I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 78


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  78
Chapter 78 


 Feeling the atmosphere getting stronger again, Joanna stood between Claire and 

 Ethan. She smiled at Ethan and said, “Ethan, please forgive Claire. She is. Thank you so much 

 for your donation. 


 Ethan did not speak. He looked at Claire angrily. 

 “Do you like the gift?” After a while, Ethan asked Joanna with a smile. 


 Joanna smiled and said, “Yes, | I really like it. Thanks, but … but it is too 

 expensive, | … “


 Ethan smiled and sald,” Do not say it “


 Ethan thought for a moment and continued,” And … In fact, I have asked someone to help your father. 

 Hell will be out soon. | do not tell you this reason | afraid that you might think | is 

 repeat ”


 The words embarrassed Joanna, but she was also surprised,“ Really? Is my father wrong? “


 Ethan smiled,” Don’t worry. Be friendly. | not lying to you. ‘


 Ethan had just finished talking, and Joannas’s phone rang. Joanna 

 looking at the number was excited. 


 “Hello, Father, are you?” 


 ‘That’s me, Joannal “Zebulon sounds happy,” Now and have lunch with some people. Im 

 is speaking. Thank you so much your friends no problem now! “


 The Zebulons ‘words dispelled Joannas’ doubts about Ethan. He was shocked! 

 Zebulun did not tell his friends. 


 And Ethan had just told Joanna about her father. As a result, Joanna thought Ethan was her father’s talking 



 Joanna was so happy she couldn’t talk. She looked at Ethan happy. 


 “Well, Joanna! I’ll make a reservation for a nice restaurant tomorrow. Let’s celebrate the 

 party! Good to invite friends and family. You can also bring your friends. | I’m leaving now. Call 

 soon! “


 Zebulon hung up quickly. Joanna has been unable to calm down for a long time. 

 He looked at Ethan with a smile on his face. 


 “Ethan, my father is fine now. He rang me on the phone! “Joanna said with excitement, 

” Thank you. | Don’t even know what to say! 


 Joannas’ condition suddenly disappeared after hearing her father’s voice. He did not remember anything but was grateful for Ethan’s right now. 


 “What can you do?” Joanna asks. 


 Ethan just smiled and said, “Nothing is too serious. | just called a friend. Do not worry. As long as you are here | m 

, no one can touch you and your family! 


 Joanna nodded and said, “My father said that he will hold a celebration party in a high-end 


 restaurant. Come! We need to thank you for everything and | need to introduce you to my 



 Ethan is happy to know that all misunderstandings between Joanna and himself have been eliminated. 


 He nodded, and when his cell phone rang suddenly, he wanted to say yes. It was 


 delivery notification. The hearing equipment he bought for the Auroras charity 

 has arrived. 


 After Ethan hung up the phone, Aurora called and then said goodbye to Joanna. 


 Before he left, Ethan looked at Claire and he couldn’t help it. He thought, “Claire is a cousin of Joannas 

. Just let go!” 


 at Buckeye University campus gate. 

 Tina had just got out of the taxi with her suitcase. She was angry and muttered the curse. 

 She was cursing Chad, leaving herself in Ocean City. 


 She cursed Ethan for jealousy while eating at Grand Brook Restaurant and spending 

 hundred thousand on perfume. 


 Tina took a look at the security office before entering the campus and remembered the arrival of the 

 cosmetics she had purchased from Ocean City. 


 And he entered the house. 


 office only had men in their 60s. Tina asked him about his delivery as soon as he entered the year 

 he entered the door. 


 He tald Tina looking for him through the piles of boxes on the door. 


 Tina started looking. 


 But she did not find it. 


 Before Tina left, she saw something. 


 It was a wrap box the size of a two-letter box, and it was shipped to Ethan Humphrey. 

 “Damn it, what did this carrot buy? Such a big box! “


 Tina wants to know something. She turned to look at the man watching TV, so he smiled. 


‘I will steal your package, I like to watch your worried sickness, you are a fool! “Tina thought about 

‘s plot about her, smiling complacently. 


 He picked up the box and said, “Lord, find my things. Byel ”

 The man nodded but did not look at Tina. His eyes fixed on the TV, 

 Tina chuckled and ran away with an Ethans box. 


 The dorm is empty when Tina returns. He quickly opened the box and found several 

 hearing aids. 


 Tinas came to think that these must be what Aurora had asked Ethan to buy! 


 Tina thought she had only stolen something good but it turned out to be something she didn’t need. He was a little disappointed 


 Suddenly an idea came to my mind! She couldn’t help but she had an evil smile. 


 “You’re a baby, let’s see!” 



 A few minutes later, Tina dragged the box back to the security office. 


 The person is still watching TV. When he noticed Tina, he accidentally said, “What’s up? 

 picked the wrong box? “The 


 Tina was amazed. She didn’t consider the explanation for bringing back the box, but the 

 man found a perfect excuse. 


 She smiled quickly and said. The person has the same name as me. | Don’t think my 

 shipment is here yet. thank you, sir. Bye! 


 Tina hurriedly put the box back on and ran away. 


 But, he met someone going out, 


 “Are you blind? ..” 


 Before Tina could finish her curse she was amazed at what she saw, “Ethan?” 


 Tinas’ face suddenly turned red. He was afraid Ethan would find out what he had just done. Tina 

 said in a trembling voice, “You… Why are you here? 


 The first thing that happened when Ethan returned to campus was hitting Tina. He 

 thinks things can not go wrong. Ethan says, “Of course for my presentation, Why are you here?” 


 “| … Tinas’ face was even more red. She stuttered. “I came to pick up my delivery… you … My 

 has not arrived. Ill ga …” 


 Tina left in a hurry. 


 Ethan was confused by his behavior. 


 “What Is the Problem?” 


 Ethan murmured, then entered the office and sought his transportation. After receiving a 


 delivery, Ethan was surprised to see a 

 that seemed to have opened the box when looking at the packing tape. 


 Ethan was about to ask the man in the office, but someone called him from outside. 



 Ethan turned and looked at Aurora. 


 Ethan sighed, took the box and walked out. 


 Three girls were outside. Aurora is the most beautiful. She has delicate facial features and short 

 hair. She was wearing a light yellow dress that day. 


 One of the girls was wearing a ponytail, and she was wearing a white shirt and jeans. The other 

 wore a T-shirt and shorts. 


 Séeing Ethan is coming out with a delivery box in his hand, Aurora smiles and says, “Ethan, thank you very much 

 you did very well. We three represent the charitable organization and thank you! “


 Aurora smiled sweetly at Ethan, and the other two women behind her were also smiling but prudent. 


 “Welcome! We all try to help people! Want to see the 

 listening device? “


” Yes, of course. All $30,000 is a donation. We need to make sure that a 

 thing works well! Said the girl in a ponytail 


 He kept Ethan going throughout his conversation. 


 He had met Ethan many times, and he knew that Ethan was a well-known poor man in his 



 But how did he come dressed in expensive clothes? 

 The girl with the 

 ponytail was suspicious of this change, so she was a little alert. 


 As Ethan watched the box open, he pulled the other girl over and tried to say something. 

 Ethan quickly opened the box. He felt very happy when he imagined how these three people thanked him. 

 However, when the box finally opened, everyone was amazed. 


 “What … what’s this? “The ponytail girl screamed.


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