I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 73


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  73
Section 73 


 “Look, Joanna, someone has changed the real perfume. But look at this one. This is the real perfume of 



 Ethan excitedly handed the perfume box to Joanna. It is expected that 

 senses will be removed. 


 It would calm the people in the room. 


 There was not only the real perfume in the box but also the receipt and certificates for the two 

 perfume bottles. Both pieces of paperwork could be checked. So as long as people can watch 

, all misunderstandings will be cleared! 


 ‘Joanna, let me see. He’s jealous of what he gives you this time? Elle said with a 

 hole smile. 


 Joannas relatives also laughed at Ethan. 

 None of them believed Ethan could provide anything of value. 


 Probably another bottle of cheap perfume from the street market that’s a little more expensive 

 than the last one. 


 Everyone in the room looked down on Ethan. 


 leaked on everyone’s face, Ethans had an expectant face, and Joanna felt very uncomfortable. 


 She wanted to help Ethan but did not know how, 


 Joanna knew that if she allowed the situation to escalate further, her harassment of Ethan would reduce 

 of those peaples. 


 Joanna felt guilty for Ethan. For Joanna Ethan had become absorbed in this 



 Tears flowed out of Joannas’ eyes. She snatched the perfume box from Ethans and held it 

 in her arms without opening it. 


 Ethan was shocked by Joanna’s actions! 

 “Why are you holding it? Open it and have a look! “

 Ethan smiled and said quickly,” Joanna, take a look! Tell them what’s in the box! “


 Hearing Ethans’s words, Joanna whispered,” Stop it, Ethan. What went wrong with you? Do you feel like a good 

 is being laughed at? “


 Joannas’s feelings for Ethan were complicated! 

 She didn’t understand why Ethan would behave this way. 


 ‘Joanna, he asked you to tell us what’s in the box. Why are you holding it? Fast! I have never seen such a 

 thing in a bottle of fifty-eight thousand perfumes! Elle laughed and said to Joanna 

, “You want to be as confident as Ethan. Now see what kind of person he really is? “The words of 


 Elles sparked another debate among Joanna’s relatives. 


 ‘Joanna, Eller is right. Show us what’s in the box? What if it was a real bottle of fifty-eight thousand-40-4 dollars? Haha… “


” to hell with fifty eight thousand dollars! That was a good joke! Why are you still here? go away! “

 Hearing all the insults from her relatives, Joanna was devastated. 


 Because of Elle, Joannas’s families treated Ethan horribly. 


 Everyone started attacking Ethan. Eller is very happy with her achievement. 


 “Some friends | “There is!” Joanna laughed at this thought. 


 ‘Are you satisfied now? Everyone is by your side. Should I be very happy?” Joanna told Elle Caldly 

. She said, “You want to see Ethan and I shy in public. You should be 

 off my face. You are no longer my friend.” 


 Joanna turned her head and sat down in bed. He said, “You are too mel! 

 Elle was confused by Joannas’ words! 


 “What is f ** k you are talking about, Joanna?” Elle angrily said, “Im doing this to your goat. 

 Good do you have any conscience? “


” Joanna, what are you talking about? Can you say anything more right and wrong?” said one of her 



 “That’s absurd. If your father had listened to you, he would have been so angry. Apologies to Elle! “

” Yes, apologies! ’

 Joanna’s relatives directed their accusations on Joanna. 


 Joanna refused to listen to them. She glanced at her relatives coldly, and lay down, covering herself with a 



 “Joanna, what are you. You treat me this way because of that fool! “Elle was furious. She shouted 

. “You’re hurting me. What’s so good about that bi*ch’s son 

 wants to break up with me? You want it? carry out! After 


 finished speaking, Elle walked away and dragged Carl and her together. 


 “Unfortunately … 


 Everyone lets sigh in frustration what has just happened. Some of them are not angry. 

 “You are a child, Joanna!” 


 “Elle is bigger than you. You really have to think about what he said. Ok, Im 



 Joanna ended up casting charges and everyone left the hospital. 

 Joanna, hiding under the blanket, was crying. 


 Ethan and Charles are the last two people left in the roaming with Joanna. Charles pointed at 

 Joanna, winked at Ethan and he left too. 


 Ethan understood Charles asking Joanna to comfort him. 


 It is true that Ethan was the performer of the day. 


 Ethan sighed and said in a guilty voice, “Joanna, today … I’m sorry … “

 Outside the hospital, Elle came out in a rage with tears in her eyes. 

 “F * k you, you f ** king s sh * t! | Not far away yet!” Shout out to Elle. 


 “Calm down!” Carl reassures Elle, “Do you see that Joanna likes that man Ethan?” 



 Carls’ words cause Elle to brush her teeth with hatred! 

 Elle did not take it for granted that her best friend enjoyed people like Ethan. 

 “You should avoid people like Joanna. Thats a smart move! “Carl said well. 


 However, his words triggered Elle. She stopped suddenly and looked at Carl upset. 

 She says, “Joanna is my best friend. It is impossible for her to break away with me. | Talk in 

 anger. I will not let him go rel “


 Elle could not help but say the following out of frustration:” She is the only friend I have. “


 Suddenly Elles’ eyes widened. She looked at the knife and said with a smile. “Honey, can I ask the 

 family to save Joanna’s dad aut?” 


‘Ah? Carl was shocked by Ehlers’ words, “Are you kidding? She just said she wants to share 

 with you, but do you want to help Dad? Are you crazy? 


 Elle smiled. She quickly grabbed Carls’ arm and said. “Of course not. Think about it. The only 

 reason that Joanna treats me this way is because of Ethan. Raha | can help release dad, to know 

 more needed, me, or Morana Ethon, also, if dad owns, | please ask Joannas 

 dad to stop Joanna not far from Ethan! “


 Hearing Elles’ words, Carl was speechless. She didn’t understand why she just said the 

 friendship was over, but at the time Elle wanted to get Joanna back. 


 ‘Honey, please? ” Joanna begged like a spoiled child. 


 Karl was hesitant. He knew that Joanna’s father offended the people of Jiuxing 

 Group. The Carl family connections may not be strong enough. 


 Before Carl could say no, he felt a shadow approaching them. Then the shadow of 

 met Elle.

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  1. This is a tiring novel to read. No room for Ethan to show his real identity. He is always misconstrued, always robbed of credit, many times slapped and mugged, and continuously experienced situational blunders which makes Ethan's life miserable. Even if i am a bilionaire or a second generation rich heir if i continuously experiences such things, then i would prefer to be poor and be happy

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