I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 82


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 82
 Chapter 82


 The head of the school is not high. He was half bald and had a stomach. 

 After the 

 speech, the leader looked at Zachary sitting in the first row and said, “I put the 

 student council vice president and representative of the charity, 

 Zachary Sander, on stage.” Hell represents Buckeye University to provide the materials for the 

 campus to students with special needs. 


 He then led the applause to take Zachary to the stage. 


 The hotel is full of applause. 


 Many people praised Zachary. 


 “Since Zachary took over the charitable organization, it has been a great success!” 


 ‘He has a good guy. | I was told that it took him only a week to raise $30,000.”

“He’s a Buckeye University treasure.” 


 The audience couldn’t stop praising Zachary. 


 But Tina became more and more confused. 


 Watching Zachary get on stage, she wondered what would happen. 


 The audience soon fell silent as Zachary stood on stage in silence. 


 leader asked: “Zachary, what are you doing? Come and make a speech and kick off the 

 ceremony! “


 sighed Zachary and said,” Director Cox, I’m afraid there will be no ceremony today ‘


 “Why?” Director Cox looked in shock, “Are you kidding me? Quickly bring up the hearing 



 Director of Cox winks at Zachary. He didn’t know he had no hearing devices. 


 School representatives for special needs children were all locked together, 

 confused about the scene on stage. 


‘Cox, I’m not kidding. “The cant start over!” Zachary added, “

 dollars for the property has been stolen!” 


 “What?” Hearing this, Director Cox wondered, “Zachary, what did you do? It is more than 

 than $30,000. How could you lose it? “


 Zacharys’ words like a bomb had exploded in the crowd. 

 “What? Steal? How can they be careless? “

” Who stole it? How much trash is the charity stealing! “


” money was reserved to buy hearing devices for those poor children. 

How embarrassing this thief is! 

 The penalty is never enough for one of sh * t! “


” Yes, thieves must be hanged! 

 The audience is in a state of shock. 


 The people participating in the event are those who are interested in charity, and the kind 

 generous people. 



 They were very angry and heard that someone had stolen the donation. 

 But Tina breathed a sigh of relief in Zacharys words. 

 She was secretly delighted with how the case changed. 


 Zachary said it was stolen money instead of hearing devices. This meant that 

 either Zachary was lying or Ethan lied to Zachary. 


 But whoever lied, Tina was not included. 


 It was great news for Tina. 


 “Tell me, what happened?” 


 Director Cox was angry at Zachary’s words. 


 The culture of the school relied on free celebrations. 

 was meant to be an exemplar event for the university to promote itself. 


 Thus, the event was famous among Buckeye’s universities even before it took place. 


 Everyone was looking forward to the success of the event so that they could include the 

 charity giving ceremony in their achievement book. 


 However, the ceremony did not go as planned. 

 turns out this is a great embarrassment. 


 Director Cox, who met with representatives of the school for children with special needs, 

 was most embarrassed. 


 The money was stolen. How can he explain this to the representatives of 


 Seems like Director Cox is very angry, Zachary secretly happy. He knew once he told Director 


 Cox that Ethan stole the money, Director Cox would be too angry to think, and Ethan 

 would get disciplinary action from Director Cox right away. 


 That’s exactly what Zachary had hoped for. 


 Zachary quickly put on a pitiful face and said, “We didn’t think anyone would steal 

 gift money. 

Therefore, after we took out the cash from the bank, we put it in the office drawer.

 We were 

 at the time and planned to send someone to buy hearing aids in a few days, but the 

 money was stolen that night. 


 Director Cox was heartbroken after hearing what Jacharys said. 

He said to him in frustration 

, “| put a lot of trust in you, you made such a stupid mistake. 

We don’t even have security cameras in the 


 How do we find the thief? Do you have any directions? At 

 when is the money stolen? Why didn’t you tell me that in advance? 

At least we could call 

 a police force! ”


 Director Cox was still scouring Zachary. 


 Zachary tried to make himself look as miserable as possible, “It’s all my fault. It took 

 days, but we were surprised. I knew I’d get mad if I figured it out, so 

 wanted to find the thief myself! “


 Cox took a deep breath and swore recklessly.” You idiot! What can you find 

 for? “


 Zachary rather smiled at Cox’s rhetorical question. Guess what? After our constant efforts we found him, and he is a college student 


! “


” Did you catch it? Cox’s director was relieved, “Where is he?” 

 People were surprised to hear Zachary. 


 “Awesome! They really caught the thief! Where is he? “


” Come on, bring him to the stage. Show us which mother * ker. What a shame for Buckeye University 

! “


” | unless he lets this guy escape easily! | Giving money, and he dares steal? What a despicable 

! Everyone in the 


 auditorium became excited after hearing what Zachary said. 

they almost wanted the 

 to turn the stage into a performance theater. 


 Zachary was very pleased with what he had accomplished. 

He thinks that in this kind of thinking, Ethan 

 can not be explained even if he has tried. 


 Zachary had been worried that no one would buy his lie. But obviously, he no longer needs 



 “Quickly tell me who the thief is,” Cox urged impatiently. 


 Zachary smiled and signed the people to carry the thieves. He then said, 

“Director Cox, the thief is 

 Ethan Humphrey of the Department of Civil Engineering!” 


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