I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 81

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 81
 Chapter 81 


 Buckeye Medical Equipment Wholesale Market. 


 Tina dragged her suitcase and entered a hearing aid store. 


 The owner is an old man, bald, seemingly rude. 


 Seeing Tina enter, she quickly approached him and said, “Madam, what’s in this box?” 


 Tina looked around and attracted her owner. He pulled out a device in a 

 suitcase and asked, “How much is this type of hearing aid?” 


 The owner bowed and looked at Tinas’ suitcase. He laughed and said, “These 

s are not expensive. Three to five hundred. “


 Tina is not satisfied with the price. She did the same research before coming. The 

 retail price of this set of listening devices is two thousand. 


 Tina is amazed at how big she is. Aurora asked Ethan to buy thirty cheap 

 bundles, which cost a thousand per set. 


 However, the price of each set purchased by Ethan is 2000, which is one of the best products. 

 Ethan buys one hundred bundles, 


 That’s said that all litigation equipment costs two hundred thousand dollars. So, did Ethan use his 



 But Tina didn’t think so at the moment. 

 She was furious at the price the owner of this shop had given her. 


 Noticing Tina was angry, the owner quickly stopped Tina and said with a smile, 

 “Why, young lady? Do not go. What do you want? “


 Tina held the set of hearing aids in her hand and asked the owner,” Say it again. How much 

 are you selling?” 


 The owner scratched his head awkwardly and said, “Oh… Young ladies, to tell you the truth, it is the best 

 hearing aid in the country. We do not sell them, and no Buckeye store sells them. Are you selling or buying 

? ’


 Tina looked around and said in a soft voice saying“ Shop. | Have a group, and Ill sell them to you if 

 good value does not matter! 


 Tinas somewhat unbelievable to the owner. 


 However, he simply smiled and said, ‘To tell you the truth, the cost was two thousand and one 

 hundred dollars. But im guessing you did not get it from legitimate products. Let it do it. How many 

s do you have? [I will pay you eight hundred per set. And how is that? ”


“ One Hundred Hundred? ” Tina didn’t seem to dare. He could say that his owner had noticed a suspicious 

 behavior, so he gave it a low price. 


 But eight hundred hundred for a hundred is still a lot of money for Tina. 


 He calmed himself and said, ‘Two hundred men! If you do not agree, go to 

 alse people! 


 The owner has shaved his head. “A thousand!” 


 “Trade, give me money!” 


 Tina breathed a sigh of relief, and handed her owner her suitcase. 


 Half an hour later Tina grabbed a hundred bucks and happily left the store. 


 And the owner was also in a good mood. 


 He can sell them for two hundred dollars. 


 owners quickly posted information online to sell them. 


 A customer entered this store in 30 minutes. 


 She looked around and fixed her eyes on the shopkeeper who was on her cell phone. 


 Maggie presents its cell phone with the concern of the owners, which has the announcement of selling 

 products on the screen. 


 “Did you send it? Did you sell them? 

 The Lord is very pleased. He did not expect the customer to come quickly. 


 “No, you are fast! How many do you want?” The shopkeeper asked with a smile, “They are all genuine. 

 You can not find this type of listening device in Capital, Ocean City, and in my store Twelve 


 Maggie smiled and said, “How much do you have? | Want them all! “


 Hearing what Marquis said, the owner was very excited, but he arrogantly said: “Young lady 

, | There are three hundred sets. Are you sure you want them all? “


 Maggie looked up and chuckled,” Don’t brag. You only have one hundred layers. Take them out now 

 and tell me how you got them! “


 Maggies face suddenly cool and continue,” If you tell me the truth, maybe Ill cut you off 

 hook. If this is not the case. “


 Maggie said so, two strong young men in black suits walked into the store and closed the door of 


 They pulled out their guns. 

 The master is terrified of what he sees, but he pretends to be calm. 


‘Are you threatening me? | m tell you. I have been here for over ten years. | know 

 people, and if you dare to touch me, | I promise you can not leave this market with a 

 plece “


 The owner put a wooden ram under the table while he was still talking. 

 However, Maggie scolded her fake face, “Oh, right?” 

 Five minutes later … 


 “Do you think we can get out of the market in one piece now?” Maggie stood in front of the 

 owner and laughed. 


 The owner was lying on the floor, wrapped in tape, and a young man stepped on him. 

 And a gun pointed at his head. 


 “Yes, you can, you can! Please save my life, ma. Health tells you everything. You can take all the 



 owner told Maggle about how he bought Tina’s hearing aid. 




 She also showed Maggie a security photo to prove she was telling the truth. 


 Maggie asked for a copy of the security film and then recorded her 

 owner’s confession before letting her go. 


 It’s not hard on him. Maggie did not think her owner deserved the trouble. 

 He hurried to Buckeye University with about a hundred hearings. 


 At the Buckeye University carpus, Tina has just arrived at the campus gate carrying $100,000. She heard someone say that the hearing aid donation ceremony was about 

 to begin. 


 events like this usually fail to attract viewers. 

 But Tina wants to know something. 

 because she just sold all the hearing aids Ethan bought for this donation ceremony. 


 The ceremony should be canceled. Rumors about the missing hearing aid 

 should have been circulating on campus. 


 But why the ceremony is still going on as planned and no one seems to know anything. 


 Tina scratched her head and walked to the auditorium in confusion. 


 When he arrived, there was a large crowd in his beloved room. 


 There were about a hundred or two people in the audience, talking to each other, 


 At one o’clock, the party started. School principals and school representatives for 

 children with special needs were sitting on the platform. 


 A young woman took the stage. He first showed the audience to be quiet and handed them to the 

 school leader. 


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