Ethan at the table in the window, with a sign that read: Honored search, and he removed the card after Ethan sat down. “What the hell?” Said Tina, who was also speechless. She stared at Ethan blankly, her face blank but full of jealousy. He whispered, ‘His mistake is to make a mistake. This time, Ethan, sitting at the window, happens to turn at them with a smiley face at contempt! “D * mnn it! Who … Who can tell me what’s going on? “Chad was furious. Seeing the waitress come back, he hurried up to her and shouted at her, “Are you pulling me? Can you bring a man to that? Didn’t you say that it was a glorious pursuit? ” ” That’s right! “Tina was jealous. She said, “I think you did it on purpose.” This guy is poor f * ck, why did you put him there and let us wait? Humph, Im going to talk to your boss ! ” The waitress thought Chad and Tina were ridiculous, but her appearance was plain and quiet. “Poor man? You two are more like begging now! “You can only yell at me!” However, the waitress did not say these words verbally. He had just expressed his dissatisfaction with with a cold look and a fake smile, “| do not see poor men, | just invited a distinguished foreigner who paid 100 bucks for a reservation” Chad and Tina, in numbers! “100G? How is that possible? It doesn’t sound like what Ethans is doing! “ But what they didn’t know was that Maggie had already prepared everything before Ethan came here. Chad and Tina believed Ethan was buying perfume for someone else. However, what happened now confused them! And at this time, in the heart of Tinas, the tide of jealousy was almost rising to a huge wave. She gritted her teeth and stared at Ethan, who was sitting upright inside. She is both confused and unconvinced at ! Why is such a poor person sitting here? What did it go through? It could be …


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