I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 87 – 88


I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 87 – 88
Chapter 87 


 Having said that, Maggie asked one of the young men to set up a laptop on the table wild of 



” What … What are we doing?” asked confusingly, Vice President Walton. 

 Maggie gestured to her man, played surveillance video footage. 

 Maggie smiled with contempt and ridicule. 


 ‘The surveillance video was taken from one of the campus gates. | “I believe you all have the ability of 


 to understand the content of this video,” Maggie said, “It shows that at 10:28 a.m., 

 Ethan appeared in the video.” He met with the lady at the gate, carrying the mailbox! 


 See the movies, everyone tired and continue to watch with curiosity. 


 Maggie continued, “Well, about a minute later, two more women appeared. All three fernales 

 saw Ethan open the box. Then they discovered there were bricks inside. Two of the 

 women had a private interview while watching Ethan’s party and left. 


 Maggie put the video on for a couple of minutes and continued, “A few minutes later, 

 Zachary Sander appeared in the video with a group of people. They took Ethan to one of the 

 student union offices. Ethan didn’t leave the office until the incident in the auditorium 



 Maggie looked at Zachary, snorted, and questioned, “So let me ask you this, Zachary. Etha was 

 in the office with two young men guarding the door at this time. When did you steal the money? Or is the 

 theft authorized by you? 


 Zacharys’ face turned pale. Realizing that things are not going well, the situation of school leaders facing 

 also looks bad. 


 Maggie smiled and turned to question the leadership of the school, “What made me even more excited is that 

 checking campus surveillance video footage has never crossed any of your thoughts. It turns out that 

, the leaders of this university made decisions based on rumors and lies. It’s not funny but 

, isn’t it? “


 Mocking the Maggies made everyone walk around uncomfortably. But they can do 


 nothing about it because Maggie told the truth. 


 Indeed, it is not difficult to find out who the thief is, but no one does it. They 

 made the decision to declare Ethan a thief and expel him entirely according to Zachary’s personal 



 Vice President Walton glared at Zachary. He thought Zachary had fooled him. 


 Walton knew that when the news came out, one of the Buckeye 

 college students would do more damage than being a thief. 


 And his educational career will end because of that. 


 “Zachary, do you have an explanation?” Walton suddenly slammed the table and got up. His 

 shouted angrily at Zachary, “You have to give me a proper explanation. Or are you waiting for your disciplinary action 

! “


 Zachary was shocked by Waltons’ work. She looked at Walton angrily, nervous. 

 realized he was too naive. 



 He thought the story he had made could make Ethan guilty. But he did not expect that Maggie 

 would explain the truth. 


 Maggie is ready. It even holds on to secure video footage before entering. 

 “vice president, | …” Zachary was speechless, terrified. 


 But at that moment Maggie smiled again and continued: ‘| worry you will still have 

 your doubts. Do not worry. | more proof! 


 Maggle pointed at the man again, He then put it on the screen. | t displayed a series of 

 WeChat messages. 


 These messages are part of the chat history between Ethan and Aurora. 


 “Look at that? Aurora is the one who asked Ethan to buy the equipment from Ocean City. 

 The thirty thousand transfers that have taken place in the conversation history are the 

 subsidy we talked about! “


 Maggie waved to the man in black. He put the suitcase down. | n, there were a hundred 


 notification devices “They should have been in the mailbox Ethan received earlier!” Maggie said: “

 was killed. What to do later. | you just want to open your eyes and have a look. If 

 you just asked Ethan to buy thirty cheap pieces of hearing, then what? 


 Maggie then took out a bill from her bag and placed it in the Vice President Waltons nase. 


 “These are the best hearing devices in the country. The retail price is more than 4,040 pieces per piece. Your thirty thousand is enough for just a dozen of them. Ethan spent 

 her own money on the rest! “The words of 


 Maggies amaze everyone in the room. 

 They look at each other and talk about it in low volume. 


 “There are one hundred, and each one costs two thousand. Thats twenty hundred 

 thousand in total, So one hundred and seventy thousand dollars is Ethans’ own money? 


 Maggie looked at them with contempt. He said, “This is the work of the thief you are talking about 

. What about you? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. “


 Words Maggies have embarrassed many people. 


 School leaders will set up a grant. But none of them will donate their own 



 ‘Every one of you who is wicked is determined to frighten him who does good; 

 What is it! “Maggie was satirical. 


 Maggle didn’t say swear words, but every word was more vicious, 


 she would give them the punishment they deserve. However, Shed clears the Ethans name and brings back all the humiliation 

 got through Ethan. 


 Why don’t donate anything and judge right or wrong at will, but 

 people who actually donated are called thieves, are pulled for investigation, and 

 will also be deported? 


 Under Magis’ insult, neither the leader nor the professor would make a sound. 


 The evidence cleared Ethans’ name. 




 After knowing that they had wronged Ethan, they never dared to say a word. 

 “Okay, so does any of you still think Ethan is a thief?” Maggie asked. 


 There was silence in the room. Pausing for a moment, Vice President Walton, standing, 

 let out an uncomfortable laugh and said, “Haha, this … this woman does not understand all 

. Since all the misunderstandings were cleared up, and we fully believe that Ethan’s 

 didn’t do such a thing … “


 Vice President Walton paused for a moment and continued,” What about Ethan who can take you 

 for now ? Well bring back his removal. And handle the police well. What do you think of 

? “


 It was just a functional solution. Maggie pom tau. 


 Vice President Walton only talked about taking back Ethans’s expulsion, but did not mention the 

 apology Ethan deserved. 


 Maggies’ face suddenly changed. She glanced at Vice President Walton and asked 

‘Is that all?’ 


 Vice President Walton said, “Oh… “Is there anything else?” 


 “Of course!” Maggie decided, “You must apologize to him, and you must kneel down!” He was talking to Maggie in a 

 tone, but he didn’t expect Maggie to want such an extreme solution! 


 kneel? 4 The Vice President was to apologize to a student kneeling? 

 Vice President Walton will never do it. He was completely angry. 


 Others felt the same way. Maggie was asking them all to apologize to Ethan 



 “Kneel? Why? Who are you telling me to kneel?” A male professor asked Maggie and couldn’t hold back. 


 Following his lead, the rest of the people began arguing with Maggie. 


 ‘All right. Who do you think you are? How dare you let the professor kneel for you? At Buckeye, 

 no one can talk to us like that! “


” Unknown! We have tried our best to find a solution to the problem with you. How dare you insult us. | 

 doesn’t think you want to solve the problem at all. “


 Everyone began to criticize Maggie and Ethan. The tone of their voice was filled with anger and contempt 


 Everyone has hope for Walton’s attitude. 


 Walton is not happy. He was vice president of the university and kneeling with the students was not a 

 thought that might come to his mind, 


 He shouted and said in a sad face, “It went too far! Who! do you think too much? 

 Kneeling at him? Do you have the courage to accept it? 


 Walton stared at Maggie and Ethan with disdain. 


 Maggle didn’t show anger but smiled indifferently. Looking at Walton and all other faculty, 

 said, “So you won’t do it? This is your last chance! ”


 Hearing this, Walton laughed. He politely said, “Leave us to chance. Im 

 want to know what you are doing! 


 Maggie talked to him at his staff, which angered Walton. 


 He looked at Maggie up and down and teased. He guessed that Maggie was from a wealthy family of 

 at most. If a rich kid refuses to talk to him like that, he’ll give up all his hard work on Buckeye 

 for years in vain, 


 Walton continues, “Im telling you . | will not apologize to you for not qualifying. If you 

 believe you are so powerful, please try me! “


” and | tells you this too. Dont when people are too far away. | Few give people defeat. But today, | cut you 

 guys with hooks, and you should thank me. If you want to keep pushing your luck and 

 to get on my nerves, there will be nothing good left for you! “


 Walton didn’t take Maggies warmup seriously. His voice was full of contempt. 

 However, to Maggie, his words sound as helpless as baby talk. 


 Maggle laughed and said sarcastically, “Nothing good is left for us? Well so, 



 lets do it quickly before you miss your chance! ‘


 Finishing her words, Maggie looked at Ethan, who had been quiet, and asked in low volume, 

 It’s all done here. Someone will take care of things here! ”


 Ethan. He viewed Vice President Walton and other faculties as watching clowns. 

 With a poker face, he stands up and left. 


 Normally, Ethan would tell Maggie that just a warning would be enough. But then don’t say 

 word this time. 


 Because he’s really angry! 


 As Maggie said, as a decent guy, Ethan was rut and humiliated. It is not 

 some Ethan can put down easily. 


 He intends to allow these people to take the punishment they deserve, 

 Ethan and Maggie left. Everyone in the conference room looked at each other confused. 


 A male professor said with a flattering smile at Walton. You do not need to take them seriously. They were all speeches but no action ’


 The rest of the people echoed with their words immediately. 


 “That is. Just ignore them. Asking you to kneel for them? Who do they think it is? What 

 can they do for us if we refuse? “


 ‘Just look at that pretentious woman! She thinks a fierce look can trick us? In my opinion, it is 

 probably just nouveau rich in indifference and arrogance. How dare they pretend to be 

 in the presence of President Walton? Look at the son of Vice President Waltons. Any 

 business of his is worth millions of dollars. They’re nothing … “


” Ah? It’s amazing! ”Exclaimed someone. 


 The man who spoke proudly smiled and said proudly, “It’s okay. Since | know, vice president 

 Waltons son is working on hundreds of millions of cases. If the transaction goes smoothly, then the profit of 

 will be tens of millions! 


 His words aroused sigh and admiration. 


 “My God, tens of millions? How amazing? “


” Yeah, it’s amazing. Apples never fall far from trees! “


 Hearing the praise of others, Vice President Walton seemed full of pride. 


 He laughed at the door of the conference room. “Some people just not like 

 can see themselves clearly. Especially those women, who thinks she is? Why is he 

 talking about Ethan’s behavior? Who knows what their relationship is? 


 Vice President Walton narrowed his eyes and guessed, “In my opinion, there must be some 

 error going between them.” Even if Ethan isn’t stealing, the 

 will probably have problems with his lifestyle. Well, dive deeper! 


 Vice President Walton turned to look at Director Cox and said, “Cox, should you know 

 Ethan?” | Hear the Ethans family is very poor. Where did he get so much money? The 

 woman didn’t say that Ethan paid $170,000 for this hearing aid? 

 Don’t you think where this money comes from? 


 Director Cox looked at Vice President Walton in surprise. 






 He couldn’t believe it. Would Vice President Walton want to continue the 

 investigation? But Ethan had done a good thing. 


 After Ethans’ charitable conduct, he was under investigation for the source of his funds. 

 Director Cox thinks this is unreasonable, 


 “What is wrong?” Vice President Walton approached Director Cox and asked, “Do you have a 

 question? A poor person had just paid so much money. Can’t you see something wrong? “


 Cox’s face has changed. He hurriedly answered, “No, | No questions. I … 

 I’ll get someone to do it right away.” Vice President Waltan thought today that everything was 



 Before he left, he glanced at Zachary and the other students one last time and scolded them 

, ‘this is how you return my trust in you! I have to take care of this book this time, I don’t want to see it happen again 

, otherwise you will all be punished! 


 Hearing the news, Zachary yelled and expressed satisfaction with Vice President Waltons’ forgiveness. 

 bowed to Vice President Walton and said, “Thank you, Vice President Walton! Do not worry. There will be no more 

 next time. 


 Before Zachary finished speaking, Vice President Walton turned and left. He didn’t have the patience of 

 to listen to Zachary’s speech.  


 At this time, his cell phone rang. Vice President Walton looked down at the phone. It was 

 of the president of Buckeye University at Gordon Campbell. 


 He quickly picked up the phone, only to hear the curse on the other end of the 



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