I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 77 (1/2)


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  77 (1/2)
Chapter 77 (1/2)


 Ethan has 2 billion in his bank account, and only spent a long time of 

 as bank interest. That said, he could live a decent life without taking $4 billion. 


 But Claire thought Ethans’ words sounded like a joke. 


 Claire laughed very loudly. She said in a sarcastic tone. “It’s fun. You seem to be rich. 

 just curious. Is this perfume real? “


 He continued,” Do not dare to use fraud to deceive my cousins! | know your type. ’


 Clalre did not even try to hide his disapproval of Ethan. In his opinion, Ethan is poor but pretends to be 

 rich, which means he has other techniques that he has hidden. 


 Maybe he wanted to trick Joanna to like him. 

 Claire has had her experience with buggy bags over the years. 


 Ethan looked at Claire and couldn’t help sighing. Claire, like many others, seems to have judged a 

 person by her appearance. 


 Ethan smiled and pointed to the perfume bottle in Joannas’s hand. “Why don’t you check 

 yourself? Right there” 


 Ethan made sure the Chanel perfume bottle was safe and sound in the box. 


 Claire replied, “Joanna, give it to me. | have more experience than you. Let me check it out for you, 

 so you don’t get fooled! “


 Claire approached Joanna to look for the box, but Joanna moved it. 

 Claire bends over. Seeing Joannas reluctant, she seemed to understand something. 


 He looked at Ethan and sarcastically said, “| you don’t even have to verify that you gave it to him, 

 poor brother, he knows it too, but he tries to hide the perfumes to protect you. 


 is so absurd! You deceived her with fake perfume, but she is still protecting your ego. 

 Claire’s words angered Ethan. 

 Claire blamed Ethan for not checking if the crime existed. 


 Ethans’ face suddenly became gloomy. He said indifferently, “Please check first before you are charged.

 Ethan bent down and continued:” One hundred and fifty-one thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars worth of perfume. There is a 

 receipt and serial number in the box. You can check it yourself. You have been accusing me of giving you a fake 

, but you don’t even have to worry about whether it is genuine. Who thinks 

 is a fool? “


 Ethan finally poured out all his anger. 


 She thinks Claire is not as polite as Elle. 


 And Ethan no longer wanted to waste time on people like them. 


 If they were rude to him, Ethan thought there was no need to be polite to them. 


 Ethan looked at Joanna and said in a serious voice, “Joanna, | know you don’t believe me. But 

 because here we are now, why don’t you just open the box? You all know if Im 


 lying or not! “


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