I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 89

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 89
 �Chapter 89

“saxon, what the fk did you do? I’m in big trouble because of you! Get to my office right now!”

The President of Buckeye University even swore on the phone. Walton realized how serious the

matter was.

He was confused about what made President Campbell so angry?

(I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 89)

*President…President Campbell, what happened? What did | do?” Walton frowned and said.

He didn’t think President Campbell’s furious state had anything to do with Maggie and Ethan.

He thought he might have made some serious mistakes in his work.

However, he couldn’t think of any.

“What did you do? I’m asking you now!” President Campbell got angrier, “Who did you offend?

People from the education department of the province just called to reproach me. They asked

me to suspend you. It took me a long time just to calm them down! Where are you? | want to see

you right naw!”

President Campbell hung up afterward.

President Campbell’s words put Walton in panic. His face turned pale.

The order was from the province, and it even omitted the education bureau of the city.

No matter how hard Walton was trying, he just couldn’t figure out who it was that he had


But soon, an idea flashed through his mind. He stared at the door which Maggie and Ethan had

walked out of.

He broke out ina cald sweat by the thought.

“No, no, no, it’s impossible. Those two…

Walton was talking ta himself with a nervous look on his face.

“Vice President Walton? Are you okay?” A faculty member asked with confusion, patting him on

the back.

Walton’s face looked terrible. He looked at the faculty and murmured, ‘It’s aver… It’s aver naw…”

He was getting up and running out of the room.

But Walton was stopped by another faculty member He asked, “Mr Walton, was the call from

President Campbell? What did he want? Is there something wrong? Your face doesn’t look so


Walton looked at him and said in a low voice, “I. | was suspended”


Everyone was stunned by the wards. They looked at each other and couldnt believe what they

had just heard!

“Why?” Another female professor exclaimed, “Mr. Walton, you’re going to campaign for the

president position next year, Been suspended at this time is terrible news!”

“But why they are going to suspend you. You’ve been working so hard!”


| overheard from the phonecall that you offended someone? Really? | don’t see who you

offended. Who on earth did this to you?”

Walton raised his head in frustration, looking at everyone and then looking over to the doorway.

He didn’t say anything,

But soon, people understood what he meant. All of a sudden, they all had a look of disbelief on

their faces.

‘It’s… it’s impossible. Ethan is from the countryside. As for that woman, even though she looks

like she’s rich, but her connections canit be reached as far as the province government”

But it is what it is. Walton didnt say a word, which meant he had believed that Maggie and Ethan

were behind this!

Soon, Walton’s face turned back from pale. He narrowed his eyes and snorted coldly, “Well

played! But do you really think you can just do that to me? Childish!”

He slammed the table and said to himself, “You started it. Let’s wait and see who’ll win in the


Walton had been seriously provoked,

Everyone in the room knew that Walton had many powerful connections in Buckeye and even in

the province capital, It looked like he would risk everything just to get to Maggie and Ethan.

Someone quickly came up to tout, “Mr Walton, you don’t have to afraid of them. With your

connections, that woman won’t be a mateh for you!”

“That’s right. Don’t take that woman seriously, Mr. Walton! The trading company of your son can

profit hundreds of million annually. How can that woman be compared with him?”

“How dare they stab you in the back! Dont show them mercy, Vice President Walton. Give them

what they deserve!

Upon hearing their words, Walton smiled and said in a sinister tone of voice, “Do you think I will

let them off the hook? Just wait and see. I’ll teach them about what is desperation!”

Walton smacked the table and then took out the phone to go through his contacts,

This meant that Walton was going to take action. Several people became excited and looked

forward to seeing what action Walton would take.

However, the moment Walton took out his cellphone, it rang. The call was fram Walton’s son.

“What a coincidence, Mr Walton. You can ask your son to help you deal with them. He is a

powerful person!”

Walton nodded with a smile and picked up the phone. “Louis, you called just in time. | have a

favor to ask. | just got into trouble with samebody. Can you pull some strings to deal with


Before Walton could finish his words, his son interrupted him with an urgent tone of voice,

‘Dad, why are you asking me for a favor? I’m calling to ask you for help!” Walton’s son sounded


‘Ah?’ Walton was stunned. “Louis, what’s going on? You… What’s happen?”

Louis said in tears, “The Customs just detained my shipment. I’ve spent everything | have on it. |

called everyone | could think of, but no one can make them release my shipment. | bet it was a

setup. So! was thinking of asking you for help…


�“What?” Walton was stunned by what he just heard, and his heart almost skipped a beat.

The shipment Louis was talking about was high-end formula milk powder imported from

Australia, In order to purchase those, the Walton family had put several real estate locations and

cars on the mortgage. They also borrowed more than ten million dollars from their familles and


They had planned on earning a great deal of profit fram it during the period of time which there

was a shortage of imported high-end formula milk powder,

But no one had expected the hundreds of millions worth of formula milk powder would be

detained by customs.

This particular formula milk powder would pass the expiration date in several months. But it

would take at least months te finish all the paperwork for China customs to release the detained


The shipment would all go to waste if the formula milk powder passed the expiration date.

Hundreds of millions of dollars would all be gone, which included everything the Waltons had

and the money they borrowed.

Walton’s mind went blank. He just felt the world was spinning. Hit by a wave of daziness, Walton

fell on the chair.

“Mr. Walton, are you okay?”

“Hey, What’s the matter?’

‘ls everything okay, Vice President Walton?”

Seeing Walton’s state, people quickly gathered around and checked if he was okay.

Walton sat there in silence with a pale face,

Walton had been careful, so he didn’t really have enemies. However, on the same day, he was

suspended, and his son’s shipment was detained. It wasn’t hard to guess that they were all

because of Maggie and Ethan.

Walton smiled bitterly, thinking that how he thought he was powerful and how he could put

Maggie and Ethan in trouble!

Within half an hour, Walton’s whole family was ruined. How could he beat her?

Thinking of how naive he was, Waltan almost choked with tears.

At this time, his phone rang again. It was from President Campbell again.

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