I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 74


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  74
Chapter 74 


 “Ouch …” 

 Elle shouted. She fell and the bag fell to the floor. 

 “I’m sorry, sorry, are you okay?” 


 It was a young woman in her mid-20s who played Elle. Her body is curved and her beautiful face is 

. The woman was dressed in a heavy fashion, a tight-fitting shirt, and a pair of jeans, 

 like a white workman. 


 “Are you f ** king blind?” Elle screamed at her furiously, “Are you trying to kill me?” 

 Elle was trying to betray her anger earlier. 


 The woman apologizes to Elle, but hearing Elle’s curse, her face suddenly drops .


 “Be careful with manners! | I accidentally bumped into you | I tried to apologize to you. Why is 

 still cursing me? 


 The woman turned and left, complaining angrily. 


 “Stop!” Elle quickly looked at Carl and said, “Can’t you hear me talking? 

 Why do not you clap your hands? 


 But Carl is looking forward to something more this time. 


 I was about to chase after Elle. But when she looked up, the woman had already gone 


 “What do you see?” Elle hurriedly picked up her belongings which were out of her bag. 

 She looked at where Carl was staring and saw a watch. 


 is the watch that Elle stole from Joanna, the watch belonged to Ethan, and Ethan left Joanna on probation. 


 Elle is fast with great care and caution. 

 “What are you looking at? It is just a credible watch! “Eller said unconsciously. 

 She didn’t want people to see stolen watches, even Carl. 


 Elle was scared that Joanna and Ethan had found out about the fact that she had stolen the watch, and 

 Elle would lose Joanna as a friend of a goad. 


 At this moment Carl looked at Elle happily: “Elle, where did you get that watch?” 

 Elles face suddenly turns red, “You … Why do you ask? “


 Carl laughed and told Elle that there was no obvious reason. Then he asked: “Can you borrow it?” While 

 was talking, Carl reached out and snatched the watch from Elles. 

 “F ** k me … When Carl checked his watch, Carl muttered to himself in awe. 


 Looking at this, Elle was forced to ask, “Honey, how about this watch?” 


 Carl said with a smile. Oh, by the way, where did you get this clock? “


 Carl did not ask if Elle could. She knew there was no way Elle would have a clock like this 


 Carl knew that the watch was a custom watch from the top class watch company in Switzerland. 


 And most importantly, Carl silently remembered that this watch belonged to a very important 


 Carl tried hard but failed to return the master. But his curiosity and fondness for the watch grew 


 “Where did you get this?” Carl asked again. 


 Elle heard something of the tone of Carls voice. He replied hesitantly, ‘I am. | Found something 

 somewhere on the street? What’s up? “


 Hearing this, Carl was amazed. He could have said that Elle had no idea the value of the watch! Little did he know that he had found wealth. 


 50 Carl had an idea. 


 In fact, their parents’ wishes were for Elle and Carl to be together. But Carl does not enter Elle. 

 He originally planned to dump Elle after sleeping with her. 


 Elle was pretty, but Carl wanted more. 


 In the meantime, Carl needs the opportunity to be watched by Elle next to her before bed as a 



 Carl loves watches. His watch was a Rolex Sea-Dweller. So, the moment he saw it, he knew the value of one in the Elles 

 hand. The watch may even cost millions. 


 Carl thinks if he could have this watch, he could splash cash for a moment! 


 He grinned at the thought, “No, nothing is wrong. Exactly the watch looks pretty. Im like 



 Carl pretends he is deep in love with the look. 

 Elle was a little surprised at Carls’ over-loving watch. She asked: “Do you really like it?” 


 Carl nodded, “Obviously, this is an expensive watch, but it is a beautiful watch. You should know 

 that | loves collecting watches! “


 Hearing this, Elle was hesitant. 

 He was thinking of giving a body to Carl. 


 But she is still worried that someone will see the watch and discover the fact that her 

 stole the watch? 


 Seeing Elle was hesitant, Carl smiled and said, “Elle, why not give me this watch, and Ill will buy you another 



 Hearing this, Elle was tempted. She had promised her sister Sierra that he would give her a 

 watch, but she was short of money at the moment. 


 It would be nice if he could trade Carl with this old watch for a new one. 


 Elle thought for a moment and then spoke to Carl with a gentle voice, “Dear, | don’t mind giving you 

. But can you do me a little favor? 


 Elle realized that Carl was hesitant to help Joannas’ father, so she wanted to trade with 

 Carls. Although she doesn’t know the value of watches, she can say that Carl really likes 




 Carl said. 

 Elle laughed and said, ‘Can you help Joannas’ father?’ 


 Carl didn’t know how to respond. He knew he couldn’t do it. The Nine Star Group that Elle 

 tried to go against, and not even Carls dad could do. 


 But tempted by the clock, Carl replied, “Yes, | can try to help. Cotton | Can make it, it depends on 


 luck. She has been listening to Carl boasting about being a 



 And Elle believed everything Carl had said. She thought 

 Joannas dad would be okay right away as long as Carl was willing to help. 


 Elle hurriedly looked at Carls’ wrist with pleasure, He kissed Carl and said, “Thank you so much 

, honey” 


 Carl left the hospital with Elle in his arms. 


 They went to the police station where Joannas dad was being held, and Carl did not know how to stop him. 


 They stopped at the police station. As they were about to enter, Elle suddenly stopped, looking 



 Carl looked at where Elle was staring and saw two middle-aged men coming out of the 

 police station. 


 Elle mumbled, “Isn’t that Joannas dad over there?” 


 “Dr. Mitchell, I’m really sorry. This is the fault of all my boys. Do not worry. Remember that it will never do 



 In front of the police headquarters, Joan with Joannas’ father, Zebulon Mitchel, 

 walk out of the parking lot. Since receiving the 


 Magis phone, Joan has been working fast to get Zebulon out of the police 



 At the moment, Zebulon’s clinic was out of trouble, and Joan personally collected Zebulon 


 Joan feared that Zebulun would be dissatisfied. 

 Zebulon was an ordinary person, but his daughter was Mr. It was Norman’s son’s friend. 


 Joan didn’t want to stimulate him again and in the end the Norman Family got mad at 


 Zebulon confused at this time. 


 Seeing the CEO of Nine Star Group pick himself up and talk to him humbly, 

 Zebulon surprised, 


 He did not know what had happened. 


 “Mr. Dodd, please do not say that. It was my fault. “Zebulon said in horror,” It’s all my turn. | 

 will try my best to treat your son … “


 While they were talking, Elle and Carl walked over to them. 


 Elle remotely exclaimed, “Uncle Mitchel! Are you all right?” 

 Seeing Elle, Zebulun was even more confusing. Why was Elle here and who was the 

 young man who was with her? 


 “I’m fine. Mr. Dodd from Nine Star Group came to pick him up personally. But, Elle, why are you 

 here? Zebulon smiled and asked curiously. 


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