I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 79



I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter  79
Section 79 


 “Why are you, Ethan?” Aurora was shocked and looked at Ethan in disbelief when he saw what was in the delivery box. 


 Ethans’ face froze upon opening. Inside was only 

 bricks and rubbish. 


 Ethan was confused. He dumped everything in the box but did not see the sound. 

 He is completely insane. Ethan never imagined this would be wrong. 


 “Aurora, look at the person you asked. What did he do? “One of the girls was furious. She was 

 scolding Aurora. 

 The girl with 

 ponytail glared at Ethan and said angrily: “|When you see 

 wearing expensive clothes, I feel suspicious. Im so right! “


” Whats so right? “The girl asked confused. 


 The ponytail girl retreated and said in a firm tone, “Is it obvious? Hearing aids are not available, 

 as well as subsidy, but they wear long sleeves. Tell me where the money came from! 

 he spent all this Ethan, you disgust doing something like that! “


 The other girl seemed to agree with the girl. She screamed at Ethan angry, “What the 

 f * k are you? Did you know that these are the funds provided for children with special needs? How do you spend 

? Do you have consciences? “


” Hes just a scumbag! “

 Listening to their accusation, Ethan shook his head and tried to explain but he was in a panic. 


 Maggie is responsible for purchasing hearing aids. Ethan could not figure out how all the 

 hearing aids turned into bricks and paper. 


 One of the things Ethan felt most miserable was the fall of Aurora. 

 She trusted Ethan. 

 But, what happened, Aurora received all the blame. Ethan was sorry for her. 


 “Aurora, believe me. | I really don’t know what’s going on. In … I am sure someone has stolen the 

 device. |… I’ll call to find out right away! ”


 Aurora glared at Ethan angrily and said in a worried voice,“ What’s going on, Ethan? 

 We spent menths collecting money. How do I … ahl “


 Then he turned around and said to the other two women,” Luna, stop accusing Ethan. | know it. 

 It will certainly not do such a thing. | I think something is wrong. Let’s solve it first. “


 Aurora does not want Ethan to accept criminal charges before he knows what happened. 


 However, the ponytail girl disagreed, He looked at Aurora with disrespect and sneezed, “Aurora, Is 

 It not clear enough? You have promised all of us that you will handle the purchase. And what is your explanation now for 

? “


” Are you also about this? “The ponytail girl narrowed her eyes and looked at the Aurora. 


 Hearing her words, Aurora was shocked, “Luna, what are you trying to say? | don’t care if you blame me 

 for not working hard. But what you are proposing is the Ethan and | 



 stole money together! “

 Aurora swelled with rage. He thinks he has been wronged and cries with displeasure. 


 “Who cares about your crying? Give me the money back! “A girl with a ponytail sighed, “I’m going to 

 to retrieve everyone from the charity organization.” I don’t understand what you can say to them! 


 Another girl followed her with a vicious expression and said, “What are you doing is disgusting.” 

 Wait and see. If you do not pay back today, we will call the police! 


 Looking to the back of the two girls and then the message sent to the ground, Ethan was disappointed and 



 “What happened? Thats more than thirty thousand dollars. What should I do now? “The 

 Aurora cried harder. 


 His family was not rich, and he was under the financial support of this charitable organization. 

 Aurora hoped to use this time to do something good for the organization as a thank you. 


 But things got worse and the organization accused Ethan and her of stealing. 


 When Ethan looks at Aurora, he does not know what to do to comfort her. He said, “Do not worry, Aurora. | 

 will find out where to bring a hearing aid | buy. | I won’t let you do it wrong! “Since 


 Maggie was in charge of the hearing device, Ethan thought 

 should call Maggie first. 


 Ethan leaves the phone quickly and calls Maggie. 

 He suppressed his anger and told Maggie everything. 


 “How did it happen?” Maggie was confused, “Young Master Ethan, Im very sorry. | reaches 

 bottom. ”


 Since Maggie said it, Ethan never pushed her. 


 Ethan also trusted Maggie. He was sure Maggie would find out what happened to the 

 hearing aid. 


 Ethan predicts that someone has achieved his goal, and he will not easily release this person from 

 once he finds out who that person is. 


 Ethan hurriedly comforted Aurora who was still crying. 


 At this moment, Ethan previously saw two girls walking towards him. 


 And more than a dozen people lost them. 


 includes men, women, colleges and students. 


 The ponytail girl pointed to Ethan and said something to say with hostility on her face. 


 “He’s Mr. Sander, a terrible person. Dant let them go! “Ponytail girl 

 pointed to Ethan and said. 


 “It’s OK! Sander Mr. call the police. We have to deal with this issue with discouragement. 

 is best to report to the entire school and let him leave our Buckeye University! “


” The dent made him ruin the reputation of the university! He must work hard. “

 Mr. Sander is a young man in his twenties. 


 He wore a pair of prescription glasses and a buzz cut hairstyle. The white shirt he was wearing 

 had no wrinkles. 


 His name is Zachary Sander. Zachary was in charge of the charitable organization and was the president of the 

 student body. 


 With her beautiful face, Zachary is still popular at school. 

 He enlarged Ethan’s size from a distance, and then smiled contemptuously. 


 ‘Remembrance of him. Was he under the financial support of our charitable organization? So it is not 

 not only thanks to us but also stolen from us? “


” Ethan, right? Zachary walked over to Ethan and saw Ethans’s army. He retreated and said, 

 “You look very guilty. Just wake up! “


” Watch your tongue! | I bought everything with my money: Ethan said without flinching. Ill give you a try | calculate the problem. 


 Ethan looked at Aurora, then added: “Aurora has nothing to do with it. | I hope you leave her 

 alone. Otherwise, | want you to let sex be easy! “


” It had nothing to do with it? Nonsense! “The 

 immediately heard Ethans,” had nothing to do with her before in charge of purchasing the 

. And the money is gone. With it,” 


 another girl added. “Yes. Both are involved in stealing money from us. | 

 Offer to be clean from what you did. This is not good when the police come! 


 Hearing these words, Aurora wept bitterly. The tears dried up and explained, ‘naturally nat me. It’s really not 

, Mr. Sander.” 


 Zachary sighed, seeing how miserable the Aurora was. “This is a serious problem and the 

 university leadership informed me. | Must be thoroughly investigated! 


 Zachary looked at Ethan contemptuously, and said, “Don’t worry, you won’t choose the wrong person with a good 

, and | won’t let a bad person go! Now follow me to our office. 


 Zachary pointed to a building not far away, smiling. 


 Ethan asks as Zachary tries to stop him from escaping. But Ethan wasn’t scared 

 of going to his office. He figured he would go free once the truth came out, 


 Thinking about this, Ethan caught Aurora and thrust Zachary into the office building. 


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