I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 65


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  65

Chapter 65

“So, did he really win the lottery?” Tina murmured and looked at Chad. Chad also could not detect what was happening, and was not convinced at all. But it doesn’t matter if he is convinced or not. Ethan actually sat there. He couldn’t do anything about it. “D * mn it!” Chad sighed and tried to tell Tina, “As long as this idiot is here, | he can no longer eat , letting him go somewhere else.” Tina wants to follow her advice, If Chad canceled the dinner before they arrived, that would not be a big deal. She’s been here at and has been an idiot for so long, so someone will soon finish eating and will leave. “Maybe they will have a free table then? Maybe they will stay then? ” Tina looked at Ethan again. Now they are already serving dishes for Ethan. A waiter brought a beautiful plate to in front of Ethan. The steak looks tender. As for Ethan, he looked at her again, with a hard laugh, He had been insulted by him! Meanwhile, Tina is exploding.

She suddenly shook Chads’ arm and blushed. “No, I will eat here today. Have you seen that? Just a fool really showed off to me Who do you think he is? D * mn! Na Except today, will not be eaten anywhere here! Tina was very angry, and her thoughts were about to explode because of jealousy. He looked at Chad and continued: “I will not only stop eating here, but | eat better than this fool too. | does not want to lose it! Haney … ” As she spoke, Tina looked at Chad kindly, but her eyes were full of anger. Hearing this, Chad rushed, “It doesn’t matter if we eat here, but compare to Ethan?” This was just a joke. Ethan has already paid 100 G deposit, And every Chad has paid for the whole route. But in the cosmetics store, they have already shined on that damn perfume58. Chad had no chance to beat Ethan financially. Chad sighed at Tina, who was dizzy in anger. “Forget that! Let’s just get out of here!” Chad knew well that Tina would definitely compete with Ethan if they decided to dine here. But in the end, he was the one who paid the bills. He tried to take Tina, but Tina was berserk. She pushed him out and shouted. “Are you a man? Let me tell you this, I’m going to eat here today, no matter what. You want to go, you go ! “ Chad, stimulated by Tinas’ words, raised his palm and struck Tinas’ face straight. “I am you, do you want to go out, are you not there?” Chad pointed to Tina and cursed, ” is what you want to do, I am leaving here! | No time to serve you! said After that, Chad was furious. Tina was so angry that she stomped her feet, pointing and shouting at Chads back, trying to get him back . But it didn’t slow him down. Tina even went crazy. Looking around, he found himself at the center of people’s attention, subjects of their gibberish, and the source of their mockery. Indeed, he was the one who shouted out of the “misery” of Ethan at that time. But what’s new? Ethan was sitting at the fancy table, she was rejected and her boyfriend ran away. What a f * cking defeated! And all this because of Ethan! This time Tina was about to kill Ethan! He stared at Ethan, shooting his eyes.

However, Ethan doesn’t seem to take it seriously. He enjoys the show calmly, occasionally taking a bite of a meal at . Tina is angry, she doesn’t care about it anymore. He walked directly toward Ethan unexpectedly. “You are laughing at me, are you?” Tina walked up to Ethan and pointed at him and asked, ” made me joke for me. Are so many people happy?” Actually, Ethan sees Tina now Feeling better at that time. After all, Tina was really cheating on him. At that time she didn’t care about his feelings at all. Ethan said with a slight smile. Oh, just kidding, thought you were here for dinner? Your seat? with… Wheres Chad? Ethan deliberately embarrassed her by asking questions she already knew the answer to! Tina was furious. She glared at Ethan and pushed down the steak plate in front of Ethan, along with two plates. Ping! Pong! bang! For a while, the whole restaurant has been quiet! “Eat? Do this! “Tina spit on Ethan angrily, then swelled up and was about to leave! If she couldn’t eat well, Ethan couldn’t see either! The looked much better as the plate fell to the ground. But Tina has not been satisfied for a long time. She just turned and walked two steps, but was suddenly stopped by someone. The person who stopped him was a handsome young man in his twenties. The young man was wearing a decent black suit. At this point, he looked at Tina seriously and said , “Wait a minute! ‘ Tina couldn’t help frowning and yelling,” What’s the matter? If you don’t want me to eat here, Ill just leave ‘ The guy was the main waiter. When he heard Tinas speak, he sneezed and said, “Yes. You are free to travel, but only after you have paid the two bills. Please. Hearing this, Tina was stunned and exclaimed, “Oh by not coming back! Not coming back! The table is that c * sword! The man carrying the food laughed. smiled slightly, kept shaking his head, and continued, “Please do not do well, okay? It is true that a good sir dinner here, but you are a wha hit grid, So, please leave after paying for it, or we will call the police! As soon as Tina heard the police, she was almost angry. She pointed to the foreman at and shouted angrily: “B, you only know that you should call the police! What happened to your people? Do you think the police work for you? Do you think | Are you afraid? “ She said so, but Tina still felt guilty. If Chad were here, he would want to cause trouble. But now that Chad has run away, it wasn’t good for her to make things too unmanageable. “If I were caught, I would d * # mned- And Tina was still afraid of the police station. He hated heavily, looked at the main server, and said in contempt, “What kind of attitude! Best restaurant in Ocean City? What is your best call? Take a look at you, forcing customers to pay for two plates, I hope you can close the door as soon as possible! ’ Tina casually took out a hundred bills from her wallet and threw them on the man’s face. She cursed , “You poor man, keep the changes. Humph … ” After saying that, Tina turned to leave him. He thought to himself, “This restaurant is really healthy. | Even had to pay for breaking the plate. | will never come to such a shabby place again.” But as Tina moved forward, she was stopped by the chief waiter. As professional as he was, the man was still very young. He was very upset with the current Tinas gesture, He spied and took the $ 100 off the ground, then handed it over to Tina, with a finger. A contemptuous smile. “Hey, are you kicking me? like this? Do you think you can actually walk like this?” Tina passed out again. She curled her lips and said discontentedly, “Then what more do you need?” I’ll buy that cheap plate for $3 at the market. $ 5 saum toy. For a hundred dollars you can buy a full pack of . If that doesn’t settle it, what else do you want? ” The server sniffed and left the cash. He was bitten and the bill fell softly on Tinas ‘s face. Then the foreman said: “5 dollars? For such a plate? In your dreams! Its Blue and White Blade! From Jingdezhen! More than fifty years old! “

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