I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 85


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 85
Chapter 85 


 “Do you refuse?” Director Cox is angry. He exclaimed to Ethan, “Did you say you want 

 to donate a million dollars to prove your innocence? But wheres the gift? | I want to trust you, 

 but you made me laugh! What would you say to yourself? “


 What happened was a shame for Director Cox. 


 as the director, he gave Ethan the last 

 chance, so he became the laughing stock of the whole school. If the data goes out, his reputation will be damaged. 


 Director Cox gives Ethan a big boost, but Ethan fails him and makes him laugh. The director of the 

 Cox hated Ethan for it. 


 Ethan wanted to explain, but he interrupted when he was about to speak. 

 Vice President Saxon Walton bothered Ethan. 


 “Okay, enough!” Vice President Walton said: “To be honest, we have reported 

 to the police. The school administration has consulted with you, and we have decided to remove you 

. As for the money, you have to pay it back, it’s a donation. We hope you still have a small 

 conscience left “



 Ethan almost blew up when he heard the decision. 

 He did not even think he would be fired for such a ridiculous reason! 


 Ethan smiled broadly, looked at Vice President Walton and muttered, “Vice President 

 Walton, why are you sending me away?” 


 Looking at his face, Walton said, “Do you want me to list your crimes?” You 

 stole the charity money, what do you mean by that? 


 In fact, this is just one of the reasons. It was decided to protect Buckeye University. 

 All higher education institutions were aware of Buckeye University’s donation of hearing aids. 

 was supposed to be an applause to Buckeye University, but Ethan ruined it. 


 Buckeye University was hugely embarrassed by other 

 peer institutions in Buckeye. 


 Ethans’ reputation and future are nothing compared to Buckeye University. 


 Buckeye University’s leadership didn’t really care if Ethan was the culprit or not. They only want 

 to complete the case as quickly as possible. 


 So Ethan was just a scapegoat! 

 Ethan caused trouble, so he took the blame. 

 They want to kick Ethan out of Buckeye University, with the whole situation. 


 Ethan would be reported to be responsible for everything, and Buckeye University did not have a 

 related to the case. 


 This time dozens of eyes stared at Ethan. The resolution is a 

 approval rating. Obviously, everyone agrees to do this. 


 When they look at them, they realize there is nothing they can do to change them. 






 Ethan was frustrated, but he still asked, “Vice President Walton, do you really need to do this 



 Upon hearing this, Vice President Walton whispered and said, “Why do you still think you were tortured with 

? You should consider the consequences when you do so. We want to hear any 

 explanation now! “


 Ethan gave a bitter smile. It was foolish for those people to think he would explain soon. 


 Things had come to this, and no explanation is needed. 

 Ethan didn’t have to show mercy to them because they were so cold. 


 They ignored everything Ethan said, so there was no more opportunity for them. 

 Ethan pulls up a chair and sits down. 


 “Ethan, who… who let you sit? Cox’s director shouted, 

: “School leaders give you a great choice for your behavior and you should accept it in 

. What’s your attitude? “


 Director Coxs attention to many supporting voices at once. 


 Everyone began to criticize Ethan, “Get up now. Who allowed you to sit down? Do you see 

 seeing other professors still standing there? ”


‘ He is completely out of control. No wonder he would do such a thing. He has no sense of morality 

! “


” He is disrespectful to school officials and a disgrace to the University of Buckeye. Expelling him is a 

 right decision! “


 They all pointed to Ethan and passed the judgment. 


 However, Ethan read them as an open book. He does not want to waste his honesty on their 

 because no one treats Ethan well with honesty. 


 Looking at the university leadership and professors, Ethan laughed and said to them, “You 

 are accusing me of being illegal and rude. I am a shame at Buckeye 

 University. But what about you?” 


 They were amazed at what Ethans said. For years, they have always criticized others for 

 without being criticized. 


 Ethan was the first! 


 Ethan ignored the surprise and turned it over to coach Cox. He asked, “Director Cox, | do you want to see 

, what | should you humbly accept this?” Is it a slander from all 

 professors, or from all souls who hinder justice? “The words of 


 Ethans completely tore the hypocritical mask. 


 Although their behavior was contemptible, they had received careful attention. Ethan revealed their shameful 

 behavior out in the open. They were furious. 40 Ah 4 40 Ah 4 “you … You are a thug! “A male professor yelled to Ethan, “What does defamation and 

 obstruction of justice mean?” Explain!” 


 “What do you mean? Are you criticizing another President Walton for cheating on you and 

 making you hate yourself? “


 You should be expelled as soon as possible? “


” Yes! Immediately! ‘Some were shouting backwards. Looking all over it was 




 Walton Vice President! 


 Since Waltan spoke, the decision to ban Ethan has been confirmed. Every 

 can express anger to the Vice President! 


 University leadership and professors, of which Ethan was the only one outraged, had all the confidence from Vice President 

 President Waltons to support the decision. 


 It retains the final message of decision. No one can change anything once the Walton 

 is confirmed. That said, Ethan will definitely be deported. 


 Just in time when everyone is satisfied, the door of the conference room is pushed 

 open. A voice was heard outside, 


 “You have no authority to release it!” 

 Everyone was amazed at the sudden interruption. Someone went into the room. 


 “Who are you?” Seeing Maggie walking in, Director Cox smiled and asked, “Who are you? Which 

 do you allow to enter? This is a meeting room in the school, not outside. Immediately come out from 

 or | I’ll call campus security!” 


 Maggie ignored Cox and walked toward Ethan. He looked closely at Ethan and asked in the lower 

 book, “Are you all right? I’m sorry I’m late. The matter is settled “


 Hearing Maggles’ words, Ethan breathed a sigh of relief. 


 Maggie continued to ask: “What do these people want? Why | Heard they want to expel you 


 Ethan smiled, looked at the confused people in the room, and said, “Not a big deal. They are , making me a scapegoat. You’re on time, they said they wanted to deport me 

 Please ask them for me, are they serious? “


 Ethan mocked Ethan in the face. 


 Maggie understands Ethans strategy. He nodded and walked over to Vice President Walton and the other 

s. Maggie asked: “What’s the matter? | heard you want to kick him out? Are you heavy? ”


 The Vice President satisfies. He said with disrespect, “Yes. And who are you? Judging 

 frames the tone of your voice, do you threaten me? Do you want me to be scared? 


 Maggie smiled and took out the phone. After dialing a number, he groaned, “Threaten you 

? Do you qualify? ” 


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