I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 86


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 86
Chapter 86 


 “You …” Vice President Walton was seduced. She asked Maggie, “What do you mean?” 


 Maggie smiled and said, “Nothing. I’m just telling you that you are messing up with a 

 person and you did something you shouldn’t do! “


” You can choose anyone, but you chose to target Ethan. Maggie narrowed her eyes and said 

 with the threat of her voice, “The lesson here is not to play with fire!” 


 The Maggies startle Vice President Walton and others. 


 They had just negotiated Ethan’s crime, and suddenly someone came from there, 

 He even spoke to them in a threatening voice. 


 “Who are you? What do you mean?” Walton did not take the threat seriously. “How | It is my business to trade 

 with Ethan. | When do I need to explain to you about school affairs. 


 Maggie was provoked. She slammed the table, and then scolded: “Deal with him? Who gave you 

 power? | will not be with you unless you give me the proper explanation! 


 Maggie stared at him. She could have been crushed by a phone call, but the issue at 

 was about Ethans’ reputation, so Maggie managed to hold back her anger. He wants to reach 

 under the circumstances. 


 Vice President Walton has speculated that Maggie may be a relative or friend of Ethan. She came to 

 to help him. 


 But, like Ethan, is he capable of meeting important people? 

 Vice President Walton laughed at his heart, thinking that at most Maggie was taking action! 


 He smiled coldly and said, “Okay, I’ll tell you, the reason is that Ethan stole charitable funds. 

 The money is intended to provide hearing devices for children with disabilities.” 


 Vice President Walton spoke coldly with his eyes narrowed. ‘I wonder what else 

 Ethan couldn’t do if you could steal charity money? “


” stealing money? “Maggie was surprised. “How much?” 


 “Oops!” Cox intervened. “And he wasted everything. Just look at what he is doing 

! Secure purchase with this money ‘


 Coxs Audience Director, teachers and school officials both pointed to Ethan and 

 whispered to them! 


 But the word Maggie laughed, 

 “You said you stole money?” Maggie said, “And fifty dollars?” 


 Maggie thought it was the biggest joke in the world. Ethan is the son of Eric Norman, 

 which means he can have far more money than he can spend the rest of his life. 


 These people tried to make Ethan a thief who stole charity. It is a lunatic 



 Otherwise, they deliberately targeted Ethan. 

 For whatever reason, they hit the Maqgies button. 


 Eric placed his order to take care of Ethan in Buckeye. He did not expect Ethan to be under 

 like the shame of the morons. 


 Maggies’ face suddenly fell. She was indifferent to everyone who was not in the room, and said 

 coldly, “Is that okay? On your allegation, do you have evidence? Show mel! “


 Sounds Maggies sound but with a dull sound. 

 She wanted to see all the tricks they could pull off! 


 “Evidence? Yes, we have proof! Vice President Walton imitated Director Cox, 

 “Go and bring people from the Guardian.” Didn’t they catch Ethan in the red? 

 Bring them here and tell her what they see. Prove to her that we didn’t frame Ethan! “Director 


 Cox rushed out in a hurry. 


 Vice President Walton looked at Maggie in complacency. He smiled and said, “Just wait for your evidence here at 

. We have several witnesses. See what you say next! 


 Maggie shook and turned to look at Ethan. She was curious about what kind of witnesses they were 

 talking about! Director Cox 


 came back very soon, followed by four or five men and women. Zachary Sander and Ponytail Girl 

 were among them. 


 “Vice President Walton, here they are!” 


 “Zachary, some people don’t believe that Ethan has stolen the charity fund of your 

 organization. Now tell us again how you hold Ethan red— “


 Zachary was one of the leaders of the University of Buckeye student union. Vice President 

 Walton met many of them. He has a good knowledge of Zachary. Therefore, he 

 will believe Zacharys words! 


 Zachary looks like a brilliant student. How can he lie? 


 Zachary nodded and said his affirmation. According to him, Ethan had stolen ahead and got 

 off. So they took turns watching and finally caught him. 


 “Tam sim no li cas? Are you satisfied? Maybe one or two people will lie, but this is some 

 that can be proved by the whole organization. How can you protect it now? Vice President 

 Walton said confidently. The 


 éZacharys story sounded perfectly to Vice President Walton, but Maggie didn’t think so. She only found out that this story was absurd at 


 asked him some questions? “Maggie looked at Vice President Walton, smiling 


 Vice President Walton confidently nodded and said, “No problem. Ask whatever you want. I will see 

 how you can reverse the truth. Zachary asks anything.” 


 When Zachary heard this, Zachary nodded politely, but was a bit embarrassed. 

 “What… What do you want to ask? “

 Maggie said with a straight smile.”| I want to ask. When did you catch Ethan? “


 Zachary was surprised to hear what Magis said. He rolled his eyes and scratched his head 

. In fact, he is not yet likely to meet Ethan before this morning. How can 

 answer your questions? 



 He examines others, only to find that they are still looking at each other silently. 


 Zachary became nervous. He must take a risk and then answer: “We caught him last night. You 

 know. It was late by then, it was quiet, and it was easier to steal things. ’


 “What time is it?” Maggie asked frankly. 


 “Er … naw … na, ei tua deg oclock. | … | I can’t remember! “Zachary was a little embarrassed. Vice President 

 Walton was a bit confused by his panic. 


 Maggie smiled and asked, “Are you sure?” 


 “Yes… Remember “


” After Zachary had finished speaking, Maggie clapped her hands immediately. She threw two 

 tickets at Zachary Space. 


 “Bullshét, here is the Ethans card for his flight from Ocean City this morning. How can you catch him stealing 

 last night? “Maggie said angry. 


 The Maggies have caused a stir among school leaders. Director Cox rushed over 

 and picked up the ticket for inspection, shaking his head. 


 The ticket looks real. And they could always check the China 

 Civil Aviation Service to find out the authenticity of the ticket. 


 “What… What is here, Zachary? Director Cox held the ticket and asked with a confused 

 look, “What went wrong …” 


 Everyone also looked at Zachary in shock, waiting to hear his answer . 

 Everyone began to disbelieve Zacharys’ words. 


 “| … | He was wrong, You must believe me … “Zachary’s icy sweat came from his back. 

 He continued to explain, ‘He … It this morning. As soon as 

 returned to campus, it must have gone to steal from us! “


 Hearing this, Maggie’s face darkens. She called someone to come in, and two young 

 men in black suits came in with suitcases in both hands. 


 “Well, show me the evidence!” Maggie sneered and asked, “Do you have any?” 


 Zachary quickly pointed at the person behind him, but he found that no one could provide any evidence for 


 Maggie smiled and said, “Good, you have no evidence. But get something! “


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