I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 77 (2/2)

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  77 (2/2)
CHAPTER 77 (2/2)

Hearing Ethans ‘words, Joannas’ face turned red. 

 Although they were friends, Joanna had never believed Ethan for the perfume. 

 Joanna thought she was the one who put Ethan in this situation. 

 But he tried to protect Ethan from the critics. 


 ‘Listen to him, Joanna. Why don’t you still show it to me? I want to see if he made a 

 wrong accusation, or he was a liar! 


 Joanna hesitated again. 


 Joanna also finds out she can’t believe Ethan can afford a bottle of fifty eight thousand 



 Claire seizes the box Jo Jo when she refuses. 


 “Let there be a look!” Claire sneezes. She looks at the perfume box and looks at Ethan in 

 and says, “I’ll see if furfurne is fake or not. | warn you, Don’t think don’t know what 

 you’re thinking. If it is not a genuine Chanel perfume, it is best to stay away from Joanna 

. Joanna is sad, not mel ”


 Ethan smiled. She was looking forward to Claires’ reaction once she saw the perfume in the box! 

 Claire opened the box. Joanna and Claire looked into the box nervously. 

 They were amazed by what they saw. 


 Inside the box was a signed Chanel cuboid glass bottle. 4 full bottles of 

 honey-colored liquid glowed under the light. Looking at the 


 perfume bottle, Ethan smiled and sent a sal: “You can check your receipt and the series 

 number to see if this perfume bottle really costs. I told you! “


 Joanna and Claire were still shocked. 

 Looking at the bottle of perfume Joanna was pleasantly surprised. 


 She didn’t expect to see a bottle of perfume in the box. Judging from the label on the bottle, Joanna’s 

 thought it could be real. 


 But how could Ethan afford it? According to him, there are fifty-eight thousand essential oils! 

 Claire still couldn’t say anything, 


 Although she couldn’t stand such expensive perfumes, Claire looked at the 

 supermarket to see these. So she could say this was real. 


 Claire couldn’t believe that Ethan had given Joanna a perfume. 

 “This…this is a copy, isn’t it? That’s great! Claire asked. 


 Ethan is too lazy to explain. He gave up the phone and entered the phone number. 


 On his mobile phone screen, a webpage of perfume purchased by Ethan appeared. 


 in the French perfume name is 58,000 yuan Chinese 

 dollars and the place of purchase-Ocean City store, as well as the name of the salesperson and 

 customer name-




 The detailed information that comes with luxury goods is here. 




 Ethan put his cell phone in front of Claires’ face and said with a smile. “Here you are. What else 

 sword do you want to say? “


 Claire has no words. 


 She knew it could not be forged. 


 Especially with Ethans name on the website as a customer. 


 “Ethan, I really bought this!” Joanna said in amazement. 


 Ethan smiled and said, “Of course, this is the gift | bought for you!” 

 “But what about the other one?” 


 Joanna suddenly remembered the cheap half-used bottle of perfume. 


 Ethan smiled and said, “Actually, it must be something like this. | don’t know what happened 

 either. My guess is someone ‘changed’ 


 It meant that Ethan spent one hundred and ten thousand dollars on two bottles of perfume. 


 Joanna is more important, “Then … Where did you get the money? This is more than 

 hundred thousand! 


 Ethan smiled and looked at Claire. He thought for a moment and said, “Money … Joanna (

) don’t worry. Everything is mine. Actually I am rich. So if you need something in the future just call it 

. Be Friends, | will help you as much. | Yes! 


 Joanna felt warmth in her heart as she heard Ethans’ words. 


 But it is also curious about the investment. He is worried that Ethan will cause the 

 itself to go into some trouble. 


 However, Joanna did not ask Ethan, Ethan did not want to think that he still did not believe her. 


 Joanna trusted Ethan, but she still couldn’t shake the feeling of doubt. 

 Claire is still disappointed. 


 Her face was red due to embarrassment. 


 He just chased Ethan, and Ethan proved himself. Claire was ashamed. 


 “This is … This is a misunderstanding … ’Claire said in a softer voice. His previous 

 pride disappeared, he thought his behavior was really funny, 


 He made himself crazy in front of Ethan. 

 She also realized other things! 


 If Ethan can afford such an expensive fragrance, he shouldn’t be an ordinary person and provoke a rich and powerful person to dig his grave by 


 Claire knew she could not afford to get along with people like Ethan. All he has to do is 

 to try as hard as he can to please her. 


 Thinking about this, her face changed suddenly. Claire said, “I’m so sorry, Ethan. 

 How the Blind | i! | did not know who you were the big man. You are a friend of Joannas, so we are 

 every family. See, | was deceiving you before! “


 Hearing this, Ethan sighed and said,” Kidding? Are you sure? “


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