I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 76 (1/2)


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad
Chapter 76 (1/2)



 Karl didn’t know how to answer Elle. He scratched his head and stammered. 


 Eller frowned at Karl’s silence. After a while, he suddenly laughed and added salt: “Is this your 

 code, honey? | Is that a very powerful person’s name? “


 Carls’ face turned red when Else explained. 


 But since Elle thought so, Carl decided to go with her. 


 Carl smiled and scratched his head and said, “Yes, dear, you are so smart.” 


 Joan arrived at the Empire Hotel and opened the door for Carl. 


 She tried to please Carl, and Elle also received a respectful treatment, 


 Elle enjoyed it. She even convinced herself that she was an important person. 


 ‘Tve already has a private room. It is located on the 2 / th floor. The room is one of the most luxurious 

 private rooms in the Empire Hotel Restaurant, ‘says Joan with a smile. 


 Carl nodded with satisfaction and said, “Well done, Joan!” 


 Joan quickly nodded and bowed, “Mr. Norman, you’re flatter. | get to know Paul Owen, the hotel’s 

 owner. So everything just calls away “


 As they go up, Joan says,” Pablo thinks | should invite the call is very important. So 

 told me he wanted to come over to say hellal ”


 Hearing this, Carls eyes widened! 


 Pablo Owen was a well known figure in Buckeye. Carl was lucky to see his 

 twice from a distance, but Pablo never found Carl Lee. 


 Pablo says hello to Carl? Carl climbed into a cloud. 


 He had forgotten that he was playing with fire. For one thing, Carl could lose his life. 

 But this time, Carl lost all himself in the role of Norman. 


 Carl smiled and nodded. “Sure, he can come!” 


 Joan thanks Carl. In fact, 


 In fact, Joan did not tell Pablo that his search was for Norman when he called Pablo to the 



 Although in public, Pablo and Joan are friends, Pablo gets better than Joan in the incident. Rumor 

 believes that Pablo was secretly supported by powerful people. 


 Joan is happy to have the opportunity to meet someone from the Norman Family. 


 believed that if he could get the support from the Norman Family, he could finally defeat Pablo in 



 Joan prepares to get Pablo and tells him who Carl is. Joan wanted to see Pablo 

 kiss her boots because she had a special relationship with Mr. Norman. 


 Four men came to their flora and entered their rooms. 


 Room was great. There was a luxurious, spacious living room. The chair is 




 made of real leather, and the chandelier is made of real crystal. The room shone 

 in the light. 


 Walking over the reception room was the dining room, which was equally spacious and bright. 

 Four waltzes stood aside. 


 Joan asked Carl to order a few dishes, and then she ordered dozens more. 


 Joan handed over the menu to Zebulon. He smiled and said, “Of course, we would not have known each other without the 

. What do you like to eat? “


 Zebulun was flat. He shook his head quickly and said, ‘very good. Go ahead. Please 

 me, but | need to make a phone call “


 On the way out of the Zebulons he overheard Joan asking the waiter,” Go and get your boss. Tell him that Joan 

 Dodd is going to introduce someone who is important to him! ”


 Back to Joanna’s room in the hospital. 

 After a while, Joanna stopped crying, but she was still depressed. 


 She didn’t know what would happen to her dad, and she pissed off many 

 relatives. Joanna felt desperate. 


 Ethan handed her orange slices. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry. It was my fault. 


 Looking at the perfume box that Joanna had placed in the dark, Ethan wanted her to look at the 

 inside the box. 


 But he gave up the idea because he didn’t want Joanna to feel worse than she had already passed. 

 Joanna looked at Ethan and shook his head, “It’s okay. I’m just in a bad mood. ’

’ Are you still worried about your father? 


 Joanna nodded, and then asked: I don’t even know how my father is! 1 Feeling incompetent. | can not do 

 something to help. 



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