I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 90

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 90 
Chapter 90

When Walton saw the number, there was a glimmer of hope rising in his heart.

He thought that President Campbell had helped to stop his suspension. He definitely called for

the good news!

As President Campbell’s Vice President, Walton had been working hard for many years. He also

got the endorsement from President Cambell for his presidential campaign. Im Walton’s mind,

President Campbell would help him out this time.

So it would definitely be it.

In the present situation, Walton had to take one step at a time.

Moreover, if he could keep the position, Walton could use the advantages of being the Vice

President to pull strings and get back his son’s detained shipment.

And it would be too early for Maggie and Ethan to announce their victory.

Thinking of this, Walton thought the situation was hopeful again. He quickly picked up the phone

and said with excitement, “Hello, President Campbell, | know that you wont abandon me. Is it

that they’ve taken back my suspension? Thank you so so much! | won’t forget your kindness. I’ll

treat you to a fancy dinner… “

“Shut the f**k up!”

Before Walton could finish his words, President Campbell shouted, and his tone of voice

sounded angrier than before!

Walton was confused, “President…President Campbell, what’s the matter? The suspension hasn’t

been canceled?”

Super Rich Dad chapter

“Canceled? What the f**k are you talking about? Saxon, just tell me what the f**k did you do? I’m

retiring next year. But because of you, the provincial government took disciplinary action against


Judging from the tone of President Campbell’s voice, he was furious.

He had been an excellent educator throughout his career, and he had numerous awards and

honoree titles. On the verge of his retirement, President Campbell got disciplinary action. No

wonder he was furious.

Walton was stunned by President Campbell’s words.

“What… why? How could it be?” Walton stuttered, “President Campbell, please listen to me. It

was all a misunderstanding. I…”

‘| don’t wanna hear about it!” President Campbell angrily interrupted Walton, “I just want to

inform you. According to the provincial government, you are officially fired. And the news will be

circulated among the educational institutions of the province as a negative example’

“Fired?” Walton couldn’t believe his ears, “President Campbell, are…are you sure? Are you kidding


“Kidding you? Walton, what’s the hell wrong with you?’ President Campbell swore, “Let me tell

you this, they suspect that during your position as Vice President, you were conducting unethical

relationships, embezzlement, and bribery. And you are currently under investigation!’


I’m telling you, it’s nobody’s fault. You had it caming!”

After the words, President Campbell hung up the phone.

“‘They…they are sending me straight to hell’ Walton looked full of worries and anger, sitting still.

He couldn’t wrap his head around. Within thirty minutes, he was stripped down from a respected

Vice President of Buckeye University, who was in possession of hundreds of millions of assets,

to an expelled ex-VP who were under tens of millions of debts.

He was desperate to know what those people were that he had offended.

He had never expected that a nobody like Ethan and a young woman like Maggie could put him

in such a situation.

I Got a Super Rich Dad chapter

He didn’t want to throw in the towel that easy. In a state of panic, Walton suddenly realized

something. He rushed out of the room.

Walton’s deranged behavior surprised the people in the conference room. He looked nathing like

that confident Vice President of Buckeye University, rather a scattered vagabond.

They didn’t know what Walton just learmed about himself.

Everyone was confused.

Zachary and the rest of the students were also shocked by what they were seeing. At this time,

the ponytail girl whispered to Zachary, “President, are… are we all right?”

Zachary thought Walton just said they were off the hook. Even though he was suspended at the

moment, but the order earlier should still be valid.

Thinking of this, Zachary smile and said to her, “Don’t worry, we are okay!’

But he was too optimistic. Not long after, A man talked in the conference room. He was in his

thirties and wearing suits.

“Secretary Yunis? Why are you here?’ Director Cox asked in surprise.

The man was President Campbell’s secretary.

He looked at the people in the conference room and fixed his eyes on Zachary.

‘I’m here to announce a disciplinary action issued by President Campbell” Yunis said.

‘Disciplinary action? Against who? Vice President Walton? But he just took off!’ Director Cox


Yunis smiled and said, “Walton? No, he doesn’t need It anymore. He is fired!”

The words caused a wave of commotion among the people.

‘Fired? He wasn’t suspended?” Director Cox asked in surprise.

“Really? Don’t joke about it!”

Yunis looked at them and smiled disdainfully. “What’s wrong? Is it unexpected? Yes, He has

offended some people. But the provincial government had been in possession of evidence about

his misconduct for a while. They are organizing a special team to investigate him!”

He then looked at the people who were close to Walton and said with a meaningful tone of

voice, “When the time comes, there will be more people revealed!”

Hearing Yunis’s words, some faculty members faces turned pale. They looked at each other

nervously and broke out In cold sweat.


Most of them were involved with Walton’s misconduct. Walton’s investigation would definitely

expose them.

No wonder they were nervous.

Some of them were so nervous that they were trembling and muttering to themselves, “What,

what should | do…”

Looking at their pathetic appearance, Yunis just smiled and didnt say anything.

They were colleagues, and he sure knew something about them.

At this moment, Zachary and the others were whispering to each other. They then quickly turned

away and tried to leave.

Ethan wasnit an option for scapegoat anymore. But the problem of their book hadnit been solved

yet. They were going to discuss it somewhere private.

Yunis stopped them just on their way to the door.

Zachary was stunned. He turned to look at Yao. He forced a smile and said, “Is… Is there

something wrong? It has nothing to do with us…”

“Is it?” Yunis chuckled. “Are you sure? Have you forgotten what I’m here for? I’m here to

announce a decision of disciplinary action, and it isnt meant for them

Hearing Yunis’s words, Zachary’s face suddenly changed, and an ominous premonition instantly

shrouded him.

“Its again us?” Zachary asked reluctantly, “We didn’t do anything. Don’t make fun of us.

Yunis sneered and said, “Making fun of you? | dont have the mood!”

He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and read seriously, “Zachary Sander, Regina

Joel…the seven students’ names | have called. After careful examination of your behaviors by

University leadership, and under the approval of the City Education Bureau, | hereby affirm your

final expulsion from Buckeye University, effective today!


Upon hearing this, Zachary drapped his phone on the floor.

Some female students burst into tears in an instant.


‘It can’t be true. Why? What do you want me to say to my parents? They will kill me…”

‘It must be a mistake? What did we do wrong? Why did you expel us?”

Yunis looked at the student who asked the question and smiled, “What did you do wrang? Don’t

you know?”


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