I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 76 (2/2)

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad
CHAPTER 76 (2/2) 

Ethan smiled at Joannas ‘words, He thought Maggie might have been affected by the situation of 

 Joannas’ father. 


‘It’s okay, Joanna. Don’t worry. Maybe your father has no problem now. Ethan smiled and said. 


 Ethan thought for a moment and said meaningfully: “Don’t worry. The event will be over soon. 

 No one can harm your family anymore. 


 Ethan tried to give Joanna a guarantee that everything would be fine. 

 Joanna is her friend. Ethan wouldn’t allow anyone to bully his friends. 

 But Joanna just shook her head at Ethans’ words, look down. 


 He did not want to disappoint Ethan, so he said nothing, but he wanted to make Ethan 



 The person who offended Joannas’s father was the CEO of the Nine Star Group, who was a powerful 

 person in Buckeye, Joanna didn’t think Ethan understood the gravity of the entire 

 Event and what it would be like lead to it. 


 Joanna thought Ethan was simply trying to be good. 

 ‘Sadly ..’ Joanna sighed heavily. He himself was in more pain, so he put the oranges away. 


 Joannas eyes fall on the second perfume box of Ethan. 



 Joanna pushed to open it and look. 


 But on second thought, he abandoned the idea. She believed Ethan pulled out a second 

 box to make herself look good. 


 The two were silent for a moment. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. 

 Joanna lifted her head and her face suddenly relaxed slightly. 



 The door was pushed open, and a young woman walked in with a smile. He was walking and 

 waving towards Joanna. 


 This young woman was the one who knocked down Elle downstairs. 


 ‘Joanna, are you feeling better? Claire smiled at Joanna and hurriedly walked over, “You look 

 thinner than him.” You must be scary! “


 Claire Mitchel was Mill’s daughter’s daughter. She lived outside the state 

 and only returned to Buckeye the year before. 


 Joanna hugged Claire quickly. She had a lot of things she wanted to say to Claire. 

 Claire turned and saw Ethan. She said, “Joanna, this is… your boyfriend? Joanna shook her head and said, “No, Claire, this is my friend, Ethan Humphrey.” 


 Claire looked at Ethan and went up and down and laughed, “Good friend, He’s your boyfriend, you 

 need to be more careful. “


 Claire didn’t say everything out loud, but she did make her point clear. 

 Claire disagrees with Ethan being Joanna’s boyfriend. 


 Claires Ethan’s first impression is not good. 


 Ethans’ skin was dark, but his clothes were tolerable, but it didn’t fit Ethan. 


 It looks like Ethan just bought them in a hurry so people can have a good reputation. 

 Claire believes that Ethan is definitely a poor family, not good enough for his cousin. 


 Ethan was offended by Clares’s words. But Ethan didn’t talk about 

 because Claire was Joannas’ cousin. 


 Claire chuckled and turned to look at Joanna’s gift. Suddenly, her 

 eyes were attracted by a Chanel box. 


 ‘Joanna, where are you from? Chanel, generous! “


 Joanna immediately got up and walked away. 


 Before Claire picked up the box, Joanna picked it up. 


 Claire was surprised and asked, “Why? Don’t you want me to see it? “


 Joanna knew Claire. If she found out that Chanel’s box had a cheap perfume, Ethan would be ridiculed “. This is not to say… Really curious. Joanna stuttered. 


 Claire was forced to laugh and mourn. “What is that? Is it a gift frame for your boyfriend? Ob, it must be 

. Otherwise, who would give you an expensive gift? | I heard that Chanel’s perfume is tens of thousands of 

” No, no! “Joanna didn’t know how to explain. 

 Seeing this, Claire made fun of Joanna. “Hey, what’s going on? You are blushing. 


 Joanna has no words. Before he could find the words, Ethan suddenly said, “| give it to 



 Hearing Ethans ‘words, Claires’ hands were frozen in the air. 


 She stared at Ethan for a long time. Then he said in astonishment, “You gave Joanna this? true? Do you know how expensive the 

 Chanel perfume is? “


 Ethan smiled and said,’Is it expensive? | do not think so ”


 Ethan was right. She really did not consider the perfume to be expensive. 



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