I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 83

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 83 
Chapter 83 


 “Ethan Humphrey?” Name rang bell for Director Cox. 


 Director Cox is responsible for financial assistance. Ethan had been known for lack of financial support 

, and Director Cox had previously worked on the Ethans case. 


 Director Cox sighed and asked in confusion, “Are you sure Ethan?” Zary 


 and said, “Ethan is not just a suspect. We caught him with our bare hands. Ask other people if you don’t believe in 


 Zachary pointed to the other members of the charity organization and said: “We tied him 


 The girl with 

 ponytail stood up first and said, “We found the money was gone, we started 

 looked for the thief and planted people in the office. 

We caught him red-handed when Ethan tried to steal 

 again! “


” Yes, He stole more than thirty thousand dollars in cash! “Another girl said, 

” If you do not believe us, wait and see what Ethan wears.

He spent the stolen money on 

 expensive clothes!” 


 Everyone was shocked by their accusations in the auditorium. 


 Although Ethan is poor, no one questioned his character. Ethan 

 is unlikely to commit such a crime. 


 But those who didn’t know Ethan were very angry. The 

 audience began to argue fiercely. 


 “No way! Ethan couldn’t do this sort of thing.

 | remember that the charitable organization supported him 

 financially ”


“ Why can’t he? He is so poor he steals. Sounds reasonable to me! “

” is disgusting… 

 “A piece of sh * t. We should talk to the school leadership to kick him out of Buckeye University. ‘


 The auditorium was in disarray. Director Cox worked very hard to calm people down. Then he asked, 

 “Where is Ethan now?” 


 “We have him. He and his accomplices were kept in the office. I called someone and put down 

! “The door of the house opened right after 


 Zachary finished talking. 


 Ethan and Aurora, who were still crying, walked in, accompanied by several members of the 

 charity organization. 


 Ethan does not know what happened. He walked proudly. 

“Hes Ethan Humphrey! ” 


 Out of nowhere, someone threw an orange peel at Ethan and shouted, “Scumbag, you’re so proud 

 of what you’ve done, right?” 



 The auditorium was back in chaos again. 


 Almost everyone started throwing garbage at Ethan and scolding him. 


 Ethan was so shocked by people’s reactions. He reached out to protect his head. 

 He turned around and saw the aurora hit the garbage. 


 Ethan then stretched out his hand to protect Aurora. He screamed to the crowd, “Hey, stop 

! what are you doing? Stop … “


 No one listened to Ethan. Some people even jumped from their seats and charged at Ethan. 


 Ethan hears the curse, “Scumbag, you do not know what you did? How dare you ask 

? “


” Stop? | just want to hold you! Stealing money? Your piece sh * t! “


” Type it. The woman he is protecting is probably his accomplice! Beat them together! 

 That crap shames Buckeye University! Beat them down! “The 


 crowd wanted to eat Ethan alive. 


 Zachary was happy to see the whole crowd working. He thought everyone was convinced that Ethan was a 

 thief, and that Ethan would never be able to prove himself innocent. 


 Zachary shouted, following the crowd. “Yes, we should give good lessons to people like him. 

 otherwise he will steal again. 



 When Ethan was hit, he tried to figure out what made the crowd angry at his 


 After seeing Zachary’s satisfied face, Ethan guesses | t had to contact 



 When the crowd saw that they were out of control, the Cox director rushed off the stage and pushed the violent 

 people away. Then he pulled Ethan out of the crowd. 


 “Director Cox, what … What are they doing? “Ethan said angrily,” Why did they hit us? “


 Before Director Cox can answer Ethan, Zachary intervenes,” Why? Don’t you know what you’ve done 

? I’m telling you, Ethan. You are now an open enemy! Someone in the 


 audience shouted to show their agreement with Zachary. 



 “He deserves to be beaten …” 


 “He’s thrown into prison! ‘




 He looked at Zachary in disbelief and said, “Zachary, | has told you that there were some errors in the 

 shipments, and | m checked what went wrong. | not stealing the money. Can you give me a 

 time? “


” Come on, Zachary shouted, “Delivery is a mistake? We caught you stealing silver red- 

 in hand. What are you going to do about that? 

If you do not steal from us, where can you get 

 money to buy all the clothes you wear? “


” Stealing money? “Ethan shocked and angry,” when | stealing money? Do you have 

 proof? ”

‘ a 

 Ethan pointed to his clothes, “And I told you before that | paid for my clothes. | did not use the 

 donation, why don’t you believe me? “


” Bah! “The pony girl shouted at Ethan,” What do you believe? ” Everyone knows you are poor 

The stuff you wear is worth at least tens of thousands, Where did you get the money if not 

 by stealing? “


” Can you explain that? We caught you. Don’t try to argue with us. What a shame! Another 

 girl joined the accusation. 


 The crowd came to the point after hearing her. 


 Ethan glared at everyone furiously. 


 Ethan looked at Zachary in contempt. 


 He knew that Zachary had to instruct the plan to construct his money-stealing behavior, 

 and others would blame Ethan just because he was poor. 

 They all looked down at Ethan. 


 Ethan sniffs and looks at Cox. He did not even try to stop the human farmer from cursing 



 “Director Cox, even if you think | stole money?” Ethan asked him. 


 Director Cox leaned back and said, ‘Ethan, everyone says you did it [t. If you want to prove 

 in other ways, you must have evidence? “


” Evidence? Ethan couldn’t help laughing. He looked at Director Cox and said, “Does 



 ‘Money?’ Cox director is confused, “What do you mean?” 


 Ethan looked at Zachary and said, “How much money does Zachary accuse me of stealing?” 

 Zachary surprised by Ethans question.

 He said in a hurry, “Fifty thousand, What’s wrong?” 

 Ethan smiled, “According to you, did Ive steal fifty thousand dollars from the organization?” 

 Zachary couldn’t find out where Ethan was going. 

He replied: “Yes, what’s the matter?” 

 Ethan smiled, looking more relaxed. 


 He continued, “Nothing. | It can be proved that I did not steal! “


” how? “Director Cox asked frowning. 


 Ethan smiles and says, ‘It’s so simple. Did you not say that | stole fifty thousand dollars and spent 

 on my clothes? So what if | It can provide more than 50 thousand dollars. | I didn’t steal 



 “If not why, after | Was wasting money on clothes | Still have more money 

 left? “Said Ethan. 


 Hearing Ethans’s words, everyone was astonished, 


 Zachary and sill quietly contemptibly said, “He will not prove your innocence. Think about it, People like 

 you even dare to steal money from charity. How can it make sure you didn’t steal others’ frame 

 alsa? “


” It’s a shame! Think of an idea like that! “


” What if you’re just about fifty thousand dollars long? Don’t you dream about cheating on us but 



 is easy! The girl on horseback quickly echoed. 


 Ethan raised her eyebrows and blew her nose. He said, “Do you think a million dollars can prove it?” 


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