I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 84


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 84
Section 84 


 Ethan’s words startled the horse girl. 


 It is believed that Ethan stole ten thousand dollars. But really 

 maybe Ethan failed to steal a million. 


 But, many people immediately laughed at Ethans Parish. 

 Nobody believed Ethan could have that much money. 


 “Keep your reputation! Why do not you say you have a hundred million? wake up. Take a look at who you are 

! “Zachary Sneeze, 


” Donate money just say, tell us a million dollars! 


 Everyone cast sarcasm at Ethan. 


 They thought Ethan was just acting stupid, 


 Ethan just smiled. 


 million is not a big number. Ethan has two billion in his bank account. 


 He looked at Director Cox and asked, “Director Cox, do you have any charitable project that needs a recent 

 donation?” Director Cox 


 was confused, “He gives a gift to students from low-income families. But why? “


 Ethan smiled and looked at those who looked at him, He said,” Nothing. | want to give 

 give one million! “


 Hearing Ethans’ words, the whole open room rumbled. 

 People looked at Ethan in disbelief. 

 They did not believe in him. 


 “Does he have that much money? He was under financial assistance. But now he wants to donate one 

 million? “


” He just looked during the day! “


” Ethan, are you sure? ” Director Cox shouted and said, “I’m telling you. If you dare to hang out with me, I will give you disciplinary action. 

But if you can really give one 

 million, | promise you to get to the bottom of this event. 

| wont wrong you if you are innocent. “Did you take your credit card?” 

 Ethan is annoying, and people are shocked! 


 However, most people still do not believe what Ethans said. They thought Ethan was setting up a 



 Maybe Ethan wants revenge after being called a thief. 

 He is looking for every way to protect his dignity. 

 But how can anyone argue with reality. 


 no matter what explanation Ethan can find. 


 Can a student in a low-income family make about a million dollars? No one would believe it. 



 Someone was laughing and waiting to see how Ethan would go crazy! 


 “Zachary? Do you think he has a million? ’The girl on horseback was scared. He pulled his hand 

 éachary and asked, 


 Zachary looked at him and the others, and he smiled calmly. 


 “I ask you, do you have a million?” Zachary asked the girl with ponytails. 

 “None.” She shook her head. 


 “Is your family richer than his family?” 


 “Of course, ten thousand times better ‘


 The ponytail girl lived in the urban area of Buckeye City, and both her parents worked in the government of 

. His family owns a house and a car. In her opinion, she and Ethan are not in the same world of 


 Zachary chuckled and said, “Then what are you worried about? Even your family does not have 

 million. Do you think five have it? “


 Zachary patted the ponytail girl on her shoulder and comforted her,” Don’t worry, it makes 

 worthless battles. Let’s see how he ends his show when he releases a 

 reader credit card: 


 éacharys words that have calmed many people. 

 The girl on the horse smiled and said, “Yes, you are right. Let’s see how he will end his show! “


” The more he says, the more he sins and the safer we are! “The other girl laughed and said 

. You may find the problem. It should be very strict 

 that Ethan stole money from us. | do not think anyone can prove his innocence. 


 While they were talking, President Cox asked someone to bring a card to read. 


 Cox looked at Ethan and laughed and said, “Ethan, are you really going to donate 440 million dollars? Do you have a hundred million dollars? 


 Hearing this, Ethan just smiled. He took the credit card out of his pocket and inserted it into the card’s 





 Ethan pressed the password. 


 beeped, Director Coxs’s face changed. 


 Ethan smiled and said, “Director Cox, do you believe me now?” 


 Ethan felt proud, 


 However, what he received was not praise from Director Cox, but angry shouts! 

 “Ethan! Have you had enough? “


 On hearing this, Ethan was stunned and went to check the card reader. He was surprised by what he saw 


 said the transaction has failed! 


 “What’s up?” Ethan wanted to figure out what was wrong. He explained, “Director Cox, 

 please listen to me. It’s just a glitch. That is the solution now! Cox 


 director lost his temper. He looked at Ethan angrily and shouted: “|Don’t want to hear 



, you say it again, Ethan. You’d better save them to the police. Ive given it to you. | 

 sees that you want to donate, sa | think we might have wronged you, but… 

you let me down 

! “


 Director Cox stood up and was about to leave. Before he left, Cox’s director asked Zachary, “Inform the university security right now. 

| think Ethan was arrested. When the police arrived, let them deal with 

 him! “


” You have soiled the name of Buckeye University and wasted our time! Director Cox was angry at 

 and he rushed out of the stage. 


 Ethan kept trying to explain, “Bishop Cox, please listen to me…” Special requirements. The 


 Ethans head was spinning. He did not understand why the transaction failed. 


 Ethan checked the credit card reader and found a line of small words on the screen, “Youve 

 exceeded today’s limit, five hundred thousand dollars … 


 Ethan suddenly remembers that he has not improved his karate festival yet. He thought the 

 wouldn’t have a chance to spend a lot of money at once. 


 Even though his father had already given him two billion rupees, Ethan did not see the need to renew the 

 spending limit. And that day, he suffered from it. 


 Ethan mourned his mistake. However, these are no longer important. Everyone was laughing at 



 Ethan raised his head and saw Zachary looking at him, holding back his laughter. 


 ‘Just as Ive said. He is bragging. He never got a million! “Zachary 

 said in contempt,” What’s wrong? Where is the one million donations? Oh, no. Director Cox 

 annoyed you,” 


 Zachary gloated and everyone else laughed at Ethan. 

 “Very funny. | I really thought he could give a million dollars. How much turnout is that!” 


 “What the hell are you thinking? Having a problem with your head? It was the first time Ive 

 seen someone trying to raise himself! 


 When Ethan heard this, he gritted his teeth and tried his best to restrain his anger. 

 He looked at the phone and thought: “Where is Maggie?” 


 At this moment, someone in the auditorium sighed suddenly, and everyone looked at the door of 


 Three men in green armor entered. 


 Of these three, the thin one walked over to Ethan and drove him away. Then he asked towards the 

 Zachary. “Is that that person?” 


 Zachary nodded. He is stealing money! “


 The three guards looked at each other and hurried to Ethan. One of them 

 grabbed Ethans’ arm and drove him away. 


 A few minutes later, in 1990, in a conference room at Buckeye University, Ethan was brought in by a 

 security guard. 

 Ethan saw a large crowd staring at him in the meeting room, all of them well dressed 

 and well mannered. 


 Among them was Vice President Saxon Walton, who was in charge of discipline. 


 Next to Vice President Walton were school and faculty leaders. They were all staring at a cool Ethan 


 After a long silence, Director Cox spoke, “Ethan, do you know how bad your 

 behavior is affecting our university? We are all very disappointed with you.” 


‘I haven’t come up to this point, do you have anything else to say? “


 Ethan sighed looking at the people in front of him. I was made! “


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