I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 71


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  71
Chapter 71 

 Ethan set Elle on the way to Joanna. 

 However, Elle has always troubled Ethan. So Ethan finally decided. 

 Looking down at Elle, Ethan wanted to show her who the joke was in front of everyone. 


 Ethan thought Maggie would come in person after calling. He will then use this 

 time to explain any past misunderstandings. 


 But, as soon as Ethan called the number, Joanna grabbed his cell phone. 

 Joanna is angry. She put the phone in her pocket. 


 Gaga i Ethan … 


 “Joanna, you…” Ethan looked at Joanna confused. 


 Joanna sighed. He looked at Ethan and Elle shyly, and then he said, “Why are you 

? Do you see me as your friend? Why do you have to fight? Do you think 

 is funny? ”


 Joanna continued,” I said this last time. If you consider me a real friend, please respect me 

, especially you Elle. | Don’t you understand what Ethan did to you? Why don’t you look at 

 for it? When you raise other people’s short points, think too which of yourself! “


 Elle was embarrassed by Joannas’s words. He screamed and turned his head. 

 Then Joanna turned to Ethan but sighed not knowing anything. 


 Joanna thinks Ethan had a baby that day. 


 Why did Ethan fall into the trap of Elle and Carls and want to make the phone call? 


 Joanna didn’t think Ethan could call anyone. In his mind, Ethan knew only a few people, 

 and they were almost all in the room. 


 Joanna believes that in order to defend her ego, Ethan tried to call a random classmate through luck. 


 But what’s the use? That person wouldn’t even want to talk to Ethan, let alone 

 send presents. 


 Joanna hated Ethan for being so childish. 


 She helped Ethan handle the same mistakes over and over again. But why couldn’t Ethan 

 learn to stop defending his ego? 


 After Joanna took away her cellphone, Ethan was very embarrassed! 


 Joannas ‘action was out of blue, and she already has Ethans’ phone before she can respond. 

 Ethan will ask Joanna to return her phone. 


 However, Ethan gave up the idea after hearing Joannas’s words. 


 Joanna had been kind to Ethan. At this moment, Joanna is still lying in the hospital bed. This time, Ethan 

 wanted to lay down her pride for Joanna. 


 Ethan just couldn’t stand the behaviors of Elle and her boyfriend. 


 For a moment, Ethan came up with an idea. She remembers buying two 

 perfumes, one of which was for Joanna. 

 Is the 

 handle on the 

 Thinking about this, Ethan thought with a smile on his face. “Of course | I brought a 

 gift! And it’s 100 times more valuable than the fruit Elle brought!” 


 Ethan smiled at Joanna as she looked through her backpack. “Joanna, sorry. | Almost forgot 

 | Your gift!” 


 After hearing Ethans, both Elle and Joanna were surprised. 

 “Do you have a present?” 


 “Yes” smiling and heresy salad, “| Was in Ocean City. Some of my 

 classmates asked me to buy makeup for them. Ka | bought Chanel perfume on the way! “


 Upon hearing the name Chanel, everyone in the room opened their eyes. 


 Chanel is a French high fashion house. Their perfume is unique in the world. Any 

 of their luxury items are very expensive. 


 Hearing the news that Ethan brought Chanel to Joanna, her family was very excited. 

 Even when Elle heard the name Chanel from Ethan, she was shocked. 


 But all of a sudden, Elles’ face changed. She sneezes and salads, “You’re really good at 

 bullsh * t. Did you bring Joanna Chanel perfume? Why do you say you buy bottled honey? “


 Ethan’s relatives did not know Ethan, so they were confused when they heard Elles’ words. 


 Elle smiled and said, “Women and men, do not think of this person. You do not know how poor 

 this man is. My nephew feeds him now, can he buy Chanel perfume? 

 No one believes his lies. 


 Elle glared at Ethan. She didn’t believe Ethans’ words, and when his words proved to be a lie, she expected Ethan to be a 



 Carl added: “Yes, you may not know. My mom uses Chanel. He told me that 

 makeup is real, you can buy a set for hundreds of dollars. But their perfume is very famous. 

 Any of their perfume will cost more than ten thousand dollars. Do you think people like 

 Ethan can handle it? 


 Hearing their words, Joannas’ relatives cried out. 

 Everyone smiles. 

 “Listen to what the rich child just said. Maybe someone else is lying.” 


 “The cheapest one is over $10,000. Did he buy our Joanna a fake one? In this case in 

 | Do not trust this person. 


 “Probably a bull” ting. Maybe he bought a fake Chanel to cheat Joanna. But he didn’t expect his 

 Elles boyfriend to know nostalgia and expose him.” 


 Elle laughed briskly when he saw that all of Joannas relatives believed their words. She wanted to watch Ethan’s 

 get humiliated. 


 But at this time, Ethan did not pay too much attention to all the questions. 


 He smiled and thought to himself, “Talk as you want. Ill close you with the real place ”

” Elle, You think you’re so dangerous because you brought some beautiful fruit? 


 “” Well, Ill make you feel ashamed of yourself! 


 Compared with a bottle of Chanel perfume, its fruits are nothing different. 


 Ethan searched for a while and took a refined box from his back. 





 The box was not the same size as the palm. It had an iconic Chanel design with its logo in the middle. 


 The moment Ethan brings aut box of perfume, Elle is disappointed. She didn’t think Ethan 

 could pull anything out. 


 In terms of the beauty of the box, it looks like a real Chanel design. Could it be 

 that a real Chanel perfume is in the box. 


 Joannas’s relatives were all amazed to see Chanel perfumes. 

 Looking at everyone’s reaction, Ethan said to Elle, “Do you believe me now?” 


 Hearing this, Elle said badly, “Who knew it was real or fake perfume? A 

 beautiful box said nothing! “


” Still don’t believe me? You can check the serial number,’ Ethan said. Charles smiled as he saw Ethan take the 


 perfume box. He walked over to Ethan and said, “Ethan, this guy! You must have spent a lot on this thing!” 


 Ethan smiled. He handed the box to Joanna and said, “Fifty-eight thousand!” 

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