I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 80


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 80
Chapter 80 


 The headquarters of Buckeye University students is the court. The 

 open room is a spacious living room, and the two to four floors have various branch offices and clubs. 


 Ethan followed the group of people on the second floor. When he passed the hall, Ethan found that 

 people were preparing some activities in the auditorium. 


 Zachary glanced inside and sighed heavily. On the second floor of 


, Ethan was pushed into the charity office and the 

 door was closed. Very few people could get into the room. These included the 

 couple of key members of the organization and the two girls who had previously been with Aurora. 


 facharys Facial expression suddenly changed from mild to soft. 


 “What should we do? Give us money back or wait for the police,” asked Zachary 


 “What do you mean?” Ethan argued, “I told you. Something went wrong, and Im 

 solved it. How can you accuse me of stealing? ‘


‘ Is that even the f ** king question? ‘The ponytail girl shouted at Ethan,’ Everyone knows you poor 


 where are you, where do you get the money for your new clothes? You stole money from us and bought the 

 clothes you were wearing! 


 “You are guilty, do you know you messed up all of us?” She continued: “You see the auditorium at 

 downstairs. We have a hearing aid donation ceremony in the afternoon of 

. All school leaders knew about it. What do you want us to do? 


 Ethan knows why Zachary looks sad when passing through the auditorium. He worried that 

 would be cancelled because they did not have hearing aids. 


 The ponytail girl’s words caught the attention of the crowd. 

 They cursed Ethan. 


 “Do you know what kind of trouble we are all in?” Zachary mocked and said, “What do you want us to do with 

? I tell you. Our organization will not take the blame for you! ”Zachary 


 looked at his watch and said, ‘Its eleven o’clock, The ceremony will start at one sharp 

 oclock. All school leaders and representatives will frame 

 for schools with special needs. Way | You see, you have to tell them what happened to you. 


 Ethan is not worried about doing what Zachary suggested, because he has a clear conscience. 

 He is not afraid of anyone. 


 A worse scenario in Ethanis’s mind was that he gave them $30,000 and for him it was a small 



 Ethan thought that Zachary was ridiculous to make such a big fuss. 


 Zachary thought for a moment after speaking. He smiled evilly, as if he had just had a clever 

 plan. Zachary asked the two to go with him. 


 Before leaving, he looked at Ethan and said to the others in the room, “Do not let him go 



 Two men fell asleep and slammed the door outside. 



 Ethan stayed in the room with Aurora who was still crying. 

 Ethan sighed and tried to comfort her. 

 Zachary takes someone else to the basement. 


 “Zachary, what should we do? A lot of money! Our leaders and people provide schools with special needs of 


 The ponytail girl looked worried, She feared they would still get some version of the 

 penalty even after they accused Ethan. 


 But Zachary said nothing. He walked out of the house and lit a cigarette. He smiled and 

 told the girl on the horse: 


 The girl on horseback was surprised. He replied after a moment of thought, “Take lecture 

 for us? Maybe they will appreciate our organization’s finances. 


 ponytail girl suddenly became more nervous. The 


 ponytail girl reminder made everyone nervous. 


 “Shes right. If the school gets us, then everyone will be kicked out of here. We used 

 for ourselves as a gift! 


 “if they know that our books have a problem, | think sooner or later, they will also see the small 

 we took from the ‘


 donation “Zachary, what am I | doing? All that money you took from the gift and shared it with us. 

 I have spent all my money on makeup. 


 Zachary looked at all the people who were frightened, sneered and said: “Intestine! What is 

 afraid of? 


 Everyone lowered their heads in shame, but they were still anxious. 


 Zachary quit his cigarette and said slowly. “| I thought about it. The money we’ve spent 

 over the past two years is roughly $40,000. Expulsion will be the smallest penalty for us once we know about 

 in school. Maybe all of us will be thrown into the f ** king 

 dungeon! ”


 éacharys words put everyone in the shack. 


 “What to do | Do? | do not want to go to jail. ”The little girl was about to cry. 


 Zachary responds with a smile. “What should you do? Either you take the first step to admit to 

 school leaders, or ..- you find yourself a scapegoat! “


 zachary was trying to intimidate them and then come up with his plan. 


 Zachary knew that once he had scared everyone, they would definitely agree to his escalating 

 boat plan, and Ethan would be their first choice. 


 “Yes, we can say that Ethan stole all the money!” The girl with ponytail screamed. 


 She was locked, no one was nearby, and continued to whisper: “Ethan is our best choice for 

. We can accuse him of stealing these 30,000 people. And for any deviation on the 

 book, I would put all the lost money on it toa, 


 Another girl stuck in it, “Thats right. Say Aurora is an Ethans Insider. They worked together to steal money from us with 

. As long as we all say the same thing, no one will believe them. ‘




 Zachary smiled and said, “It’s a good idea, but … Is it too mean? “


 Zachary didn’t say this because of her conscience. He tried to remove it from the 

 campaign. If the plan fell through, he would not need to take responsibility. 


 Zachary could say that other people had plotted the scheme, and he had nothing to do with it. 


 “Zachary, you don’t have to worry about Ethan. He is not a decent person. Looks like a scapegoat 

 anyway “


” If not, it’s not! There is no room for mercy, We must be positive that he is stealing 

 money from us’ 


 “Yeah, that’s it 

 Everyone was excited. All previous darkness has disappeared. 

 None of them cared about Ethan. They could only think of themselves. 


 As long as they can put all the lost money on Ethan, they will be cleared of 

‘s misconduct. 


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