I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 75


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  75
Chapter 75 


 Seeing that Zebulon came out and Joan Dodd was in company, Elle was disappointed. 

 Joan beats him in throwing Zebulon out. 


 And her plan to get Joannas’ dad out and make Joanna feel deeply grateful to her, 



 Elle smiled and said, “l … l come pick you up. 


 Zebulon was confused by his response, “So he also knows that | will be released today?” 

 Zebulun looks at Jo ,ab, and he comes in with the young man Elle. 


 Joan stared at the watch on Carls wrist, looking surprised. 


 “Mr. Dodd? what happened? Zeblon asked softly. 


 Joan did not answer Zebulon but walked over to Carl with a smile on his face. 


 “Mr. Norman, | don’t know you’re coming. Miss Hill told me everything, and | told him | 

 will deal with this. You really do not have to worry about yourself here! 


 As Joan spoke, she reached out to shake Carl’s hand. 

 His behavior shocked everyone. Nebuchadnezzar looked at him with wide eyes. 


 But he remembers that Joan once told him that one of Joanna’s friends was the person who asked 

 Joan to help. It sounded like the person was an influential person. 


 Zebulon looked at Carl and then looked at Elle. He then becomes aware of something. 


 is a friend of Joanna, 


, Elle and Carl appeared together, saying that she was here to pick up Zebulon. 


 Zebulon made contact but Elle and Carl helped him. 


 He thought that if necessary, he would lose everything and pull his family with him. 


 Zebulon Thank you so much for the tears. He walked to Karl and bowed respectfully 

 to him. 


 “Young man, thank you very much …” 

 Carl surprised and confused. 


 He looked at Joan in horror. Here’s a sermon that Carl knew from television, the CEO of the Nine Star Group, 

 and a famous Buckeye figure. 


 But why did he bow Carl? 


 Joannas’ father also bowed. but why? 


 Carl looks at Elle, but he also finds her confused. 40 Ah 4 40 Ah 4 “you … You may have mistaken me for someone else. ’Carl said timidly. 


 “How can that be?” Joan laughed and said, “Today was a lucky day! Mr. Norman, | Do you have 

 time? | I want to take you to lunch … ”


” No, I should have lunch! “Zebulon said quickly:” Let’s have lunch today. I’m sick 



 gives you a good person again! 

 Hearing what Zebulon and Joans said, Elle became more and more confused. 


 He asked, “Uncle Mitchel, what … why are you like this? By the way, | forgot to make 

 report. This is my boyfriend Carl Lee. Why are you inviting him to lunch? “


‘| I don’t know what happened. Your boyfriend is the one who helped your 

 Uncle Mitchell” 


 Joan interrupted. 40 a 4 40 a 4 “No. Thank you boyfriend! Zebulon said with a smile, “Elle, you are so lucky to have a good 

 boyfriend. Joanna is also lucky to have you. “


 Elle didn’t know how to respond. 


 She looked at Carl and wondered, “Would Car have called someone to get Joannas’ dad to get 

 out of my back?” 


 Elle was the only explanation I could think of. “So did Carl act like the 

 hesitated to surprise me?” Elle thought for himself. 


 When she thought about it, Elle was so happy! 


 He thought Carl was not lying about his power because even Joan Dodd had to please Carl. 


 Elle also thought Carl was good for her. He not only helped her a lot, but also gave her a 



 Elle’s feelings for Carl suddenly rise. 

 At the moment, Carl is the only one who does not know what is happening. 

 He didn’t understand why Joan Dodd was so humble to him. 


 “Mr. Norman?” Joan called Carl and smiled happily, “What do you think? CIA mua 囧 40 Ah 4 Su UA Can? “40 Ah 4 40 Ah 4 Mr. Norman? 

 Upon hearing what Joan was calling, Carl knew that Joan had been mistaken for another person. 


 Carl took a look at the watch. He suddenly remembered that this watch saw someone on the wrist of the 

 form the first Chinese family, the Norman Family. 


 “So Elles’ watch belongs to Mr. Norman?” Carl wanted to know. 

 “And Joan knows about the clock, so he thinks | Is this guy Noman?” 

 Carl was finally looking for things, and he was upset. 


 He was mistaken for someone from the Norman family. So Joan knelt for the 

 family but not for Carl. 


 When Carls’ true identity is revealed, the Norman Family will bring hell to Carl. 

 Thinking about this, Carl was in a panic. 


 However, Carl was pleased with how Joan treated him. He thought it was great to be a 

 from a strong family. 


 But he also thought it was unfair that only people from the Norman family could get such 




 But he, according to Carl Lee, refused. 



 Carl was from a wealthy family, but he wanted to live the life of the rich and powerful that 

 would always be looked upon. 


 He thinks he just met with his approach. 

 Carl would have been in great danger if people knew he wasn’t Mr. Norman. 

 but he didn’t care much anymore. 


 Carl made up his mind. He said to Joan with a smile: “Lunch, isn’t it? Where do you recommend 


 Joan heard the answer and smiled lovingly, “Where are you?” You are my guest of honor 

. Of course we will go to the best places in this city! “


 Joan thought. He said with a smile, “What about the Country Hotel? They have the best 

 restaurant in Buckeye! “


 The Empire Hotel is the best place in Buckeye. 


 Carl was overjoyed. He had been there before. But he did not order too much food because 

 he just wanted to try a small show in front of his friends. 


 But, he spent a lot of money. 

 If Joan wants to buy him lunch, Karl can finally eat what he wants. 

 “Well, Imperial Hotel!” Karl smiled and agreed without hesitation. 


 Hearing Karl’s answer, Joan ran away quickly. He drove his Audi car over and opened the 

 door for Karl, “Mr. Norman, please intervene. Today I will be your driver.” 


 All four people got in the car. 

 And they drove to the restaurant. 

 Even at this time, Ella still hasn’t let herself down. 


 She once went to the Empire Hotel to attend someone else’s party. She was amazed by the luxury of the 

. Elle had wanted to go back there again. 


 She looked at Carl gratefully and said, “|Think|I might go there again. Thank you so much 

, my dear! ”


 Elle planted a kiss on Carls cheek, and her heart was filled with happiness, 


 ‘It’s not that hard. As long as you like, take you there every day! “Carl said with a 

 triumphant smile. 


 Hearing Carls ‘words, Elle was overjoyed when she jumped in Carls’ arms. 


 Carl was also really excited. 


 He loves the arrogant arrogance of Elle. 


 And Joans’ behavior towards Carl was perfect proof for Elle that Carl didn’t lie. 

 So he was escalated. 


 But there was still something Elle couldn’t figure out. 


 After a while, Elle raised her head and looked at Carl. She whispered to Carl, “Honey, why did he call you 

 Mr Norman?” 


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